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Vietnam: Hậu Giang Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Hậu Giang Province according to the last census.

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Châu ThànhDistrict81,810
Đông PhúRural Commune9,593
Đông PhướcRural Commune9,744
Đông Phước ARural Commune9,866
Đông ThạnhRural Commune8,861
Mái Dầm (Phú Hữu A)Township11,594
Ngã SáuTownship7,291
Phú AnRural Commune3,599
Phú HữuRural Commune21,262
Châu Thành ADistrict101,025
Cái TắcTownship10,184
Một NgànTownship6,330
Nhơn Nhơn Nghĩa ARural Commune9,927
Rạch GòiTownship9,407
Tân HòaRural Commune13,708
Tân Phú ThạnhRural Commune13,563
Tân ThuậnRural Commune8,388
Thạnh XuânRural Commune10,624
Trường Long ARural Commune10,752
Trường Long TâyRural Commune8,142
Long MỹDistrict84,233
Lương NghĩaRural Commune9,997
Lương TâmRural Commune8,890
Thuận HòaRural Commune10,461
Thuận HưngRural Commune9,113
Vĩnh Thuận ĐôngRural Commune12,237
Vĩnh ViễnRural Commune11,175
Vĩnh Viễn ARural Commune6,993
Xà PhiênRural Commune15,367
Long Mỹ (thị xã)District-level Town70,934
Long BìnhRural Commune16,766
Long PhúRural Commune9,206
Long TrịRural Commune16,094
Tân PhúRural Commune8,830
Thuận An (Long Mỹ)Ward15,660
Trà LồngWard4,378
Ngã BảyDistrict-level Town57,847
Đại ThànhRural Commune11,074
Hiệp LợiRural Commune7,731
Hiệp ThànhWard11,842
LáI HiếuWard8,783
Ngã BảyWard10,538
Tân ThànhRural Commune7,879
Phụng HiệpDistrict190,578
Bình ThànhRural Commune9,242
Cây DươngTownship7,214
Hiệp HưngRural Commune16,440
Hòa AnRural Commune16,559
Hòa MỹRural Commune17,110
Kinh CùngTownship8,488
Long ThạnhRural Commune14,772
Phụng HiệpRural Commune6,335
Phương BìnhRural Commune15,335
Phương PhúRural Commune9,827
Tân BìnhRural Commune20,086
Tân LongRural Commune13,336
Tân Phước HưngRural Commune18,520
Thạnh HòaRural Commune17,314
Vị ThanhDistrict-level City71,397
Hoả LựuRural Commune7,125
Hoả TiếnRural Commune4,181
Phường IWard6,609
Phường IIIWard8,015
Phường IVWard12,285
Phường VWard7,275
Phường VIIWard7,529
Tân TiếnRural Commune7,149
Vị TânRural Commune11,229
Vị ThủyDistrict99,476
Nàng MauTownship6,485
Vị BìnhRural Commune9,096
Vị ĐôngRural Commune14,194
Vĩnh Thuận TâyRural Commune8,371
Vĩnh TrungRural Commune11,658
Vĩnh TườngRural Commune13,256
Vị ThắngRural Commune9,504
Vị ThanhRural Commune9,967
Vị ThuỷRural Commune8,134
Vị TrungRural Commune8,811
Hậu GiangProvince757,300

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.