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Serdang Bedagai

Regency in North Sumatra Province


The population of Serdang Bedagai.

Serdang BedagaiRegency594,383
Sumatera Utara [North Sumatra]Province12,982,204

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The population of the cities and urban communes in Serdang Bedagai.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
AdolinaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,091
Afdeling VI Dolok IlirUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai258
Afdeling VII Dolok IlirUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai253
Ara PayungUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,202
Aras PanjangUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai867
Bah KerapuhUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai154
BandarawanUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai600
Batang TerabUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai4,031
BengabingUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai894
BengkelUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai4,371
BinjaiUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai5,725
Buluh DuriUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,999
Citaman JernihUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai6,714
Deli Muda HilirUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai805
Deli Muda HuluUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai334
Dolok MerawanUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai4,651
Durian PuloanUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai194
FirdausUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai10,781
Gunung ParaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,087
JambuUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,005
Jambur PulauUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,902
Jati MulyoUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,706
KalembakUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai388
Karang AnyarUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,363
Kedai DamarUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,106
Kota GaluhUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,630
Kota PariUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai6,062
Kuala LamaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai4,377
LiberiaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,921
Mainu TongahUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai922
MartebingUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,658
MatapaoUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,994
Melati DuaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai14,855
Melati KebunUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,038
Melati SatuUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,548
Naga KisarUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,827
Nagaraja IUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai360
Nagur PaneUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,218
Pabatu IUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai981
Pabatu IIUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai488
Pabatu IIIUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai334
Pabatu VIUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai331
PanglongUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai619
Pantai Cermin KananUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,957
Pantai Cermin KiriUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,800
Paya BagasUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai4,584
Paya PasirUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,903
Pekan Dolok MasihulUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai5,099
Pekan Sialang BuahUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,798
Pekan Tanjung BeringinUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai11,145
Pematang SeterakUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,963
PenggalanganUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,631
PenonggolUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,211
PonUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai6,741
Rampah EstateUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai339
Sarang GintingUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai702
Sarang ToropUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai200
Sei BuluhUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai9,592
Sei BuluhUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai3,437
Sei RampahUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai12,026
Sei SijenggiUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai5,065
SerbajadiUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai252
SilindaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai601
Simpang Tiga PekanUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai11,385
Tanjung MariaUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai545
Tegal SariUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai1,383
TualangUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai8,168
Ujung RambungUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai2,456
Ujung SilauUrban CommuneSerdang Bedagai219

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.