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Vietnam: Lai Châu Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Lai Châu Province according to the last census.

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Lai ChâuDistrict-level City26,706
Đoàn KếtWard6,351
Nậm LoỏngRural Commune1,861
Quyết ThắngWard6,513
San ThàngRural Commune4,454
Tân PhongWard7,527
Mường TèRural District37,565
Bun NưaRural Commune5,615
Bun TởRural Commune2,923
Ka LăngRural Commune3,825
Kan HồRural Commune2,027
Mù CảRural Commune2,097
Mường TèTownship4,558
Mường TèRural Commune3,666
Nậm KhaoRural Commune1,041
Pa ỦRural Commune2,730
Pa Vệ SửRural Commune2,233
Tà TổngRural Commune4,845
Thu LũmRural Commune2,005
Nậm NhùnRural District18,177
Hua BunRural Commune1,471
Lê LợiRural Commune1,465
Mường MôRural Commune5,151
Nậm BanRural Commune2,762
Nậm HàngRural Commune4,430
Nậm ManhRural Commune1,873
Pú ĐaoRural Commune1,025
Phong ThổRural District66,372
Bản LangRural Commune6,700
Dào SanRural Commune6,700
Hoang ThènRural Commune3,343
Huổi LuôngRural Commune6,203
Khổng LàoRural Commune3,271
Lả Nhì ThàngRural Commune2,570
Ma Li ChảiRural Commune1,759
Ma Ly PhoRural Commune2,390
Mồ Sì SanRural Commune2,196
Mường SoRural Commune5,017
Mù SangRural Commune2,417
Nậm XeRural Commune5,635
Pa Vây SửRural Commune1,772
Phong ThổTownship4,091
Sì Lờ LầuRural Commune3,601
Sin Suối HồRural Commune3,813
Tông Qua LìnRural Commune1,811
Vàng Ma ChảiRural Commune3,083
Sìn HồRural District71,833
Căn CoRural Commune3,506
Chăn NưaRural Commune4,706
Hồng ThuRural Commune4,108
Làng MôRural Commune3,319
Ma QuaiRural Commune6,485
Nậm ChaRural Commune3,817
Nậm CuổiRural Commune4,061
Nậm HănRural Commune4,646
Nậm MạRural Commune1,777
Nậm TămRural Commune3,755
Noong HẻoRural Commune6,491
Pa TầnRural Commune3,231
Phăng Sô LinRural Commune1,913
Phìn HồRural Commune2,025
Pu Sam CápRural Commune1,386
Sà Dề PhìnRural Commune1,725
Sìn HồTownship3,995
Tả NgảoRural Commune3,686
Tả PhìnRural Commune2,882
Tủa Sín ChảiRural Commune4,319
Tam ĐườngRural District46,767
Bản BoRural Commune4,220
Bản GiangRural Commune3,218
Bản HonRural Commune2,314
Bình LưRural Commune4,542
Giang MaRural Commune3,119
Hồ ThầuRural Commune2,798
Khun HáRural Commune4,263
Nà TămRural Commune3,023
Nùng NàngRural Commune2,437
Sơn BìnhRural Commune3,096
Sùng PhàiRural Commune1,701
Tả LèngRural Commune3,633
Tam ĐườngTownship5,651
Thèn SinRural Commune2,752
Tân UyênRural District45,612
Hố MítRural Commune2,706
Mường KhoaRural Commune6,008
Nậm CầnRural Commune1,943
Nậm SỏRural Commune6,380
Pắc TaRural Commune4,493
Phúc KhoaRural Commune4,102
Tà MítRural Commune4,076
Tân UyênTownship8,344
Thân ThuộcRural Commune3,109
Trung ĐồngRural Commune4,451
Than UyênRural District57,470
Hua NàRural Commune2,731
Khoen OnRural Commune4,030
Mường CangRural Commune5,329
Mường KimRural Commune10,106
Mường MítRural Commune3,101
Mường ThanRural Commune6,847
Pha MuRural Commune3,568
Phúc ThanRural Commune5,699
Tà GiaRural Commune4,456
Tà HừaRural Commune3,350
Tà MungRural Commune2,771
Than UyênTownship5,482
Lai ChâuProvince370,502

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.