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Vietnam: Gia Lai Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Gia Lai Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

An KhêDistrict-level Town63,375
An BìnhWard7,281
An PhúWard12,232
An PhướcWard3,388
An TânWard3,259
Cửu AnRural Commune3,815
Ngô MâyWard4,850
Song AnRural Commune4,854
Tây SơnWard10,513
Thành AnRural Commune5,011
Tú AnRural Commune4,858
Xuân AnRural Commune3,314
Ayun PaDistrict-level Town34,890
Cheo ReoWard4,031
Chư BăhRural Commune3,611
Đoàn KếtWard7,065
Hòa BìnhWard3,768
Ia RBolRural Commune3,885
Ia RTôRural Commune2,915
Ia SaoRural Commune3,815
Sông BờWard5,800
Chư PăhDistrict67,315
Chư Đăng YaRural Commune2,259
Chư JôrRural Commune1,040
Đăk Tơ VerRural Commune1,923
Hà TâyRural Commune3,627
Hòa PhúRural Commune5,491
Ia KaRural Commune6,517
Ia KhươlRural Commune5,959
Ia KrengRural Commune1,503
Ia LyTownship6,186
Ia Mơ NôngRural Commune3,376
Ia NhinRural Commune5,790
Ia PhíRural Commune5,726
Nghĩa HòaRural Commune4,157
Nghĩa HưngRural Commune8,693
Phú HòaTownship5,068
Chư PrôngDistrict97,865
Bàu CạnRural Commune5,299
Bình GiáoRural Commune5,271
Chư PrôngTownship8,346
Ia BăngRural Commune5,141
Ia BangRural Commune3,351
Ia BoòngRural Commune5,388
Ia DrăngRural Commune7,097
Ia GaRural Commune3,399
Ia KlyRural Commune2,064
Ia LâuRural Commune8,079
Ia MeRural Commune5,167
Ia MơRural Commune1,507
Ia ORural Commune2,809
Ia PhìnRural Commune6,006
Ia PiaRural Commune4,886
Ia PiơrRural Commune7,413
Ia PúchRural Commune2,034
Ia TôrRural Commune4,011
Ia VêRural Commune4,984
Thăng HưngRural Commune5,613
Chư PưhDistrict61,406
Chư DonRural Commune2,726
Ia BLứRural Commune6,510
Ia DrengRural Commune5,743
Ia HlaRural Commune4,232
Ia HrúRural Commune12,580
Ia LeRural Commune9,869
Ia PhangRural Commune8,865
Nhơn HoàTownship10,881
Chư SêDistrict104,230
Al BáRural Commune8,683
AyunRural Commune3,273
Bar MăihRural Commune5,052
Bờ NgoongRural Commune6,486
Chư PơngRural Commune3,086
Chư SêTownship25,346
DunRural Commune10,026
H BôngRural Commune6,672
Ia BlangRural Commune9,362
Ia GlaiRural Commune5,461
Ia HLốpRural Commune8,787
Ia KoRural Commune4,852
Ia TiêmRural Commune7,144
Đắk ĐoaDistrict98,251
A DơkRural Commune5,237
Đăk ĐoaTownship8,734
Đak KrongRural Commune4,813
Đăk SơmeiRural Commune4,345
GlarRural Commune9,442
Hà BầuRural Commune6,187
Hà ĐôngRural Commune3,608
Hải YangRural Commune3,188
H'NengRural Commune4,573
HNolRural Commune2,868
Ia BăngRural Commune10,276
Ia PếtRural Commune5,929
K'DangRural Commune9,031
Kon GangRural Commune4,830
Nam YangRural Commune6,208
Tân BìnhRural Commune4,207
TrangRural Commune4,775
Đak PơDistrict38,017
An ThànhRural Commune2,505
Cư AnRural Commune6,114
Đak PơTownship4,279
Hà TamRural Commune3,565
Phú AnRural Commune4,352
Tân AnRural Commune10,972
Ya HộiRural Commune2,341
Yang BắcRural Commune3,889
Đức CơDistrict62,031
Chư TyTownship10,607
Ia DinRural Commune6,035
Ia DơkRural Commune7,048
Ia DomRural Commune5,650
Ia KlaRural Commune7,202
Ia KrêlRural Commune7,443
Ia KriêngRural Commune4,100
