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Vietnam: Nam Định Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Nam Định Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Giao ThủyRural District188,875
Bạch LongRural Commune7,786
Bình HòaRural Commune7,690
Giao AnRural Commune8,766
Giao ChâuRural Commune7,768
Giao HàRural Commune9,157
Giao HảiRural Commune6,036
Giao HươngRural Commune7,345
Giao LạcRural Commune9,412
Giao LongRural Commune7,388
Giao NhânRural Commune7,357
Giao PhongRural Commune6,983
Giao TânRural Commune7,081
Giao ThanhRural Commune6,358
Giao ThiệnRural Commune9,664
Giao ThịnhRural Commune10,371
Giao TiếnRural Commune15,823
Giao XuânRural Commune9,157
Giao YếnRural Commune7,845
Hoành SơnRural Commune8,042
Hồng ThuậnRural Commune14,296
Ngô ĐồngTownship5,537
Quất LâmTownship9,013
Hải HậuRural District256,864
Hải AnRural Commune5,283
Hải AnhRural Commune12,150
Hải BắcRural Commune5,734
Hải ChâuRural Commune6,112
Hải ChínhRural Commune4,457
Hải CườngRural Commune5,960
Hải ĐôngRural Commune6,913
Hải ĐườngRural Commune11,395
Hải GiangRural Commune5,017
Hải HàRural Commune5,578
Hải HòaRural Commune7,609
Hải HưngRural Commune10,098
Hải LộcRural Commune7,485
Hải LongRural Commune6,663
Hải LýRural Commune9,424
Hải MinhRural Commune15,060
Hải NamRural Commune7,530
Hải NinhRural Commune5,724
Hải PhongRural Commune6,467
Hải PhúRural Commune8,360
Hải PhúcRural Commune5,643
Hải PhươngRural Commune6,376
Hải QuangRural Commune6,432
Hải SơnRural Commune8,089
Hải TânRural Commune6,035
Hải TâyRural Commune5,919
Hải ThanhRural Commune5,985
Hải ToànRural Commune3,653
Hải TriềuRural Commune4,632
Hải TrungRural Commune10,916
Hải VânRural Commune8,519
Hải XuânRural Commune7,489
Thịnh LongTownship13,399
Yên ĐịnhTownship4,714
Mỹ LộcRural District69,143
Mỹ HàRural Commune7,590
Mỹ HưngRural Commune6,291
Mỹ LộcTownship4,686
Mỹ PhúcRural Commune7,677
Mỹ TânRural Commune10,447
Mỹ ThắngRural Commune7,465
Mỹ ThànhRural Commune4,462
Mỹ ThịnhRural Commune4,153
Mỹ ThuậnRural Commune6,351
Mỹ TiếnRural Commune5,061
Mỹ TrungRural Commune4,960
Nam ĐịnhDistrict-level City243,186
Bà TriệuWard6,444
Cửa BắcWard13,695
Cửa NamWard5,964
Hạ LongWard14,622
Lộc AnRural Commune6,739
Lộc HạWard13,840
Lộc HòaRural Commune9,289
Lộc VượngWard15,050
Mỹ XáRural Commune18,561
Nam PhongRural Commune8,279
Nam VânRural Commune6,550
Năng TĩnhWard11,510
Ngô QuyềnWard4,950
Nguyễn DuWard6,271
Phan Đình PhùngWard7,473
Quang TrungWard10,047
Thống NhấtWard7,602
Trần Đăng NinhWard8,912
Trần Hưng ĐạoWard5,534
Trần Quang KhảiWard8,150
Trần Tế XươngWard12,887
Trường ThiWard12,880
Văn MiếuWard10,889
Vị HoàngWard7,080
Vị XuyênWard9,968
Nam TrựcRural District192,313
Bình MinhRural Commune10,474
Điền XáRural Commune11,949
Đồng SơnRural Commune13,974
Hồng QuangRural Commune13,467
Nam CườngRural Commune8,545
Nam DươngRural Commune9,710
Nam GiangTownship17,079
Nam HảiRural Commune5,625
Nam HoaRural Commune6,154
Nam HồngRural Commune9,245
Nam HùngRural Commune7,107
Nam LợiRural Commune8,641
Nam MỹRural Commune6,036
Nam TháiRural Commune8,840
Nam ThắngRural Commune7,476
Nam ThanhRural Commune11,571
Nam TiếnRural Commune11,179
Nam ToànRural Commune4,328
Nghĩa AnRural Commune10,339
Tân ThịnhRural Commune10,574
Nghĩa HưngRural District178,540
Hoàng NamRural Commune7,934
Liễu ĐềTownship5,918
