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Vietnam: Đồng Nai Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Đồng Nai Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Biên HòaDistrict-level City797,840
An BìnhWard44,114
An HoàRural Commune18,269
Bình ĐaWard17,806
Bửu HòaWard19,211
Bửu LongWard25,765
Hiệp HòaRural Commune12,796
Hóa AnRural Commune27,217
Hòa BìnhWard7,965
Hố NaiWard31,840
Long BìnhWard75,894
Long Bình TânWard46,693
Long HưngRural Commune5,885
Phước TânRural Commune33,754
Quang VinhWard15,465
Quyết ThắngWard14,995
Tam HiệpWard33,529
Tam HòaWard16,274
Tam PhướcRural Commune38,738
Tân BiênWard37,537
Tân HạnhRural Commune8,535
Tân HiệpWard31,594
Tân HòaWard38,133
Tân MaiWard20,165
Tân PhongWard43,173
Tân TiếnWard15,012
Tân VạnWard14,078
Thanh BìnhWard5,071
Thống NhấtWard24,008
Trảng DàiWard55,840
Trung DũngWard18,484
Cẩm MỹDistrict137,870
Bảo BìnhRural Commune13,939
Lâm SanRural Commune8,072
Long GiaoRural Commune6,391
Nhân NghĩaRural Commune6,192
Sông NhạnRural Commune8,423
Sông RayRural Commune16,453
Thừa ĐứcRural Commune8,134
Xuân BảoRural Commune9,587
Xuân ĐôngRural Commune18,099
Xuân ĐườngRural Commune5,801
Xuân MỹRural Commune10,820
Xuân QuếRural Commune8,016
Xuân TâyRural Commune17,943
Định QuánDistrict191,340
Định QuánTownship19,487
Gia CanhRural Commune16,358
La NgàRural Commune14,948
Ngọc ĐịnhRural Commune7,831
Phú CườngRural Commune13,357
Phú HòaRural Commune5,493
Phú LợiRural Commune11,877
Phú NgọcRural Commune17,175
Phú TânRural Commune10,502
Phú TúcRural Commune12,232
Phú VinhRural Commune13,359
Suối NhoRural Commune14,298
Thanh SơnRural Commune24,265
Túc TrưngRural Commune10,158
Long KhánhDistrict-level Town130,704
Bảo QuangRural Commune9,843
Bảo VinhRural Commune14,380
Bàu SenRural Commune5,236
Bàu TrâmRural Commune5,224
Bình LộcRural Commune7,597
Hàng GònRural Commune10,474
Phú BìnhWard4,378
Suối TreRural Commune10,089
Xuân AnWard11,714
Xuân BìnhWard8,451
Xuân HoàWard7,012
Xuân LậpRural Commune8,459
Xuân TânRural Commune8,787
Xuân ThanhWard8,380
Xuân TrungWard10,680
Long ThànhDistrict191,098
An PhướcRural Commune22,422
Bàu CạnRural Commune12,929
Bình AnRural Commune7,024
Bình SơnRural Commune10,375
Cẩm ĐườngRural Commune8,325
Lộc AnRural Commune5,601
Long AnRural Commune14,217
Long ĐứcRural Commune8,883
Long PhướcRural Commune16,059
Long ThànhTownship27,084
Phước BìnhRural Commune11,305
Phước TháiRural Commune22,034
Suối TrầuRural Commune4,792
Tam AnRural Commune10,142
Tân HiệpRural Commune9,906
Nhơn TrạchDistrict158,256
Đại PhướcRural Commune8,759
Hiệp PhướcRural Commune26,279
Long TânRural Commune8,645
Long ThọRural Commune9,719
Phú ĐôngRural Commune10,308
Phú HộiRural Commune10,225
Phú HữuRural Commune11,203
Phước AnRural Commune8,658
Phước KhánhRural Commune11,829
Phước ThiềnRural Commune24,666
Phú ThạnhRural Commune10,411
Vĩnh ThanhRural Commune17,554
Tân PhúDistrict155,926
Dak LuaRural Commune5,852
Nam Cát TiênRural Commune5,351
Núi TượngRural Commune4,931
Phú AnRural Commune4,347
Phú BìnhRural Commune11,071
Phú ĐiềnRural Commune7,484
Phú LâmRural Commune13,590
Phú LậpRural Commune6,693
Phú LộcRural Commune8,007
Phú SơnRural Commune8,849
Phú ThanhRural Commune12,332
Phú ThịnhRural Commune8,408
Phú TrungRural Commune7,304
Phú XuânRural Commune11,740
Tà LàiRural Commune6,914
Tân PhúTownship21,050
Thanh SơnRural Commune5,565
Trà CổRural Commune6,438
Thống NhấtDistrict146,932
Bàu Hàm 2Rural Commune17,109
Gia KiệmRural Commune20,975
Gia Tân 1Rural Commune14,505
Gia Tân 2Rural Commune13,390
Gia Tân 3Rural Commune19,890
Hưng LộcRural Commune9,690
Lộ 25Rural Commune10,903
Quang TrungRural Commune20,726
Xuân ThạnhRural Commune10,537
Xuân ThiệnRural Commune9,207
Trảng BomDistrict245,729
An ViễnRural Commune5,692
Bắc SơnRural Commune39,468
Bàu HàmRural Commune9,283
Bình MinhRural Commune19,123
Cây GáoRural Commune9,635
Đồi 61Rural Commune9,560
Đông HoàRural Commune10,253
Giang ĐiềnRural Commune5,431
Hố Nai 3Rural Commune33,745
Hưng ThịnhRural Commune8,566
Quảng TiếnRural Commune12,545
Sông ThaoRural Commune10,029
Sông TrầuRural Commune19,964
Tây HoàRural Commune11,212
Thanh BìnhRural Commune11,191
Trảng BomTownship19,068
Trung HoàRural Commune10,964
Vĩnh CửuDistrict124,912
Bình HòaRural Commune6,288
Bình LợiRural Commune6,718
Hiếu LiêmRural Commune3,648
Mã ĐàRural Commune7,309
Phú LýRural Commune11,553
Tân AnRural Commune9,547
Tân BìnhRural Commune9,822
Thạnh PhúRural Commune21,351
Thiện TânRural Commune5,795
Trị AnRural Commune3,694
Vĩnh AnTownship22,505
Vĩnh TânRural Commune16,682
Xuân LộcDistrict205,547
Bảo HoàRural Commune10,880
Gia RayTownship12,368
Lang MinhRural Commune6,756
Suối CaoRural Commune12,723
Suối CátRural Commune10,891
Xuân BắcRural Commune17,583
Xuân ĐịnhRural Commune7,377
Xuân HiệpRural Commune13,462
Xuân HòaRural Commune10,891
Xuân HưngRural Commune22,431
Xuân PhúRural Commune15,541
Xuân TâmRural Commune24,476
Xuân ThànhRural Commune8,432
Xuân ThọRural Commune15,810
Xuân TrườngRural Commune15,926
Đồng NaiProvince2,486,154

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.