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Indragiri Hulu

Regency in Riau Province


The population of Indragiri Hulu.

Indragiri HuluRegency363,442

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The population of the cities and urban communes in Indragiri Hulu.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
Air Molek IUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu6,840
Air Molek IIUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu1,965
Batu GajahUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu2,707
CandirejoUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu5,435
Gudang BatuUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu1,078
JapuraUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu1,320
Kampung Besar KotaUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu8,033
Kampung Besar SeberangUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu2,424
Kampung DagangUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu4,499
Kembang HarumUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu2,078
Lambang Sari I, Ii, IIIUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu905
Lambang Sari IVUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu263
Lambang Sari VUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu619
Lirik AreaUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu445
Pasar KotaUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu700
Pasir KemiluUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu4,191
Pematang RebaUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu9,700
PeranapUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu7,695
RedangUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu1,793
RejosariUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu972
Sekar MawarUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu3,787
Sekip HilirUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu4,967
Sekip HuluUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu5,915
SidomulyoUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu2,478
SukajadiUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu880
Tanah MerahUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu1,951
Tanjung GadingUrban CommuneIndragiri Hulu2,238

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.