Nam ĐiềnRural Commune5,813
Nghĩa BìnhRural Commune4,128
Nghĩa ChâuRural Commune7,546
Nghĩa ĐồngRural Commune5,578
Nghĩa HảiRural Commune14,105
Nghĩa HồngRural Commune7,750
Nghĩa HùngRural Commune6,547
Nghĩa LạcRural Commune8,881
Nghĩa LâmRural Commune6,648
Nghĩa LợiRural Commune4,814
Nghĩa MinhRural Commune4,782
Nghĩa PhongRural Commune7,877
Nghĩa PhúRural Commune7,849
Nghĩa PhúcRural Commune1,911
Nghĩa SơnRural Commune13,845
Nghĩa TânRural Commune5,169
Nghĩa TháiRural Commune8,259
Nghĩa ThắngRural Commune6,603
Nghĩa ThànhRural Commune6,560
Nghĩa ThịnhRural Commune7,610
Nghĩa TrungRural Commune8,042
Quỹ NhấtTownship6,051
Rạng ĐôngTownship8,320
Trực NinhRural District176,622
Cát ThànhTownship13,092
Cổ LễTownship10,581
Liêm HảiRural Commune10,809
Phương ĐịnhRural Commune15,536
Trực ChínhRural Commune5,265
Trực CườngRural Commune7,792
Trực ĐạiRural Commune11,811
Trực ĐạoRural Commune7,470
Trực HưngRural Commune5,203
Trực HùngRural Commune8,747
Trực KhangRural Commune4,589
Trực MỹRural Commune4,714
Trực NộiRural Commune5,040
Trực PhúRural Commune7,958
Trực TháiRural Commune7,371
Trực ThắngRural Commune6,963
Trực ThanhRural Commune5,274
Trực ThuậnRural Commune7,388
Trực TuấnRural Commune6,201
Trung ĐôngRural Commune14,412
Việt HùngRural Commune10,406
Vụ BảnRural District129,669
Cộng HòaRural Commune5,194
Đại AnRural Commune7,641
Đại ThắngRural Commune8,963
Hiển KhánhRural Commune7,635
Hợp HưngRural Commune6,015
Kim TháiRural Commune8,553
Liên BảoRural Commune9,817
Liên MinhRural Commune8,836
Minh TânRural Commune4,423
Minh ThuậnRural Commune8,289
Quang TrungRural Commune5,914
Tam ThanhRural Commune5,117
Tân KhánhRural Commune5,779
Tân ThànhRural Commune4,636
Thành LợiRural Commune15,600
Trung ThànhRural Commune5,526
Vĩnh HàoRural Commune5,258
Xuân TrườngRural District165,739
Thọ NghiệpRural Commune10,697
Xuân BắcRural Commune7,011
Xuân ChâuRural Commune5,757
Xuân ĐàiRural Commune7,100
Xuân HòaRural Commune8,181
Xuân HồngRural Commune16,023
Xuân KiênRural Commune7,706
Xuân NgọcRural Commune6,945
Xuân NinhRural Commune14,069
Xuân PhongRural Commune9,095
Xuân PhúRural Commune9,857
Xuân PhươngRural Commune5,839
Xuân TânRural Commune7,325
Xuân ThànhRural Commune5,164
Xuân ThượngRural Commune3,352
Xuân ThủyRural Commune4,717
Xuân TiếnRural Commune10,889
Xuân TrungRural Commune7,752
Xuân TrườngTownship7,548
Xuân VinhRural Commune10,712
Ý YênRural District227,160
Yên BằngRural Commune8,647
Yên BìnhRural Commune7,424
Yên ChínhRural Commune6,867
Yên CườngRural Commune9,120
Yên ĐồngRural Commune11,187
Yên DươngRural Commune8,303
Yên HồngRural Commune5,740
Yên HưngRural Commune4,248
Yên KhangRural Commune5,706
Yên KhánhRural Commune5,123
Yên LộcRural Commune9,924
Yên LợiRural Commune5,611
Yên LươngRural Commune6,500
Yên MinhRural Commune4,073
Yên MỹRural Commune5,552
Yên NghĩaRural Commune4,750
Yên NhânRural Commune9,697
Yên NinhRural Commune10,276
Yên PhongRural Commune6,141
Yên PhúRural Commune6,717
Yên PhúcRural Commune7,396
Yên PhươngRural Commune5,583
Yên QuangRural Commune4,415
Yên TânRural Commune5,491
Yên ThắngRural Commune10,910
Yên ThànhRural Commune3,293
Yên ThọRural Commune6,928
Yên TiếnRural Commune11,839
Yên TrịRural Commune11,428
Yên TrungRural Commune5,804
Yên XáRural Commune3,179
Nam ĐịnhProvince1,828,111

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.