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Tai Po

District Council in Hong Kong

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Tai Po大埔區District Council303,926
Chung Ting頌汀Constituency Area14,658
Fu Heng富亨Constituency Area15,710
Fu Ming Sun富明新Constituency Area13,553
Hong Lok Yuen康樂園Constituency Area23,190
Kwong Fuk and Plover Cove廣福及寶湖Constituency Area13,235
Lam Tsuen Valley林村谷Constituency Area19,369
Old Market and Serenity舊墟及太湖Constituency Area15,204
Po Nga寶雅Constituency Area13,412
Sai Kung North西貢北Constituency Area13,023
San Fu新富Constituency Area15,709
Shuen Wan船灣Constituency Area19,459
Tai Po Central大埔中Constituency Area14,055
Tai Po Hui大埔墟Constituency Area19,893
Tai Po Kau大埔滘Constituency Area23,702
Tai Wo太和Constituency Area13,727
Tai Yuen大元Constituency Area14,568
Wang Fuk宏福Constituency Area11,697
Wan Tau Tong運頭塘Constituency Area15,273
Yee Fu怡富Constituency Area14,489
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.