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Vietnam: Đắk Nông Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Đắk Nông Province according to the last census.

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Cư JútDistrict88,264
Cư KniaRural Commune7,131
Đắk DRôngRural Commune14,070
Đắk WilRural Commune8,835
Ea PôRural Commune11,575
Ea T'LingTownship15,342
Nam DongRural Commune15,779
Tâm ThắngRural Commune12,554
Trúc SơnRural Commune2,978
Đăk GlongDistrict39,049
Đắk HaRural Commune4,404
Đắk PlaoRural Commune2,971
Đắk R'MăngRural Commune5,538
Đắk SomRural Commune4,973
Quảng HoàRural Commune4,804
Quảng KhêRural Commune8,207
Quảng SơnRural Commune8,152
Đắk MilDistrict87,831
Đắk GằnRural Commune6,737
Đắk LaoRural Commune6,626
Đắk MilTownship9,657
Đắk N'DrótRural Commune6,392
Đắk R'LaRural Commune9,181
Đắk SắkRural Commune12,673
Đức MạnhRural Commune12,335
Đức MinhRural Commune13,123
Long SơnRural Commune1,499
Thuận AnRural Commune9,608
Đắk R'LấpDistrict74,087
Đắk RuRural Commune8,788
Đắk SinRural Commune7,118
Đắk WerRural Commune6,570
Đạo NghĩaRural Commune4,319
Hưng BìnhRural Commune3,235
Kiến ĐứcTownship8,714
Kiến ThànhRural Commune5,908
Nghĩa ThắngRural Commune7,965
Nhân CơRural Commune8,771
Nhân ĐạoRural Commune3,752
Quảng TínRural Commune8,947
Đắk SongDistrict56,829
Đắk HoàRural Commune3,115
Đắk MôlRural Commune6,407
Đắk N'DungRural Commune8,194
Đức AnTownship4,130
Nam BìnhRural Commune8,457
Nâm N'JangRural Commune7,534
Thuận HàRural Commune4,474
Thuận HạnhRural Commune7,372
Trường XuânRural Commune7,146
Gia NghĩaDistrict-level Town41,788
Đắk NiaRural Commune6,694
Đắk R'MoanRural Commune3,606
Nghĩa ĐứcWard4,550
Nghĩa PhúWard4,108
Nghĩa TânWard5,104
Nghĩa ThànhWard8,872
Nghĩa TrungWard5,975
Quảng ThànhRural Commune2,879
Krông NôDistrict62,888
Buôn ChoahRural Commune2,266
Đắk DrôRural Commune6,939
Đắk MâmTownship5,702
Đắk NangRural Commune2,316
Đắk SôrRural Commune4,139
Đức XuyênRural Commune3,012
Nam ĐàRural Commune10,709
Nâm N'ĐirRural Commune7,084
Nâm NungRural Commune5,377
Nam XuânRural Commune6,483
Quảng PhúRural Commune5,939
Tân ThànhRural Commune2,922
Tuy ĐứcDistrict38,656
Đắk Búk SoRural Commune8,006
Đắk NgoRural Commune8,236
Đắk R'TíhRural Commune5,732
Quảng TâmRural Commune2,469
Quảng TânRural Commune10,317
Quảng TrựcRural Commune3,896
Đắk NôngProvince489,392

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.