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USA: Port St. Lucie MSA

Contents: Port St. Lucie

Metropolitan Statistical Area

319,456 Population [2000] – census

424,107 Population [2010] – census

2,889km² Area

146.8/km² Density [2010]

Census Tracts

The population of the census tracts in the Port St. Lucie MSA by census years.

108 Census Tracts (number)

3,927 Population [2010] (average)

26.75 km² Area (average)

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Further information about the population structure:

Population Developent
C 1990-04-01251,071
C 2000-04-01319,456
C 2010-04-01424,107
Gender (C 2010)
Age Groups (C 2010)
0-17 years87,754
18-64 years241,003
65+ years95,350
Age Distribution (C 2010)
0-9 years46,479
10-19 years50,969
20-29 years42,308
30-39 years44,844
40-49 years57,202
50-59 years58,601
60-69 years54,736
70-79 years41,573
80+ years27,395
»Race« (C 2010)
Black/African American60,878
Pacific Islander265
Some other18,480
2 or more9,620
Ethnicity (C 2010)
Hispanic or Latino63,876

Source: U.S. Census Bureau (web).

Explanation: All population totals refer to 2020 census boundaries. They were recalculated by using census block data.