Ia LangRural Commune3,340
Ia NanRural Commune6,753
Ia PnônRural Commune3,853
Ia GraiDistrict88,613
Ia BăRural Commune5,151
Ia ChiaRural Commune6,668
Ia DêrRural Commune8,259
Ia GrăngRural Commune3,010
Ia HrungRural Commune4,921
Ia KhaTownship9,920
Ia KhaiRural Commune3,478
Ia KRaiRural Commune8,125
Ia ORural Commune9,075
Ia PếchRural Commune3,664
Ia SaoRural Commune7,952
Ia TôRural Commune10,327
Ia YokRural Commune8,063
Ia PaDistrict49,030
Chư MốRural Commune5,757
Chư RăngRural Commune3,930
Ia BroăiRural Commune3,493
Ia KDămRural Commune3,162
Ia Ma RơnRural Commune10,646
Ia TrokRural Commune8,475
Ia TulRural Commune2,621
Kim TânRural Commune5,243
Pờ TóRural Commune5,703
Đăk HLơRural Commune2,605
Đăk RoongRural Commune3,219
Đak SMarRural Commune1,510
ĐôngRural Commune5,037
Kông Lơng KhơngRural Commune3,807
Kông PlaRural Commune2,847
Kon PneRural Commune1,376
KRongRural Commune4,782
Lơ KuRural Commune2,895
Nghĩa AnRural Commune3,654
Sơn LangRural Commune3,876
Sơ PaiRural Commune4,830
Tơ TungRural Commune5,491
Kông ChroDistrict42,635
An TrungRural Commune4,414
Chơ LongRural Commune3,252
Chư KrêyRural Commune2,344
Đắk Cơ Ning (Kơ Ning)Rural Commune2,166
Đăk PlingRural Commune1,597
Đăk Pơ PhoRural Commune1,759
Đăk SongRural Commune1,964
Đăk Tơ PangRural Commune1,224
Kông ChroTownship9,014
Kông YangRural Commune3,445
SRóRural Commune3,351
Ya MaRural Commune1,756
Yang NamRural Commune4,096
Yang TrungRural Commune2,253
Krông PaDistrict72,397
Chư DrăngRural Commune5,173
Chư GuRural Commune6,359
Chư NgọcRural Commune4,536
Chư RcămRural Commune6,067
Đất BằngRural Commune3,832
Ia HDrehRural Commune4,164
Ia MláhRural Commune3,420
Ia RMokRural Commune5,685
Ia RSaiRural Commune4,000
Ia RSươmRural Commune6,026
Krông NăngRural Commune3,042
Phú CầnRural Commune5,593
Phú TúcTownship10,403
UarRural Commune4,097
Mang YangDistrict53,160
AyunRural Commune7,247
Đăk DjrăngRural Commune4,336
Đak Jơ TaRural Commune2,486
Đak Ta LeyRural Commune2,984
Đăk TrôiRural Commune2,220
Đăk YăRural Commune4,095
Đê ArRural Commune3,027
Hà Ra (Hra)Rural Commune6,857
Kon ChiêngRural Commune4,086
Kon DơngTownship7,831
Kon ThụpRural Commune4,278
Lơ PangRural Commune3,713
Phú ThiệnDistrict70,881
Ayun HạRural Commune5,445
Chrôh PơnanRural Commune4,279
Chư A ThaiRural Commune3,464
Ia AkeRural Commune6,490
Ia HiaoRural Commune7,136
Ia PengRural Commune5,214
Ia PiarRural Commune7,198
Ia SolRural Commune8,751
Ia YengRural Commune4,981
Phú ThiệnTownship17,923
PleikuDistrict-level City208,634
An PhúRural Commune10,085
Biển HồRural Commune7,476
Chi LăngWard6,993
Chư ÁRural Commune8,065
Chư HDrôngRural Commune2,206
Diên HồngWard10,084
Diên PhúRural Commune2,449
Đống ĐaWard6,434
GàoRural Commune3,567
Hoa LưWard14,176
Hội PhúWard9,570
Hội ThươngWard11,012
Ia KênhRural Commune3,394
Ia KringWard15,824
Phù ĐổngWard13,977
Tân SơnRural Commune5,023
Tây SơnWard9,551
Thắng LợiWard9,398
Thống NhấtWard9,756
Trà BáWard11,030
Trà ĐaRural Commune4,318
Yên ĐỗWard16,499
Yên ThếWard17,747
Gia LaiProvince1,274,412

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.