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Vietnam: Quảng Ngãi Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Quảng Ngãi Province according to the last census.

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Ba TơDistrict51,468
Ba BíchRural Commune1,814
Ba ChùaRural Commune1,342
Ba CungRural Commune1,896
Ba ĐiềnRural Commune1,408
Ba DinhRural Commune3,694
Ba ĐộngRural Commune2,210
Ba GiangRural Commune1,343
Ba KhâmRural Commune1,523
Ba LếRural Commune1,594
Ba LiênRural Commune1,183
Ba NamRural Commune822
Ba NgạcRural Commune2,832
Ba ThànhRural Commune2,664
Ba TiêuRural Commune2,161
Ba TơTownship4,965
Ba TôRural Commune5,617
Ba TrangRural Commune2,078
Ba VìRural Commune4,121
Ba VinhRural Commune3,883
Ba XaRural Commune4,318
Bình SơnDistrict174,939
Bình AnRural Commune3,075
Bình ChánhRural Commune11,880
Bình ChâuRural Commune13,815
Bình ChươngRural Commune6,520
Bình ĐôngRural Commune8,594
Bình DươngRural Commune6,809
Bình HảiRural Commune11,906
Bình HiệpRural Commune5,989
Bình HòaRural Commune5,519
Bình KhươngRural Commune3,886
Bình LongRural Commune6,092
Bình MinhRural Commune9,215
Bình MỹRural Commune6,296
Bình NguyênRural Commune9,441
Bình PhúRural Commune2,790
Bình PhướcRural Commune5,981
Bình TânRural Commune4,786
Bình ThạnhRural Commune11,467
Bình Thanh ĐôngRural Commune2,375
Bình Thanh TâyRural Commune4,379
Bình ThớiRural Commune3,974
Bình ThuậnRural Commune7,236
Bình TrịRural Commune5,948
Bình TrungRural Commune8,738
Châu ỔTownship8,228
Đức PhổDistrict140,593
Đức PhổTownship8,064
Phổ AnRural Commune10,366
Phổ ChâuRural Commune5,162
Phổ CườngRural Commune13,908
Phổ HòaRural Commune3,958
Phổ KhánhRural Commune12,619
Phổ MinhRural Commune4,583
Phổ NhơnRural Commune6,119
Phổ NinhRural Commune9,023
Phổ PhongRural Commune8,943
Phổ QuangRural Commune8,005
Phổ ThạnhRural Commune21,497
Phổ ThuậnRural Commune10,993
Phổ VănRural Commune9,213
Phổ VinhRural Commune8,140
Lý SơnDistrict18,223
An BìnhRural Commune322
An HảiRural Commune7,279
An VĩnhRural Commune10,622
Minh LongDistrict15,498
Long HiệpRural Commune3,750
Long MaiRural Commune3,277
Long MônRural Commune1,156
Long SơnRural Commune4,311
Thanh AnRural Commune3,004
Mộ ĐứcDistrict126,059
Đức ChánhRural Commune15,690
Đức HiệpRural Commune7,591
Đức HòaRural Commune9,481
Đức LânRural Commune12,588
Đức LợiRural Commune7,525
Đức MinhRural Commune8,067
Đức NhuậnRural Commune12,712
Đức PhongRural Commune16,573
Đức PhúRural Commune7,073
Đức TânRural Commune6,258
Đức ThắngRural Commune7,163
Đức ThạnhRural Commune8,643
Mộ ĐứcTownship6,695
Nghĩa HànhDistrict89,304
Chợ ChùaTownship8,720
Hành ĐứcRural Commune9,721
Hành DũngRural Commune6,719
Hành MinhRural Commune5,355
Hành NhânRural Commune7,848
Hành PhướcRural Commune11,867
Hành ThiệnRural Commune6,730
Hành ThịnhRural Commune8,560
