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Bāyàn Xiàn

County in Harbin / 哈尔滨市


The population of Bāyàn Xiàn.

Bāyàn Xiàn巴彦县County590,555
Hā'ĕrbīn Shì [Harbin]哈尔滨市Sub-provincial City10,635,971

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The population of the townships in Bāyàn Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bāyàngăng Zhèn巴彦港镇TownBāyàn Xiàn19,347
Bāyàn Zhèn巴彦镇TownBāyàn Xiàn89,823
Déxiáng Xiāng德祥乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn35,411
Fēnglè Xiāng丰乐乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn29,422
Fùjiāng Xiāng富江乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn18,956
Hēishān Zhèn黑山镇TownBāyàn Xiàn19,502
Hóngguāng Xiāng红光乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn35,783
Huáshān Xiāng华山乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn23,223
Lóngmiào Zhèn龙庙镇TownBāyàn Xiàn27,518
Lóngquán Zhèn龙泉镇TownBāyàn Xiàn25,653
Shānhòu Xiāng山后乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn27,669
Sōnghuājiāng Xiāng松花江乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn27,364
Tiānzēng Zhèn天增镇TownBāyàn Xiàn35,502
Wànfā Zhèn万发镇TownBāyàn Xiàn28,827
Wāxīng Zhèn洼兴镇TownBāyàn Xiàn26,786
Xījí Zhèn西集镇TownBāyàn Xiàn29,081
Xīnglóng Línyèjú兴隆林业局Township-like AreaBāyàn Xiàn11,019
Xīnglóng Zhèn兴隆镇TownBāyàn Xiàn66,009
Zhèndōng Xiāng镇东乡Rural TownshipBāyàn Xiàn13,660

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).