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Kowloon City

District Council in Hong Kong

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Kowloon City九龍城區District Council418,732
Hoi Sham海心Constituency Area15,652
Hok Yuen Laguna Verde鶴園海逸Constituency Area19,490
Ho Man Tin何文田Constituency Area20,591
Hung Hom紅磡Constituency Area14,235
Hung Hom Bay紅磡灣Constituency Area18,933
Kadoorie嘉道理Constituency Area18,660
Kai Tak North啟德北Constituency Area16,141
Kai Tak South啟德南Constituency Area14,913
Ka Wai家維Constituency Area19,597
Kowloon Tong九龍塘Constituency Area21,228
Lok Man樂民Constituency Area15,881
Lung Shing龍城Constituency Area15,268
Ma Hang Chung馬坑涌Constituency Area20,493
Ma Tau Kok馬頭角Constituency Area15,489
Ma Tau Wai馬頭圍Constituency Area20,024
Oi Chun愛俊Constituency Area13,386
Oi Man愛民Constituency Area14,635
Prince太子Constituency Area16,068
Sheung Lok常樂Constituency Area15,311
Sung Wong Toi宋皇臺Constituency Area22,251
To Kwa Wan North土瓜灣北Constituency Area15,691
To Kwa Wan South土瓜灣南Constituency Area14,837
Whampoa East黃埔東Constituency Area17,762
Whampoa West黃埔西Constituency Area22,196
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.