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Vietnam: Sóc Trăng Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Sóc Trăng Province according to the last census.

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Châu ThànhDistrict100,758
An HiệpRural Commune16,714
An NinhRural Commune14,069
Châu ThànhTownship8,559
Hồ Đắc KiệnRural Commune13,054
Phú TâmRural Commune16,688
Phú TânRural Commune14,722
Thiện MỹRural Commune9,001
Thuận HòaRural Commune7,951
Cù Lao DungDistrict62,931
An Thạnh 1Rural Commune8,739
An Thạnh 2Rural Commune7,828
An Thạnh 3Rural Commune10,624
An Thạnh ĐôngRural Commune8,929
An Thạnh NamRural Commune6,885
An Thạnh TâyRural Commune5,884
Cù Lao DungTownship5,150
Đại Ân 1Rural Commune8,892
Kế SáchDistrict157,783
An Lạc TâyRural Commune8,641
An Lạc ThônTownship10,284
An MỹRural Commune11,423
Ba TrinhRural Commune13,573
Đại HảiRural Commune18,906
Kế AnRural Commune8,206
Kế SáchTownship13,626
Kế ThànhRural Commune9,500
Nhơn MỹRural Commune11,289
Phong NẫmRural Commune4,918
Thới An HộiRural Commune14,580
Trinh PhúRural Commune11,607
Xuân HòaRural Commune21,230
Long PhúDistrict112,152
Châu KhánhRural Commune6,792
Đại NgãiTownship10,071
Hậu ThạnhRural Commune5,264
Long ĐứcRural Commune10,219
Long PhúTownship14,775
Long PhúRural Commune14,836
Phú HữuRural Commune6,082
Song PhụngRural Commune7,537
Tân HưngRural Commune11,930
Tân ThạnhRural Commune8,757
Trường KhánhRural Commune15,889
Mỹ TúDistrict106,361
Hưng PhúRural Commune10,941
Huỳnh Hữu NghĩaTownship6,993
Long HưngRural Commune12,321
Mỹ HươngRural Commune9,753
Mỹ PhướcRural Commune18,006
Mỹ ThuậnRural Commune9,703
Mỹ TúRural Commune10,399
Phú MỹRural Commune14,337
Thuận HưngRural Commune13,908
Mỹ XuyênDistrict155,412
Đại TâmRural Commune17,046
Gia Hòa 1Rural Commune8,129
Gia Hòa 2Rural Commune7,709
Hòa Tú 1Rural Commune9,156
Hòa Tú IIRural Commune10,261
Mỹ XuyênTownship20,537
Ngọc ĐôngRural Commune10,705
Ngọc TốRural Commune10,324
Tham ĐônRural Commune16,697
Thạnh PhúRural Commune21,419
Thạnh QuớiRural Commune23,429
Ngã NămDistrict-level Town79,677
Long BìnhRural Commune6,225
Mỹ BìnhRural Commune5,473
Mỹ QuớiRural Commune8,274
Phường 1 (Ngã Năm)Ward13,399
Phường 2 (Long Tân)Ward18,001
Phường 3 (Vĩnh Biên)Ward8,343
Tân LongRural Commune8,757
Vĩnh QuớiRural Commune11,205
Sóc TrăngDistrict-level City136,018
Phường 1Ward6,940
Phường 2Ward23,980
Phường 3Ward25,083
Phường 4Ward13,210
Phường 5Ward14,325
Phường 6Ward14,171
Phường 7Ward11,494
Phường 8Ward13,713
Phường 9Ward8,857
Phường 10Ward4,245
Thạnh TrịDistrict85,565
Châu HưngRural Commune18,269
Lâm KiếtRural Commune6,229
Lâm TânRural Commune7,317
Phú LộcTownship15,099
Thạnh TânRural Commune10,184
Thạnh TrịRural Commune9,718
Tuân TứcRural Commune8,149
Vĩnh LợiRural Commune5,239
Vĩnh ThànhRural Commune5,361
Trần ĐềDistrict132,396
Đại Ân 2Rural Commune13,631
Lịch Hội ThượngRural Commune21,889
Liêu TúRural Commune13,642
Tài VănRural Commune15,598
Thạnh Thới AnRural Commune11,442
Thạnh Thới ThuậnRural Commune9,659
Trung BìnhRural Commune26,714
Viên AnRural Commune10,036
Viên BìnhRural Commune9,785
Vĩnh ChâuDistrict-level Town163,800
Hòa ĐôngRural Commune10,653
Khánh HòaWard10,546
Lạc HòaRural Commune15,341
Lai HòaRural Commune21,997
Phường 1 (Vĩnh Châu)Ward16,417
Phường 2 (Vĩnh Châu)Ward21,871
Vĩnh HảiRural Commune20,925
Vĩnh HiệpRural Commune7,466
Vĩnh PhướcWard23,367
Vĩnh TânRural Commune15,217
Sóc TrăngProvince1,292,853

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.