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People's Republic of China – Hong Kong – Macau

Provinces and Major Cities updated

The Chinese provinces and all major cities with an urban population of 750,000 or more (on district level).

Major Cities in the Chinese Provinces

For following provinces, the major cities with an urban population of 75,000 or more (on district or county level).


The 2010 census population for all urban subdistricts, towns, rural townships and other township-like areas.

Administrative Division of China

The population of all provinces, autonomous regions and prefectures (census 2000 & 2010).

Adminstrative Division of Beijing

All counties, city districts, urban subdistricts, towns, semi-urban areas and rural townships (census 2000 & 2010).

Administrative Division of the Provinces

For following provinces, the population of the prefectural entities, county-level cities, city districts and counties (census 2000 & 2010).

Special Administrative Regions

Hong Kong

The districts of Hong Kong as well as all cities and towns of more than 10,000 inhabitants.


The population of the cities and parishes of Macau.