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Vietnam: Kon Tum Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Kon Tum Province according to the last census.

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Đắk GleiDistrict38,863
Đắk BlôRural Commune1,175
Đắk ChoongRural Commune2,727
Đắk GleiTownship5,441
Đắk KRoongRural Commune3,494
Đắk LongRural Commune4,302
Đắk ManRural Commune1,060
Đắk MônRural Commune5,310
Đắk NhoongRural Commune1,757
Đắk PékRural Commune6,948
Mường HoongRural Commune2,788
Ngọc LinhRural Commune2,389
XốpRural Commune1,472
Đắk HàDistrict61,665
Đắk HàTownship16,165
Đắk HRingRural Commune8,398
Đắk LaRural Commune8,008
Đắk MarRural Commune6,136
Đắk PXiRural Commune4,602
Đắk UiRural Commune5,965
Hà MònRural Commune4,168
Ngok RéoRural Commune3,554
Ngok WangRural Commune4,669
Đắk TôDistrict37,440
Đăk Rơ NgaRural Commune2,723
Đắk TôTownship10,931
Đăk TrămRural Commune3,439
Diên BìnhRural Commune6,014
Kon ĐàoRural Commune3,237
Ngọk TụRural Commune2,235
Pô KôRural Commune2,273
Tân CảnhRural Commune4,749
Văn LemRural Commune1,839
Ia H'DraiDistrict3,792
Mô RaiRural Commune3,792
Kon PlôngDistrict20,890
Đắk LongRural Commune2,964
Đắk NênRural Commune2,003
Đắk RingRural Commune1,935
Đắk TăngRural Commune1,172
HiếuRural Commune2,689
Măng BukRural Commune3,536
Măng CànhRural Commune1,914
Ngok TemRural Commune2,702
Pờ ÊRural Commune1,975
Kon RẫyDistrict22,622
Đắk KôiRural Commune2,233
Đắk PneRural Commune1,620
Đắk RuồngRural Commune3,742
Đắk RveTownship4,861
Đắk Tơ LungRural Commune2,010
Đắk Tờ ReRural Commune4,771
Tân LậpRural Commune3,385
Kon TumDistrict-level City143,099
Chư HrengRural Commune2,640
Đắk BlàRural Commune5,802
Đắk CấmRural Commune4,141
Đăk NăngRural Commune3,352
Đắk Rơ WaRural Commune2,902
Đoàn KếtRural Commune3,718
Duy TânWard12,777
Hòa BìnhRural Commune5,615
Ia ChimRural Commune9,088
KroongRural Commune4,270
Lê LợiWard5,811
Ngọk BayRural Commune4,825
Ngô MâyWard2,198
Nguyễn TrãiWard4,251
Quang TrungWard16,320
Quyết ThắngWard9,812
Thắng LợiWard10,483
Thống NhấtWard9,874
Trần Hưng ĐạoWard5,905
Trường ChinhWard8,931
Vinh QuangRural Commune10,384
Ngọc HồiDistrict41,828
Đắk AngRural Commune3,567
Đắk DụcRural Commune4,532
Đắk KanRural Commune4,378
Đắk NôngRural Commune3,120
Đắk XúRural Commune5,018
Plei Cần (Plei Kần)Township11,186
Pờ Y (Bờ Y)Rural Commune5,513
Sa LoongRural Commune4,514
Sa ThầyDistrict37,436
Hơ MoongRural Commune5,465
Rơ KơiRural Commune4,115
Sa BìnhRural Commune4,245
Sa NghĩaRural Commune1,927
Sa NhơnRural Commune2,999
Sa SơnRural Commune1,950
Sa ThầyTownship9,220
Ya lyRural Commune1,549
Ya TăngRural Commune1,276
Ya XiêrRural Commune4,690
Tu Mơ RôngDistrict22,498
Đắk HàRural Commune2,905
Đắk NaRural Commune2,544
Đăk Rơ ÔngRural Commune2,980
Đắk SaoRural Commune2,856
Đắk Tờ KanRural Commune2,604
Măng RiRural Commune1,698
Ngọc LâyRural Commune1,525
Ngọc YêuRural Commune1,341
Tê XăngRural Commune1,664
Tu Mơ RôngRural Commune1,261
Văn XuôiRural Commune1,120
Kon TumProvince430,133

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.