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Sham Shui Po

District Council in Hong Kong

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Sham Shui Po深水埗District Council405,869
Cheung Sha Wan長沙灣Constituency Area15,853
Fortune幸福Constituency Area16,360
Fu Cheong富昌Constituency Area18,813
Ha Pak Tin下白田Constituency Area16,648
Lai Chi Kok Central荔枝角中Constituency Area19,781
Lai Chi Kok North荔枝角北Constituency Area15,045
Lai Chi Kok South荔枝角南Constituency Area17,181
Lai Kok麗閣Constituency Area13,397
Lei Cheng Uk李鄭屋Constituency Area12,346
Lung Ping and Sheung Pak Tin龍坪及上白田Constituency Area16,198
Mei Foo Central美孚中Constituency Area13,209
Mei Foo North美孚北Constituency Area15,998
Mei Foo South美孚南Constituency Area17,717
Nam Cheong Central南昌中Constituency Area21,504
Nam Cheong East南昌東Constituency Area21,434
Nam Cheong North南昌北Constituency Area23,369
Nam Cheong South南昌南Constituency Area22,780
Nam Cheong West南昌西Constituency Area19,303
Nam Shan, Tai Hang Tung and Tai Hang Sai南山、大坑東及大坑西Constituency Area14,736
Po Lai寶麗Constituency Area19,329
Shek Kip Mei石硤尾Constituency Area21,093
Un Chau and So Uk元州及蘇屋Constituency Area18,723
Yau Yat Tsuen又一村Constituency Area15,052
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.