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Vietnam: Đồng Tháp Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Đồng Tháp Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Cao LãnhDistrict200,689
An BìnhRural Commune9,254
Ba SaoRural Commune13,822
Bình Hàng TâyRural Commune9,414
Bình Hàng TrungRural Commune11,321
Bình ThạnhRural Commune19,345
Gáo GiồngRural Commune7,575
Mỹ HiệpRural Commune11,668
Mỹ HộiRural Commune10,626
Mỹ LongRural Commune11,217
Mỹ ThọTownship13,796
Mỹ ThọRural Commune8,630
Mỹ XươngRural Commune7,844
Nhị MỹRural Commune11,016
Phong MỹRural Commune19,142
Phương ThịnhRural Commune8,657
Phương TràRural Commune8,025
Tân Hội TrungRural Commune9,539
Tân NghĩaRural Commune9,798
Cao Lãnh (thành phố)District-level City161,292
Hòa AnRural Commune12,974
Hoà ThuậnWard7,546
Mỹ NgãiRural Commune4,115
Mỹ PhúWard9,983
Mỹ TânRural Commune14,042
Mỹ TràRural Commune5,331
Phường 1Ward9,640
Phường 2Ward9,623
Phường 3Ward10,788
Phường 4Ward10,131
Phường 6Ward21,894
Phường 11Ward11,613
Tân Thuận ĐôngRural Commune10,471
Tân Thuận TâyRural Commune10,613
Tịnh ThớiRural Commune12,528
Châu ThànhDistrict150,936
An HiệpRural Commune11,059
An KhánhRural Commune13,276
An NhơnRural Commune12,328
An Phú ThuậnRural Commune10,774
Cái Tàu HạTownship11,998
Hòa TânRural Commune11,999
Phú HựuRural Commune8,362
Phú LongRural Commune10,632
Tân BìnhRural Commune16,189
Tân Nhuận ĐôngRural Commune19,723
Tân PhúRural Commune6,352
Tân Phú TrungRural Commune18,244
Hồng NgựDistrict144,232
Long Khánh ARural Commune16,488
Long Khánh BRural Commune11,649
Long ThuậnRural Commune18,688
Phú Thuận ARural Commune16,658
Phú Thuận BRural Commune17,082
Thường LạcRural Commune3,234
Thường Phước 1Rural Commune20,126
Thường Phước 2Rural Commune10,128
Thường Thới Hậu ARural Commune7,569
Thường Thới Hậu BRural Commune8,740
Thường Thới TiềnRural Commune13,870
Hồng Ngự (thị xã)District-level Town77,735
An Bình ARural Commune13,025
An Bình BRural Commune4,782
An LạcWard9,321
An LộcWard7,922
An ThạnhWard24,858
Bình ThạnhRural Commune10,676
Tân HộiRural Commune7,151
Lai VungDistrict160,019
Định HòaRural Commune9,813
Hòa LongRural Commune11,175
Hòa ThànhRural Commune8,721
Lai VungTownship8,747
Long HậuRural Commune21,171
Long ThắngRural Commune13,368
Phong HòaRural Commune17,864
Tân DươngRural Commune11,199
Tân HòaRural Commune13,660
Tân PhướcRural Commune13,214
Tân ThànhRural Commune15,748
Vĩnh ThớiRural Commune15,339
Lấp VòDistrict180,024
Bình ThànhRural Commune16,783
Bình Thạnh TrungRural Commune17,204
Định AnRural Commune18,065
Định YênRural Commune19,025
Hội An ĐôngRural Commune8,649
Lấp VòTownship10,560
Long Hưng ARural Commune9,437
Long Hưng BRural Commune12,202
Mỹ An Hưng ARural Commune9,367
Mỹ An Hưng BRural Commune15,728
Tân Khánh TrungRural Commune14,676
Tân MỹRural Commune11,414
Vĩnh ThạnhRural Commune16,914
Sa ĐécDistrict-level City103,583
An HoàWard10,700
Phường 1Ward17,771
Phường 2Ward15,921
Phường 3Ward9,322
Phường 4Ward4,577
Tân Khánh ĐôngRural Commune16,385
Tân Phú ĐôngRural Commune15,988
Tân Quy ĐôngWard8,194
Tân Quy TâyRural Commune4,725
Tam NôngDistrict105,290
An HòaRural Commune10,163
An LongRural Commune13,558
Hoà BìnhRural Commune4,823
Phú CườngRural Commune9,281
Phú ĐứcRural Commune7,860
Phú HiệpRural Commune8,062
Phú NinhRural Commune8,368
Phú Thành ARural Commune11,595
Phú Thành BRural Commune4,439
Phú ThọRural Commune11,037
Tân Công SínhRural Commune5,937
Tràm ChimTownship10,167
Tân HồngDistrict90,994
An PhướcRural Commune6,295
Bình PhúRural Commune10,583
Sa RàiTownship9,670
Tân Công ChíRural Commune11,449
Tân Hộ CơRural Commune10,683
Tân PhướcRural Commune11,947
Tân Thành ARural Commune9,943
Tân Thành BRural Commune7,745
Thông BìnhRural Commune12,679
Thanh BìnhDistrict154,192
An PhongRural Commune16,920
Bình TấnRural Commune5,649
Bình ThànhRural Commune18,844
Phú LợiRural Commune6,719
Tân BìnhRural Commune8,956
Tân HòaRural Commune9,585
Tân HuềRural Commune14,259
Tân LongRural Commune10,538
Tân MỹRural Commune8,961
Tân PhúRural Commune8,978
Tân QuớiRural Commune13,158
Tân ThạnhRural Commune19,114
Thanh BìnhTownship12,511
Tháp MườiDistrict137,481
Đốc Binh KiềuRural Commune12,263
Hưng ThạnhRural Commune8,978
Láng BiểnRural Commune4,452
Mỹ AnTownship18,706
Mỹ AnRural Commune7,687
Mỹ ĐôngRural Commune8,339
Mỹ HòaRural Commune9,880
Mỹ QuýRural Commune17,063
Phú ĐiềnRural Commune12,580
Tân KiềuRural Commune9,782
Thạnh LợiRural Commune4,553
Thanh MỹRural Commune13,538
Trường XuânRural Commune9,660
Đồng ThápProvince1,666,467

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.