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Vietnam: Phú Yên Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Phú Yên Province according to the last census.

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Đông HòaDistrict114,388
Hòa Hiệp BắcRural Commune9,384
Hòa Hiệp NamRural Commune10,516
Hoà Hiệp TrungTownship20,256
Hòa TâmRural Commune3,918
Hòa Tân ĐôngRural Commune12,344
Hòa ThànhRural Commune15,911
Hoà VinhTownship14,037
Hòa Xuân ĐôngRural Commune11,956
Hòa Xuân NamRural Commune3,719
Hòa Xuân TâyRural Commune12,347
Đồng XuânDistrict58,014
Đa LộcRural Commune4,076
La HaiTownship9,255
Phú MỡRural Commune2,827
Xuân LãnhRural Commune8,724
Xuân LongRural Commune2,063
Xuân PhướcRural Commune9,187
Xuân Quang 1Rural Commune4,582
Xuân Quang 2Rural Commune3,751
Xuân Quang 3Rural Commune5,536
Xuân Sơn BắcRural Commune2,612
Xuân Sơn NamRural Commune5,401
Phú HòaDistrict103,268
Hòa AnRural Commune17,477
Hòa Định ĐôngRural Commune4,759
Hòa Định TâyRural Commune8,806
Hòa HộiRural Commune3,937
Hòa Quang BắcRural Commune10,996
Hòa Quang NamRural Commune10,666
Hòa ThắngRural Commune18,290
Hòa TrịRural Commune19,224
Phú HoàTownship9,113
Sông CầuDistrict-level Town97,912
Xuân BìnhRural Commune9,021
Xuân CảnhRural Commune5,909
Xuân HảiRural Commune9,329
Xuân HòaRural Commune4,023
Xuân LâmRural Commune2,863
Xuân LộcRural Commune13,211
Xuân PhúWard18,208
Xuân PhươngRural Commune8,177
Xuân ThịnhRural Commune9,767
Xuân Thọ 1Rural Commune8,412
Xuân Thọ 2Rural Commune8,992
Sông HinhDistrict45,352
Đức Bình ĐôngRural Commune4,394
Đức Bình TâyRural Commune3,537
Ea BáRural Commune1,900
Ea BarRural Commune4,823
Ea BiaRural Commune2,529
Ea LâmRural Commune2,532
EalyRural Commune4,854
EaTrolRural Commune3,824
Hai RiêngTownship10,524
Sông HinhRural Commune2,187
Sơn GiangRural Commune4,248
Sơn HòaDistrict54,067
Cà LúiRural Commune2,390
Củng SơnTownship9,644
Eachà RangRural Commune2,897
Krông PaRural Commune3,318
Phước TânRural Commune1,952
Sơn ĐịnhRural Commune1,615
Sơn HàRural Commune8,574
Sơn HộiRural Commune3,717
Sơn LongRural Commune2,164
Sơn NguyênRural Commune4,564
Sơn PhướcRural Commune3,363
Sơn XuânRural Commune1,222
Suối BạcRural Commune5,979
Suối TraiRural Commune2,668
Tây HòaDistrict115,762
Hòa Bình 1Rural Commune11,420
Hòa ĐồngRural Commune14,643
Hòa Mỹ ĐôngRural Commune12,617
Hòa Mỹ TâyRural Commune9,526
Hòa PhongRural Commune12,002
Hòa PhúRural Commune9,514
Hòa Tân TâyRural Commune8,462
Hòa ThịnhRural Commune10,590
Phú Thứ (Hòa Bình 2)Township13,296
Sơn Thành ĐôngRural Commune9,549
Sơn Thành TâyRural Commune4,143
Tuy AnDistrict121,355
An ChấnRural Commune9,990
An CưRural Commune10,336
An DânRural Commune7,643
An ĐịnhRural Commune5,152
An HảiRural Commune3,626
An HiệpRural Commune7,314
An HòaRural Commune11,359
An LĩnhRural Commune4,304
An MỹRural Commune11,017
An NghiệpRural Commune4,878
An Ninh ĐôngRural Commune13,473
An Ninh TâyRural Commune13,114
An ThạchRural Commune5,190
An ThọRural Commune3,291
An XuânRural Commune2,225
Chí ThạnhTownship8,443
Tuy HòaDistrict-level City152,113
An PhúRural Commune8,298
Bình KiếnRural Commune7,726
Bình NgọcRural Commune5,454
Hòa KiếnRural Commune7,797
Phú ĐôngWard12,061
Phú LâmWard9,506
Phường 1Ward5,892
Phường 2Ward9,994
Phường 3Ward5,696
Phường 4Ward9,256
Phường 5Ward10,979
Phường 6Ward8,756
Phường 7Ward12,707
Phường 8Ward10,351
Phường 9Ward18,015
Phú ThạnhWard9,625
Phú YênProvince862,231

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.