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Kwun Tong

District Council in Hong Kong

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Kwun Tong觀塘區District Council648,541
Chui Cheung翠翔Constituency Area23,263
Hing Tin興田Constituency Area17,136
Hip Hong協康Constituency Area16,839
Hiu Lai曉麗Constituency Area17,046
Hong Lok康樂Constituency Area15,970
Jordan Valley佐敦谷Constituency Area20,291
Kai Yip啟業Constituency Area15,092
King Tin景田Constituency Area20,174
Kowloon Bay九龍灣Constituency Area13,061
Kwong Tak廣德Constituency Area18,950
Kwun Tong Central觀塘中心Constituency Area15,553
Laguna City麗港城Constituency Area26,271
Lai Ching麗晶Constituency Area15,238
Lam Tin藍田Constituency Area22,122
Lok Wah North樂華北Constituency Area12,670
Lok Wah South樂華南Constituency Area12,934
Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate牛頭角下邨Constituency Area17,015
On Lee安利Constituency Area14,491
Pak Nga栢雅Constituency Area13,018
Ping Shek坪石Constituency Area13,144
Ping Tin平田Constituency Area16,354
Po Lok寶樂Constituency Area14,077
Po Tat寶達Constituency Area22,449
Sau Mau Ping Central秀茂坪中Constituency Area16,979
Sau Mau Ping North秀茂坪北Constituency Area20,616
Sau Mau Ping South秀茂坪南Constituency Area15,415
Sheung Choi雙彩Constituency Area22,064
Sheung Shun雙順Constituency Area17,997
Shun Tin順天Constituency Area18,530
Ting On定安Constituency Area17,995
To Tai淘大Constituency Area17,060
Tsui Ping翠屏Constituency Area18,554
Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate牛頭角上邨Constituency Area15,204
Yau Lai油麗Constituency Area20,709
Yau Tong East油塘東Constituency Area21,280
Yau Tong West油塘西Constituency Area19,271
Yuet Wah月華Constituency Area13,709
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.