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Vietnam: Ninh Bình Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Ninh Bình Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Gia ViễnDistrict115,708
Gia HòaRural Commune8,239
Gia HưngRural Commune5,985
Gia LạcRural Commune4,530
Gia LậpRural Commune7,030
Gia MinhRural Commune2,944
Gia PhongRural Commune3,780
Gia PhúRural Commune6,270
Gia PhươngRural Commune4,038
Gia SinhRural Commune6,055
Gia TânRural Commune8,392
Gia ThắngRural Commune3,443
Gia ThanhRural Commune6,225
Gia ThịnhRural Commune7,164
Gia TiếnRural Commune4,776
Gia TrấnRural Commune6,178
Gia TrungRural Commune7,768
Gia VânRural Commune5,576
Gia VượngRural Commune2,740
Gia XuânRural Commune3,981
Liên SơnRural Commune5,621
Hoa LưDistrict66,187
Ninh AnRural Commune5,481
Ninh GiangRural Commune6,559
Ninh HảiRural Commune5,474
Ninh HòaRural Commune5,661
Ninh KhangRural Commune6,882
Ninh MỹRural Commune5,405
Ninh ThắngRural Commune3,912
Ninh VânRural Commune9,835
Ninh XuânRural Commune3,723
Thiên TônTownship3,042
Trường YênRural Commune10,213
Kim SơnDistrict164,735
Ân HòaRural Commune6,819
Bình MinhTownship3,591
Chất BìnhRural Commune5,453
Chính TâmRural Commune3,056
Cồn ThoiRural Commune8,528
Định HóaRural Commune6,225
Đồng HướngRural Commune7,915
Hồi NinhRural Commune4,750
Hùng TiếnRural Commune6,007
Kim ChínhRural Commune7,236
Kim ĐịnhRural Commune5,841
Kim ĐôngRural Commune3,219
Kim HảiRural Commune3,378
Kim MỹRural Commune10,707
Kim TânRural Commune6,645
Kim TrungRural Commune3,179
Lai ThànhRural Commune11,547
Lưu PhươngRural Commune7,082
Như HòaRural Commune5,200
Phát DiệmTownship8,205
Quang ThiệnRural Commune8,579
Tân ThànhRural Commune4,615
Thượng KiệmRural Commune6,808
Văn HảiRural Commune7,670
Xuân ThiệnRural Commune2,683
Yên LộcRural Commune7,796
Yên MậtRural Commune2,001
Nho QuanDistrict143,083
Cúc PhươngRural Commune2,824
Đồng PhongRural Commune6,445
Đức LongRural Commune5,255
Gia LâmRural Commune4,825
Gia SơnRural Commune3,598
Gia ThủyRural Commune5,687
Gia TườngRural Commune5,431
Kỳ PhúRural Commune4,963
Lạc VânRural Commune5,083
Lạng PhongRural Commune4,099
Nho QuanTownship5,425
Phú LộcRural Commune6,136
Phú LongRural Commune5,616
Phú SơnRural Commune4,514
Quảng LạcRural Commune5,758
Quỳnh LưuRural Commune7,871
Sơn HàRural Commune4,548
Sơn LaiRural Commune5,094
Sơn ThànhRural Commune3,242
Thạch BìnhRural Commune8,724
Thanh LạcRural Commune3,251
Thượng HòaRural Commune6,680
Văn PhongRural Commune4,080
Văn PhúRural Commune6,750
Văn PhươngRural Commune4,017
Xích ThổRural Commune7,270
Yên QuangRural Commune5,897
Ninh BìnhDistrict-level City110,541
Bích ĐàoWard7,402
Đông ThànhWard11,701
Nam BìnhWard8,706
Nam ThànhWard7,846
Ninh KhánhWard7,696
Ninh NhấtRural Commune6,511
Ninh PhongWard7,372
Ninh PhúcRural Commune7,723
Ninh SơnWard8,506
Ninh TiếnRural Commune4,196
Phúc ThànhWard10,601
Tân ThànhWard7,393
Thanh BìnhWard8,884
Vân GiangWard6,004
Tam ĐiệpDistrict-level City55,021
Bắc SơnWard8,054
Đông SơnRural Commune6,536
Nam SơnWard8,067
Quang SơnRural Commune4,394
Tân BìnhWard5,091
Tây SơnWard2,951
Trung SơnWard10,277
Yên BìnhWard4,314
Yên SơnRural Commune5,337
Yên KhánhDistrict133,420
Khánh AnRural Commune6,411
Khánh CôngRural Commune6,038
Khánh CưRural Commune6,364
Khánh CườngRural Commune6,338
Khánh HảiRural Commune7,031
Khánh HòaRural Commune5,855
Khánh HộiRural Commune6,191
Khánh HồngRural Commune8,550
Khánh LợiRural Commune6,555
Khánh MậuRural Commune6,803
Khánh NhạcRural Commune11,611
Khánh NinhRural Commune6,854
Khánh PhúRural Commune5,603
Khánh ThànhRural Commune7,135
Khánh ThiệnRural Commune4,587
Khánh ThủyRural Commune5,871
Khánh TiênRural Commune4,196
Khánh TrungRural Commune10,520
Khánh VânRural Commune5,284
Yên NinhTownship5,623
Yên MôDistrict110,304
Khánh DươngRural Commune5,432
Khánh ThịnhRural Commune5,183
Khánh ThượngRural Commune6,856
Mai SơnRural Commune3,656
Yên ĐồngRural Commune8,253
Yên HòaRural Commune6,863
Yên HưngRural Commune3,557
Yên LâmRural Commune7,080
Yên MạcRural Commune6,691
Yên MỹRural Commune4,638
Yên NhânRural Commune11,080
Yên PhongRural Commune8,367
Yên PhúRural Commune3,312
Yên TháiRural Commune5,339
Yên ThắngRural Commune8,087
Yên ThànhRural Commune5,874
Yên ThịnhTownship3,396
Yên TừRural Commune6,640
Ninh BìnhProvince898,999

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.