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Lampung Selatan

Regency in Lampung Province


The population of Lampung Selatan.

Lampung Selatan [South Lampung]Regency912,490

Contents: Cities and Urban Communes

The population of the cities and urban communes in Lampung Selatan.

Name StatusRegencyPopulation
AgomUrban CommuneLampung Selatan2,667
BakauheniUrban CommuneLampung Selatan11,805
BrantirayaUrban CommuneLampung Selatan10,269
Bumi AgungUrban CommuneLampung Selatan4,112
BumisariUrban CommuneLampung Selatan7,902
Fajar BaruUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,558
HaduyangUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,993
HajimenaUrban CommuneLampung Selatan16,319
JatibaruUrban CommuneLampung Selatan9,514
Jati IndahUrban CommuneLampung Selatan3,366
JatimulyoUrban CommuneLampung Selatan15,473
KaliandaUrban CommuneLampung Selatan8,528
KedatonUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,774
KunjirUrban CommuneLampung Selatan1,608
Merak BatinUrban CommuneLampung Selatan20,740
Muara PutihUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,170
NatarUrban CommuneLampung Selatan15,102
PemanggilanUrban CommuneLampung Selatan8,113
Sabah BalauUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,126
SeloretnoUrban CommuneLampung Selatan3,531
SidodadiUrban CommuneLampung Selatan6,926
Sidodadi AsriUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,263
SidorejoUrban CommuneLampung Selatan6,702
Sindang SariUrban CommuneLampung Selatan4,958
SrikatonUrban CommuneLampung Selatan2,412
SukanegaraUrban CommuneLampung Selatan5,856
Taman AgungUrban CommuneLampung Selatan3,101
TanjungsariUrban CommuneLampung Selatan8,802
Way GalihUrban CommuneLampung Selatan6,575
Way HuwiUrban CommuneLampung Selatan12,719
Way UrangUrban CommuneLampung Selatan13,792

Source: Badan Pusat Statistik, Republik Indonesia (web).

Explanation: Urban communes and the urban parts of cities as defined in 2010; area figures are computed by using geospatial data. Regencies and administrative cities in the boundaries of 2015.