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Mbeya CityCity541,603
ForestUrban Ward9,774
GhanaUrban Ward3,844
IdudaUrban Ward6,181
IganjoUrban Ward14,939
IganzoUrban Ward27,084
IgawiloUrban Ward25,004
IlemiUrban Ward45,224
IlombaUrban Ward49,478
IsangaUrban Ward11,332
IsyesyeUrban Ward19,670
ItaganoUrban Ward2,213
ItendeUrban Ward5,226
IteziUrban Ward33,019
ItijiUrban Ward4,995
IwambiUrban Ward19,798
IyelaUrban Ward43,481
IyungaUrban Ward23,954
IziwaUrban Ward3,848
KalobeUrban Ward17,498
MaangaUrban Ward5,727
MabatiniUrban Ward6,872
MaendeleoUrban Ward3,490
MajengoUrban Ward2,958
Mbalizi RoadUrban Ward5,691
MwakibeteUrban Ward37,638
MwansekwaUrban Ward2,480
MwasangaUrban Ward2,939
NondeUrban Ward2,690
NsalagaUrban Ward31,837
NsohoUrban Ward2,428
NzovweUrban Ward21,872
RuandaUrban Ward18,626
SindeUrban Ward6,479
SisimbaUrban Ward4,866
TembelaUrban Ward4,753
UyoleUrban Ward13,695
Southern HighlandsZone10,313,386

Source: National Bureau of Statistics Tanzania.

Explanation: Area figures are derived from geospatial data.

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