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The population development in Al-Qāhirah as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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Al-Qāhirah [Cairo]القاهرةGovernorate6,800,9917,902,0859,717,324
15 Māyū [15th of May City]قسم 15 مايوKism (fully urban)65,56090,74095,313
'Ābidīnقسم عابدينKism (fully urban)48,70442,22341,076
Ad-Darb al-Aḥmarقسم الدرب الأحمرKism (fully urban)78,37560,48859,578
'Ain Schamsقسم عين شمسKism (fully urban)469,030525,034625,848
Al-Amīriīahقسم الاميريهKism (fully urban)164,211165,407155,402
Al-Azbakiyah [Azbakeya]قسم الأزبكيةKism (fully urban)30,37528,03320,132
Al-Basātīnقسم البساتينKism (fully urban)326,220390,894504,659
Al-Jamāliyahقسم الجماليةKism (fully urban)59,15949,83437,045
Al-Khalīfahقسم الخليفةKism (fully urban)......107,197
Al-Ma'ādī [Maadi]قسم المعاديKism (fully urban)70,41578,12290,231
Al-Marj [El Marg]قسم المرجKism (fully urban)251,589507,035813,529
Al-Ma'ṣarahقسم المعصرهKism (fully urban)...252,780275,071
Al-Maṭariyah [Matariyyah]قسم المطريةKism (fully urban)498,670498,663613,709
Al-Muqaṭṭamقسم المقطمKism (fully urban)......228,316
Al-Mūskīقسم الموسكيKism (fully urban)28,58222,29416,973
Al-Qāhirah al-Jadīdah 1 [New Cairo]قسم أول القاهرة الجديدةKism (fully urban)...27,990138,363
Al-Qāhirah al-Jadīdah 2 [New Cairo]قسم ثان القاهرة الجديدةKism (fully urban)...40,00592,360
Al-Qāhirah al-Jadīdah 3 [New Cairo]قسم ثالث القاهره الجديدهKism (fully urban)...54,34472,203
Al-Waylīقسم الوايليKism (fully urban)89,75877,64980,774
An-Nuzhahقسم النزهةKism (fully urban)154,969161,946235,557
Ash-Sharābiyahقسم الشرابيةKism (fully urban)247,433215,595190,695
Ash-Shurūqقسم الشروقKism (fully urban)...22,57088,909
As-Sāḥilقسم الساحلKism (fully urban)333,929305,322322,323
As-Salām 1قسم أول السلامKism (fully urban)304,553441,000489,674
As-Salām 2قسم ثان السلامKism (fully urban)52,329108,000156,633
As-Sayyidah Zaynabقسم السيدة زينبKism (fully urban)156,142132,249138,826
At-Tibbīnقسم التبينKism (fully urban)59,36668,89773,385
Aẓ-Ẓāhirقسم الظاهرKism (fully urban)67,03164,00973,212
Az-Zamālik [Zamalek]قسم الزمالكKism (fully urban)15,34317,36515,225
Az-Zāwiyah al-Ḥamrā'قسم الزاوية الحمراءKism (fully urban)306,165315,465324,107
Az-Zaytūn [Zeitoun]قسم الزيتونKism (fully urban)159,172156,910177,431
Bāb ash-Sha'riyahقسم باب الشعريةKism (fully urban)59,95654,08447,541
Būlāqقسم بولاقKism (fully urban)75,09862,47049,046
Dār as-Salāmقسم دار السلامKism (fully urban)340,708430,763535,426
Hada'iq al-Qubbah قسم حدائق القبةKism (fully urban)304,478289,758321,968
Ḥulwān [Helwan]قسم حلوانKism (fully urban)...396,791530,967
Madīnat an-Naṣr 1 [Nasr City]قسم مدينة نصر أولKism (fully urban)291,571501,597646,634
Madīnat an-Naṣr 2 [Nasr City]قسم ثانى مدينه نصرKism (fully urban)68,15675,91773,523
Madīnat Badrقسم مدينة بدرKism (fully urban)24817,15831,877
Miṣr al-Jādidah [Heliopolis]قسم مصر الجديدةKism (fully urban)120,977113,611136,619
Miṣr al-Qadīmah [Old Cairo]قسم مصر القديمةKism (fully urban)228,683217,390254,980
Munsha'āt Nāṣr [Manshiyat Naser]قسم منشأة ناصرKism (fully urban)168,425262,050263,187
Qaṣr an-Nīlقسم قصر النيلKism (fully urban)12,93510,03510,760
Rūd al-Faraj [Rod El Farag]قسم روض الفرجKism (fully urban)178,145144,510148,353
Shubrāقسم شبراKism (fully urban)83,75371,11878,128
Ṭurah [Tura]قسم طرهKism (fully urban)67,27094,107234,559
Miṣr [Egypt]مِصر‎Republic59,276,67272,798,03197,147,368

Source: Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), Egypt (web).

Explanation: The 2018 estimates are based on the results of the 2017 census. Some figures for 2006 are computed using preliminary census results. Area of districts are computed using geospatial data.

Further information about the population structure:

Gender (E 2018)
Urbanization (E 2018)