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Vietnam: Trà Vinh Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Trà Vinh Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Càng LongDistrict143,389
An TrườngRural Commune14,225
An Trường ARural Commune8,670
Bình PhúRural Commune13,021
Càng LongTownship13,523
Đại PhúcRural Commune4,499
Đại PhướcRural Commune8,078
Đức MỹRural Commune9,802
Huyền HộiRural Commune14,102
Mỹ CẩmRural Commune10,964
Nhị LongRural Commune7,493
Nhị Long PhúRural Commune6,427
Phương ThạnhRural Commune11,341
Tân AnRural Commune10,110
Tân BìnhRural Commune11,134
Cầu KèDistrict109,592
An Phú TânRural Commune10,446
Cầu KèTownship6,097
Châu ĐiềnRural Commune11,241
Hòa ÂnRural Commune9,732
Hoà TânRural Commune10,210
Ninh ThớiRural Commune8,991
Phong PhúRural Commune10,693
Phong ThạnhRural Commune11,370
Tam NgãiRural Commune11,290
Thạnh PhúRural Commune6,921
Thông HòaRural Commune12,601
Cầu NgangDistrict130,608
Cầu NgangTownship5,956
Hiệp HòaRural Commune9,932
Hiệp Mỹ ĐôngRural Commune5,516
Hiệp Mỹ TâyRural Commune7,168
Kim HòaRural Commune9,285
Long SơnRural Commune11,541
Mỹ HòaRural Commune9,204
Mỹ LongTownship5,920
Mỹ Long BắcRural Commune8,185
Mỹ Long NamRural Commune6,350
Nhị TrườngRural Commune11,581
Thạnh Hòa SơnRural Commune7,986
Thuận HòaRural Commune7,914
Trường ThọRural Commune9,359
Vĩnh KimRural Commune14,711
Châu ThànhDistrict136,786
Châu ThànhTownship6,227
Đa LộcRural Commune13,360
Hòa LợiRural Commune9,701
Hòa MinhRural Commune11,367
Hòa ThuậnRural Commune11,693
Hưng MỹRural Commune8,504
Long HòaRural Commune9,003
Lương HòaRural Commune10,398
Lương Hoà ARural Commune9,237
Mỹ ChánhRural Commune10,797
Nguyệt HóaRural Commune6,349
Phước HảoRural Commune10,261
Song LộcRural Commune12,243
Thanh MỹRural Commune7,646
Duyên HảiDistrict76,705
Đôn ChâuRural Commune12,197
Đông HảiRural Commune8,428
Đôn XuânRural Commune14,315
Long KhánhRural Commune11,933
Long VĩnhRural Commune12,402
Ngũ LạcRural Commune17,430
Duyên Hải (thị xã)District-level Town48,502
Dân ThànhRural Commune7,594
Hiệp ThạnhRural Commune4,170
Long HữuRural Commune12,306
Long ToànRural Commune11,434
Phường 1 (Duyên Hải)Ward5,830
Trường Long HòaRural Commune7,168
Tiểu CầnDistrict109,122
Cầu QuanTownship10,338
Hiếu TrungRural Commune10,623
Hiếu TửRural Commune11,841
Hùng HòaRural Commune7,213
Long ThớiRural Commune11,326
Ngãi HùngRural Commune7,334
Phú CầnRural Commune10,317
Tân HòaRural Commune11,690
Tân HùngRural Commune8,742
Tập NgãiRural Commune13,155
Tiểu CầnTownship6,543
Trà CúDistrict149,609
An Quảng HữuRural Commune11,218
Đại AnRural Commune10,475
Định AnTownship4,507
Định AnRural Commune3,827
Hàm GiangRural Commune7,876
Hàm TânRural Commune7,923
Kim SơnRural Commune8,425
Long HiệpRural Commune7,207
Lưu Nghiệp AnhRural Commune13,195
Ngãi XuyênRural Commune9,936
Ngọc BiênRural Commune8,930
Phước HưngRural Commune15,217
Tân HiệpRural Commune9,878
Tân SơnRural Commune6,627
Tập SơnRural Commune9,729
Thanh SơnRural Commune7,433
Trà CúTownship7,206
Trà VinhDistrict-level City98,699
Long ĐứcRural Commune17,150
Phường 1Ward10,567
Phường 2Ward3,967
Phường 3Ward3,719
Phường 4Ward9,340
Phường 5Ward7,201
Phường 6Ward11,430
Phường 7Ward16,665
Phường 8Ward8,270
Phường 9Ward10,390
Trà VinhProvince1,003,012

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.