Hành ThuậnRural Commune7,219
Hành Tín ĐôngRural Commune3,823
Hành Tín TâyRural Commune4,434
Hành TrungRural Commune8,308
Quảng NgãiDistrict-level City243,545
Chánh LộWard12,989
Lê Hồng PhongWard8,517
Nghĩa AnRural Commune18,073
Nghĩa ChánhWard13,442
Nghĩa DõngRural Commune8,290
Nghĩa DũngRural Commune8,557
Nghĩa HàRural Commune14,824
Nghĩa LộWard14,756
Nghĩa PhúRural Commune6,428
Nguyễn NghiêmWard7,402
Quảng PhúWard17,316
Tịnh AnRural Commune8,314
Tịnh Ấn ĐôngRural Commune5,340
Tịnh Ấn TâyRural Commune8,009
Tịnh ChâuRural Commune6,723
Tịnh HòaRural Commune10,734
Tịnh KhêRural Commune13,487
Tịnh KỳRural Commune9,012
Tịnh LongRural Commune8,066
Tịnh ThiệnRural Commune8,049
Trần Hưng ĐạoWard7,899
Trần PhúWard13,216
Trương Quang Trọng (Sơn Tịnh)Ward14,102
Sơn HàDistrict68,345
Di LăngTownship7,969
Sơn BaRural Commune3,894
Sơn BaoRural Commune3,739
Sơn CaoRural Commune4,516
Sơn GiangRural Commune4,429
Sơn HạRural Commune8,208
Sơn HảiRural Commune2,785
Sơn KỳRural Commune6,081
Sơn LinhRural Commune4,507
Sơn NhamRural Commune3,860
Sơn ThànhRural Commune7,050
Sơn ThượngRural Commune3,893
Sơn ThủyRural Commune4,498
Sơn TrungRural Commune2,916
Sơn TâyDistrict18,092
Sơn BuaRural Commune1,290
Sơn DungRural Commune3,758
Sơn LậpRural Commune1,152
Sơn LiênRural Commune1,562
Sơn LongRural Commune1,931
Sơn MàuRural Commune1,397
Sơn MùaRural Commune2,663
Sơn TânRural Commune2,380
Sơn TinhRural Commune1,959
Sơn TịnhDistrict95,283
Tịnh BắcRural Commune4,277
Tịnh BìnhRural Commune10,545
Tịnh ĐôngRural Commune6,159
Tịnh GiangRural Commune7,603
Tịnh HàRural Commune16,395
Tịnh HiệpRural Commune7,586
Tịnh MinhRural Commune5,849
Tịnh PhongRural Commune10,225
Tịnh SơnRural Commune8,957
Tịnh ThọRural Commune12,373
Tịnh TràRural Commune5,314
Tây TràDistrict17,798
Trà KhêRural Commune1,604
Trà LãnhRural Commune1,805
Trà NhamRural Commune1,835
Trà PhongRural Commune4,145
Trà QuânRural Commune1,841
Trà ThanhRural Commune1,961
Trà ThọRural Commune1,970
Trà TrungRural Commune784
Trà XinhRural Commune1,853
Trà BồngDistrict29,699
Trà BìnhRural Commune4,569
Trà BùiRural Commune1,303
Trà GiangRural Commune403
Trà HiệpRural Commune1,815
Trà LâmRural Commune1,693
Trà PhúRural Commune4,121
Trà SơnRural Commune4,502
Trà TânRural Commune1,755
Trà ThủyRural Commune2,639
Trà XuânTownship6,899
Tư NghĩaDistrict127,927
La HàTownship9,780
Nghĩa ĐiềnRural Commune8,065
Nghĩa HiệpRural Commune11,522
Nghĩa HòaRural Commune11,666
Nghĩa KỳRural Commune16,215
Nghĩa LâmRural Commune6,494
Nghĩa MỹRural Commune5,595
Nghĩa PhươngRural Commune8,521
Nghĩa SơnRural Commune944
Nghĩa ThắngRural Commune8,101
Nghĩa ThọRural Commune1,155
Nghĩa ThuậnRural Commune6,979
Nghĩa ThươngRural Commune13,263
Nghĩa TrungRural Commune12,658
Sông VệTownship6,969
Quảng NgãiProvince1,216,773

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.