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Xiāngchéng Qū

District in Zhāngzhōu Shì / 漳州市


The population of Xiāngchéng Qū.

Xiāngchéng Qū芗城区District538,186
Zhāngzhōu Shì漳州市Prefecture-level City4,809,983

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The population of the townships in Xiāngchéng Qū.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Dàfáng Nóngchăng大房农场Township-like AreaXiāngchéng Qū2,006
Dōngpūtóu Jiēdào东铺头街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū62,065
Hòufáng Nóngchăng后房农场Township-like AreaXiāngchéng Qū1,609
Nánkēng Jiēdào南坑街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū80,992
Pŭnán Zhèn浦南镇TownXiāngchéng Qū25,605
Shítíng Zhèn石亭镇TownXiāngchéng Qū53,341
Tiānbăo Línchăng天宝林场Township-like AreaXiāngchéng Qū99
Tiānbăo Zhèn天宝镇TownXiāngchéng Qū43,309
Tōngbĕi Jiēdào通北街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū66,698
Wŭfēng Nóngchăng五峰农场Township-like AreaXiāngchéng Qū805
Xiāngchéngqūnăiniúchăng 芗城区奶牛场Township-like AreaXiāngchéng Qū41
Xiàngkŏu Jiēdào巷口街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū76,244
Xīnqiáo Jiēdào新桥街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū59,476
Xīqiáo Jiēdào西桥街道Urban SubdistrictXiāngchéng Qū23,636
Zhīshān Zhèn芝山镇TownXiāngchéng Qū42,260

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2016, as far as sufficient information is available.