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District Council in Hong Kong

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The population in Eastern as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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Eastern東區District Council555,034
A Kung Ngam阿公岩Constituency Area18,475
Aldrich Bay愛秩序灣Constituency Area17,453
Braemar Hill寶馬山Constituency Area17,323
City Garden城市花園Constituency Area17,226
Fei Tsui翡翠Constituency Area14,941
Fortress Hill炮台山Constituency Area16,347
Fort Street堡壘Constituency Area16,229
Healthy Village健康村Constituency Area13,546
Heng Fa Chuen杏花邨Constituency Area19,119
Hing Man興民Constituency Area14,605
Hing Tung興東Constituency Area18,384
Kai Hiu佳曉Constituency Area13,527
Kam Ping錦屏Constituency Area16,976
King Yee景怡Constituency Area14,767
Kornhill康怡Constituency Area15,412
Kornhill Garden康山Constituency Area13,970
Lei King Wan鯉景灣Constituency Area21,788
Lok Hong樂康Constituency Area11,667
Lower Yiu Tung下耀東Constituency Area19,194
Mount Parker柏架山Constituency Area13,409
Nam Fung南豐Constituency Area14,363
Provident和富Constituency Area21,744
Quarry Bay鰂魚涌Constituency Area13,205
Sai Wan Ho西灣河Constituency Area20,161
Shaukeiwan筲箕灣Constituency Area13,405
Siu Sai Wan小西灣Constituency Area13,032
Tai Koo Shing East太古城東Constituency Area18,231
Tai Koo Shing West太古城西Constituency Area18,331
Tanner丹拿Constituency Area14,538
Tsui Tak翠德Constituency Area12,827
Tsui Wan翠灣Constituency Area12,329
Upper Yiu Tung上耀東Constituency Area12,167
Wan Tsui環翠Constituency Area15,075
Yan Lam欣藍Constituency Area16,537
Yue Wan漁灣Constituency Area14,731
Hong Kong香港Special Administrative Region7,336,585

Source: Census and Statistics Department, SAR Hong Kong (web).

Explanation: Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.