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Sha Tin

District Council in Hong Kong

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Sha Tin沙田區District Council659,794
Bik Woo碧湖Constituency Area17,261
Chui Ka翠嘉Constituency Area16,232
Chui Tin翠田Constituency Area15,244
Chun Fung秦豐Constituency Area15,266
Chung On頌安Constituency Area22,013
Chung Tin松田Constituency Area14,764
Chun Ma駿馬Constituency Area14,623
City One第一城Constituency Area16,956
Fo Tan火炭Constituency Area19,096
Fu Lung富龍Constituency Area15,705
Heng On恒安Constituency Area20,036
Hin Ka顯嘉Constituency Area12,194
Jat Min乙明Constituency Area23,318
Kam To錦濤Constituency Area19,678
Kam Ying錦英Constituency Area16,901
Keng Hau徑口Constituency Area20,945
Kwong Hong廣康Constituency Area19,227
Kwong Yuen廣源Constituency Area13,039
Lee On利安Constituency Area17,068
Lek Yuen瀝源Constituency Area15,989
Lower Shing Mun下城門Constituency Area18,134
Ma On Shan Town Centre馬鞍山市中心Constituency Area17,287
On Tai鞍泰Constituency Area21,583
Pok Hong博康Constituency Area14,167
Sha Kok沙角Constituency Area16,151
Sha Tin Town Centre沙田市中心Constituency Area19,683
Sui Wo穗禾Constituency Area12,261
Sun Tin Wai新田圍Constituency Area16,128
Tai Shui Hang大水坑Constituency Area18,747
Tai Wai大圍Constituency Area20,266
Tin Sum田心Constituency Area14,513
Wan Shing雲城Constituency Area22,269
Wo Che Estate禾輋邨Constituency Area17,816
Wong Uk王屋Constituency Area17,272
Wu Kai Sha烏溪沙Constituency Area16,788
Yiu On耀安Constituency Area17,461
Yue Shing愉城Constituency Area15,628
Yu Yan愉欣Constituency Area18,085
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.