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Chángníng Xiàn

County in Yíbīn Shì / 宜宾市


The population of Chángníng Xiàn.

Chángníng Xiàn长宁县County339,972
Yíbīn Shì宜宾市Prefecture-level City4,471,896

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The population of the townships in Chángníng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Chángníng Zhèn长宁镇TownChángníng Xiàn81,248
Dòngdĭ Zhèn硐底镇TownChángníng Xiàn16,469
Fùxīng Xiāng富兴乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn10,137
Gŭhé Zhèn古河镇TownChángníng Xiàn13,961
Huātān Zhèn花滩镇TownChángníng Xiàn16,057
Jĭngjiāng Xiāng井江乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn12,033
Kāifó Xiāng开佛乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn11,924
Lăowēng Zhèn老翁镇TownChángníng Xiàn19,844
Lóngtóu Zhèn龙头镇TownChángníng Xiàn18,460
Méibái Xiāng梅白乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn14,742
Méidòng Zhèn梅硐镇TownChángníng Xiàn16,938
Sānyuán Xiāng三元乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn11,052
Shuānghé Zhèn双河镇TownChángníng Xiàn19,806
Táopíng Xiāng桃坪乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn9,215
Tónggŭ Xiāng铜鼓乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn12,136
Tóngluó Xiāng铜锣乡Rural TownshipChángníng Xiàn8,936
Xiàcháng Zhèn下长镇TownChángníng Xiàn21,124
Zhúhăi Zhèn竹海镇TownChángníng Xiàn25,890

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.