Population Statistics in Maps and Charts for all Countries in Europe

ALB Albania updated

The prefectures, communes and agglomerations of Albania as well as all cities of over 10,000 inhabitants.

AND Andorra

The parishes of Andorra and all towns of more than 500 inhabitants.

AUT Austria

The federal states and districts of Austria as well as all Austrian cities, communes and agglomerations.

BLRBelarus updated

The regions of Belarus and all cities of over 10,000 inhabitants.


The regions, provinces, arrondissements, cities, communes and agglomerations of Belgium.

BIHBosnia and Hercegovina

The political entities, cantons and municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as all settlements having a population of 200 and more.

BGRBulgaria updated

The provinces and municipalities of Bulgaria as well as all Bulgarian cities, towns and villages exceeding 50 inhabitants.


The counties, cities, towns and municipalities of Croatia as well as all settlements exceeding 50 inhabitants.

CYPCyprus updated

Districts, cities, communities, agglomerations and quarters in Cyprus.

CZECzech Republic updated

The regions, districts, cities, towns and villages of the Czech Republic.

DNKDenmark updated

The regions, municipalities, urban areas and settlements of Denmark.

ESTEstonia updated

The counties and municipalities of Estonia as well as all cities, towns and villages.

FROFaroe Islands updated

The regions of the Faroe Islands as well as all towns and villages exceeding 500 inhabitants.

FINFinland updated

The regions, cities, municipalities and settlements of Finland.


The French regions, departments, arrondissements, cities, communes and agglomerations.


States, counties, cities, communes, settlements, urban areas and city districts in Germany.


The major residental areas of Gibraltar.

GBRGreat Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) updated

The urban areas, conurbations, counties and districts of the UK.


The regions, regional units and municipalities of Greece as well as agglomerations and settlements.

GUEGuernsey updated

The islands, parishes and capital of Guernsey.


The counties of Hungary as well as all Hungarian cities, towns and villages.

ISLIceland updated

The regions, municipalities, urban settlements and urban areas of Iceland.


Provinces, counties, cities, towns and agglomerations in Ireland.


Regions, provinces, cities and communes in Italy.


The parishes of Jersey.


The districts and municipalities of Kosovo as well as all cities and settlements exceeding 5,000 inhabitants.

LVALatvia updated

The regions and municipalites of Latvia as well as all cities and towns.

LIELiechtenstein updated

The districts and all communes of Liechtenstein.

LTULithuania updated

The counties of Lithuania as well as all cities and towns of over 2,500 inhabitants.

LUXLuxembourg updated

The districts, cantons, communes, agglomerations, localities and quarters of Luxembourg.


The statistical regions of Macedonia as well as all cities and towns of over 5,000 inhabitants.

MLTMalta updated

The districts of Malta as well as all localities of over 5,000 inhabitants.

MANMan, Isle of

The parishes, towns and villages on the Isle of Man.


The districts of Moldova and all towns of over 8,000 inhabitants.


The quarters and sectors of Monaco.

MNEMontenegro updated

The municipalities of Montenegro as well as all cities and settlements exceeding 1,500 inhabitants.

NLDNetherlands updated

The provinces, municipalities, urban areas and conurbations of the Netherlands.

NORNorway updated

The counties, cities, municipalities and urban settlements of the mainland of Norway as well as the population of Jan Mayen and Svalbard.


The provinces, counties, cities and towns of Poland.


The regions, districts, municipalities, cities, urban areas and metropolitan regions of Portugal.

ROURomania updated

The regions, counties, cities, towns and communes in Romania.


The federals districts, provinces, territories, republics, districts, cities and urban settlements in Russia.

SMRSan Marino

The municipalities of San Marino and all towns over over 1,000 inhabitants.


The statistical regions, districts, municipalities, cities and settlements of Serbia.

SVKSlovakia updated

The regions, districts, cities, towns and municipalities of Slovakia.


The statistical regions and municipalities of Slovenia as well as all Slovenian cities and settlements exceeding 100 inhabitants.


The regions, provinces, cities and municipalities of Spain.


The counties, cites, municipalities, settlements and metropolitan areas of Sweden.

CHESwitzerland updated

The Swiss cantons, districts, cities, communes and agglomerations.


Provinces, districts, cities, towns and villages in Turkey.


The regions, cities and urban settlements of the Ukraine as well as the city districts of Kiev.

VATVatican City

The population authorized to live in Vatican City.