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Lục Nam

District in Bắc Giang Province

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Lục NamDistrict198,358
Bắc LũngRural Commune6,221
Bảo ĐàiRural Commune8,705
Bảo SơnRural Commune12,484
Bình SơnRural Commune6,076
Cẩm LýRural Commune7,054
Chu ĐiệnRural Commune10,162
Cương SơnRural Commune5,432
Đan HộiRural Commune4,366
Đồi NgôTownship7,627
Đông HưngRural Commune8,648
Đông PhúRural Commune9,665
Huyền SơnRural Commune4,908
Khám LạngRural Commune5,317
Lan MẫuRural Commune7,067
Lục NamTownship3,329
Lục SơnRural Commune6,994
Nghĩa PhươngRural Commune13,307
Phương SơnRural Commune6,727
Tam DịRural Commune16,235
Thanh LâmRural Commune9,018
Tiên HưngRural Commune5,701
Tiên NhaRural Commune3,916
Trường GiangRural Commune2,474
Trường SơnRural Commune5,860
Vô TranhRural Commune8,647
Vũ XáRural Commune3,509
Yên SơnRural Commune8,909
Bắc GiangProvince1,554,131

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.

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