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Wong Tai Sin

District Council in Hong Kong

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Wong Tai Sin黃大仙區District Council425,235
Chi Choi池彩Constituency Area16,102
Ching Oi正愛Constituency Area20,755
Ching On正安Constituency Area22,617
Choi Hung彩虹Constituency Area15,062
Choi Wan East彩雲東Constituency Area14,785
Choi Wan South彩雲南Constituency Area12,691
Choi Wan West彩雲西Constituency Area13,680
Chuk Yuen North竹園北Constituency Area15,209
Chuk Yuen South竹園南Constituency Area15,396
Fung Tak鳳德Constituency Area15,358
Fung Wong鳳凰Constituency Area15,093
King Fu瓊富Constituency Area18,835
Lok Fu樂富Constituency Area14,352
Lung Ha龍下Constituency Area11,737
Lung Sheung龍上Constituency Area20,048
Lung Sing龍星Constituency Area19,555
Lung Tsui龍趣Constituency Area16,538
San Po Kong新蒲崗Constituency Area24,012
Tin Keung天強Constituency Area13,747
Tsui Chuk and Pang Ching翠竹及鵬程Constituency Area18,175
Tsz Wan East慈雲東Constituency Area20,899
Tsz Wan West慈雲西Constituency Area20,076
Tung Mei東美Constituency Area16,376
Tung Tau東頭Constituency Area16,848
Wang Tau Hom橫頭磡Constituency Area17,289
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.