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Jiālíng Qū

District in Nánchōng Shì / 南充市


The population of Jiālíng Qū.

Jiālíng Qū嘉陵区District607,635
Nánchōng Shì南充市Prefecture-level City6,278,614

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Jiālíng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānfú Zhèn安福镇TownJiālíng Qū16,641
Ānpíng Zhèn安平镇TownJiālíng Qū24,629
Báijiā Xiāng白家乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū11,315
Dàguān Xiāng大观乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū8,101
Dàtóng Xiāng大同乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū9,530
Dàtōng Zhèn大通镇TownJiālíng Qū18,794
Dàxīng Xiāng大兴乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū12,863
Héxī Xiāng河西乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū12,965
Huáxīng Xiāng华兴乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū14,023
Huāyuán Xiāng花园乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū8,889
Huŏhuā Jiēdào火花街道Urban SubdistrictJiālíng Qū91,849
Jí'ān Zhèn吉安镇TownJiālíng Qū16,134
Jífèng Zhèn集凤镇TownJiālíng Qū9,931
Jīnbăo Zhèn金宝镇TownJiālíng Qū11,656
Jīnfèng Zhèn金凤镇TownJiālíng Qū22,918
Jīshàn Xiāng积善乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū9,919
Lĭbà Zhèn里坝镇TownJiālíng Qū9,845
Lĭdù Zhèn李渡镇TownJiālíng Qū23,115
Lĭlè Xiāng礼乐乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū9,318
Línjiāng Xiāng临江乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū14,178
Lónglĭng Zhèn龙岭镇TownJiālíng Qū17,390
Lóngpán Zhèn龙蟠镇TownJiālíng Qū15,272
Lóngquán Zhèn龙泉镇TownJiālíng Qū8,911
Mùlăo Xiāng木老乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū12,838
Qiáolóng Xiāng桥龙乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū6,142
Qībăosì Zhèn七宝寺镇TownJiālíng Qū7,634
Qŭshuĭ Zhèn曲水镇TownJiālíng Qū13,428
Sānhuì Zhèn三会镇TownJiālíng Qū8,629
Shílóu Xiāng石楼乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū6,930
Shìyáng Zhèn世阳镇TownJiālíng Qū18,665
Shuāngdiàn Xiāng双店乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū13,825
Shuāngguì Zhèn双桂镇TownJiālíng Qū11,114
Tàihé Xiāng太和乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū6,320
Táoyuán Xiāng桃园乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū8,382
Tiānxīng Xiāng天星乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū6,586
Tŭmén Xiāng土门乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū11,704
Wénfēng Zhèn文峰镇TownJiālíng Qū16,036
Xīnchăng Xiāng新场乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū11,370
Xīnmiào Xiāng新庙乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū7,397
Xīxīng Zhèn西兴镇TownJiālíng Qū9,871
Yánxī Xiāng盐溪乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū9,467
Yīlì Zhèn一立镇TownJiālíng Qū13,683
Yíshān Xiāng移山乡Rural TownshipJiālíng Qū9,428

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.