Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the n largest cities of the world?

»City Population« provides a page tabulating all urban agglomerations of the world with at least 1 million inhabitants. To compare the population of cities, which have rather arbitrary boundaries, is not really reasonable.

What means agglomeration / urban area / municipio?

For definition of terms, please consult the glossary.

Why is the name of a city not given in the familar (English) form?

This is an international website. Therefore, not the English name of a city is given in the first place, but its native name. English or other names are given in brackets. For names in languages not written by using the Roman alphabet, the locally official transliteration system has been used (if one exists). Diacritical marks are displayed if such information is available.

Do you have population figures of 1970 or before?

In most cases, I do not have such population figures.

How can I load the data of a web page into Excel?

1. Save the page of interest as HTML page.
2. Open the HTML file using MS Excel or a similar program.

I want to buy the web site.

That is not possible.

How can I export the map to a GIS file?

That is not possible.

Can »City Population« provide a list of all cities with latest population?

»City Population« cannot provide such a list because the data mostly are organized countrywise. Furthermore, it is dangerous to compare population figures of cities of different countries because definitions may differ.

Chongqing is the largest agglomeration of the world.

No. Chongqing province has municipal status but does not correspond to an urban agglomeration. It has an area of about 82,000 km². Or in other words: the largest agglomeration of the world is (also) not North Rhine-Westphalia-Belgium-Netherlands.

Why is Tijuana not included in San Diego agglomeration and Shenzhen not in Hong Kong agglomeration?

As explained in the glossary, an agglomeration requires an economically and culturally linked population. Thus, most people from both sides of the border should be able pass it without any obstacles.