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Yuen Long

District Council in Hong Kong

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Yuen Long元朗區District Council614,178
Ching King晴景Constituency Area19,008
Chung Pak頌栢Constituency Area16,185
Chung Wah頌華Constituency Area16,804
Fairview Park錦綉花園Constituency Area15,583
Fung Cheung鳳翔Constituency Area16,416
Fung Nin豐年Constituency Area19,090
Fu Yan富恩Constituency Area19,438
Ha Tsuen廈村Constituency Area15,266
Kam Tin錦田Constituency Area13,489
Kingswood North嘉湖北Constituency Area23,124
Kingswood South嘉湖南Constituency Area17,613
Nam Ping南屏Constituency Area15,769
Pat Heung North八鄉北Constituency Area11,534
Pat Heung South八鄉南Constituency Area19,318
Pek Long北朗Constituency Area16,515
Ping Shan Central屏山中Constituency Area13,975
Ping Shan North屏山北Constituency Area13,339
Ping Shan South屏山南Constituency Area25,343
San Tin新田Constituency Area21,990
Shap Pat Heung Central十八鄉中Constituency Area21,459
Shap Pat Heung East十八鄉東Constituency Area15,684
Shap Pat Heung West十八鄉西Constituency Area20,512
Shui Oi瑞愛Constituency Area17,720
Shui Pin水邊Constituency Area20,521
Shui Wah瑞華Constituency Area15,133
Tin Heng天恒Constituency Area20,803
Tin Shing天盛Constituency Area20,851
Tin Yiu天耀Constituency Area12,713
Tsz Yau慈祐Constituency Area14,700
Wang Yat宏逸Constituency Area18,662
Yat Chak逸澤Constituency Area20,594
Yiu Yau耀祐Constituency Area14,035
Yuen Long Centre元朗中心Constituency Area17,227
Yuen Lung元龍Constituency Area14,916
Yuet Yan悅恩Constituency Area18,849
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.