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Vietnam: Hà Nam Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Hà Nam Province according to the last census.

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Bình LụcDistrict132,816
An ĐổRural Commune8,591
An LãoRural Commune10,174
An MỹRural Commune5,200
An NinhRural Commune5,542
An NộiRural Commune7,784
Bình MỹTownship5,236
Bình NghĩaRural Commune12,687
Bồ ĐềRural Commune6,064
Bối CầuRural Commune4,427
Đồng DuRural Commune6,936
Đồn XáRural Commune5,323
Hưng CôngRural Commune6,267
La SơnRural Commune6,251
Mỹ ThọRural Commune2,990
Ngọc LũRural Commune7,673
Tiêu ĐộngRural Commune6,967
Tràng AnRural Commune9,657
Trung LươngRural Commune6,498
Vũ BảnRural Commune8,549
Duy TiênDistrict113,729
Bạch ThượngRural Commune7,601
Châu GiangRural Commune13,091
Châu SơnRural Commune3,370
Chuyên NgoạiRural Commune8,876
Đọi SơnRural Commune5,539
Đồng VănTownship5,928
Duy HảiRural Commune5,024
Duy MinhRural Commune5,730
Hòa MạcTownship3,682
Hoàng ĐôngRural Commune7,454
Mộc BắcRural Commune5,286
Mộc NamRural Commune3,569
Tiên NgoạiRural Commune4,121
Tiên NộiRural Commune6,461
Tiền PhongRural Commune2,648
Trác VănRural Commune7,286
Yên BắcRural Commune10,463
Yên NamRural Commune7,600
Kim BảngDistrict121,303
Ba SaoTownship5,111
Đại CươngRural Commune7,166
Đồng HóaRural Commune8,762
Hoàng TâyRural Commune5,278
Khả PhongRural Commune5,931
Lê HồRural Commune8,310
Liên SơnRural Commune3,541
Ngọc SơnRural Commune5,294
Nguyễn ÚyRural Commune6,427
Nhật TânRural Commune9,418
Nhật TựuRural Commune4,620
Tân SơnRural Commune9,324
Thanh SơnRural Commune10,629
Thi SơnRural Commune8,087
Thụy LôiRural Commune4,460
Tượng LĩnhRural Commune6,405
Văn XáRural Commune7,568
Lý NhânDistrict175,878
Bắc LýRural Commune7,815
Chân LýRural Commune10,364
Chính LýRural Commune10,166
Công LýRural Commune9,727
Đạo LýRural Commune6,789
Đồng LýRural Commune5,180
Đức LýRural Commune8,801
Hòa HậuRural Commune13,425
Hợp LýRural Commune9,648
Nguyên LýRural Commune9,431
Nhân BìnhRural Commune5,513
Nhân ChínhRural Commune9,322
Nhân ĐạoRural Commune3,723
Nhân HưngRural Commune3,694
Nhân KhangRural Commune7,890
Nhân MỹRural Commune5,391
Nhân NghĩaRural Commune5,076
Nhân ThịnhRural Commune8,630
Phú PhúcRural Commune8,926
Tiến ThắngRural Commune8,888
Văn LýRural Commune6,100
Vĩnh TrụTownship5,434
Xuân KhêRural Commune5,945
Phủ LýDistrict-level City128,031
Châu SơnWard8,480
Đinh XáRural Commune7,558
Hai Bà TrưngWard6,667
Kim BìnhRural Commune5,166
Lam HàWard5,763
Lê Hồng PhongWard9,315
Liêm ChínhWard4,983
Liêm ChungRural Commune6,516
Liêm TiếtRural Commune4,909
Liêm TuyềnRural Commune3,573
Lương Khánh ThiệnWard4,976
Minh KhaiWard6,941
Phù VânRural Commune9,407
Quang TrungWard6,046
Thanh ChâuWard6,598
Thanh TuyềnWard7,341
Tiên HảiRural Commune3,417
Tiên HiệpRural Commune4,020
Tiên TânRural Commune4,817
Trần Hưng ĐạoWard6,194
Trịnh XáRural Commune5,344
Thanh LiêmDistrict112,288
Kiện KhêTownship9,279
Liêm CầnRural Commune7,084
Liêm PhongRural Commune4,337
Liêm SơnRural Commune7,967
Liêm ThuậnRural Commune5,335
Liêm TúcRural Commune5,028
Thanh BìnhRural Commune3,666
Thanh HàRural Commune10,806
Thanh HảiRural Commune8,760
Thanh HươngRural Commune7,243
Thanh LưuRural Commune5,519
Thanh NghịRural Commune8,894
Thanh NguyênRural Commune5,930
Thanh PhongRural Commune5,020
Thanh TâmRural Commune4,627
Thanh TânRural Commune6,019
Thanh ThủyRural Commune6,774
Hà NamProvince784,045

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.