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USA: Salt Lake City MSA

Contents: Salt Lake City

Metropolitan Statistical Area

939,169 Population [2000] – census

1,087,808 Population [2010] – census

19,902km² Area

54.66/km² Density [2010]

Census Tracts

The population of the census tracts in the Salt Lake City MSA by census years.

268 Census Tracts (number)

4,059 Population [2010] (average)

74.26 km² Area (average)

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Further information about the population structure:

Population Developent
C 1990-04-01752,557
C 2000-04-01939,169
C 2010-04-011,087,808
Gender (C 2010)
Age Groups (C 2010)
0-17 years320,799
18-64 years673,328
65+ years93,746
Age Distribution (C 2010)
0-9 years187,811
10-19 years163,888
20-29 years177,780
30-39 years167,629
40-49 years132,472
50-59 years120,793
60-69 years74,275
70-79 years37,972
80+ years25,253
»Race« (C 2010)
Black/African American16,810
Pacific Islander16,001
Some other88,190
2 or more33,913
Ethnicity (C 2010)
Hispanic or Latino182,676

Source: U.S. Census Bureau (web).

Explanation: All population totals refer to 2020 census boundaries. They were recalculated by using census block data.