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Vietnam: Đắk Lắk Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Đắk Lắk Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Buôn ĐônDistrict59,959
Cuôr KNiaRural Commune7,396
Ea BarRural Commune15,266
Ea HuarRural Commune3,275
Ea NuôlRural Commune10,618
Ea WerRural Commune8,053
Krông NaRural Commune4,540
Tân HoàRural Commune10,811
Buôn HồDistrict-level Town96,685
An BìnhWard10,363
An LạcWard8,392
Bình TânWard6,104
Bình ThuậnRural Commune12,723
Cư BaoRural Commune11,159
Đạt HiếuWard7,204
Đoàn KếtWard3,517
Ea BlangRural Commune2,874
Ea DrôngRural Commune10,385
Ea SiênRural Commune7,135
Thiện AnWard4,941
Thống NhấtWard11,888
Buôn Ma ThuộtDistrict-level City326,135
Cư ÊBurRural Commune16,083
Ea KaoRural Commune16,059
Ea TamWard27,199
Ea TuRural Commune14,879
Hòa KhánhRural Commune14,740
Hòa PhúRural Commune15,746
Hòa ThắngRural Commune16,548
Hòa ThuậnRural Commune13,473
Hòa XuânRural Commune6,716
Khánh XuânWard23,180
Tân AnWard16,334
Tân HòaWard11,270
Tân LậpWard22,017
Tân LợiWard20,230
Tân ThànhWard17,367
Tân TiếnWard15,121
Thắng LợiWard7,685
Thành CôngWard15,183
Thành NhấtWard13,075
Thống NhấtWard5,577
Tự AnWard17,653
Cư KuinDistrict99,551
Cư Ê WiRural Commune7,782
Dray BhăngRural Commune9,299
Ea BHốkRural Commune15,806
Ea HuRural Commune9,131
Ea KturRural Commune16,970
Ea NingRural Commune11,053
Ea TiêuRural Commune20,198
Hòa HiệpRural Commune9,312
Cư M'garDistrict163,600
Cư Dliê M'nôngRural Commune9,815
Cư M'garRural Commune8,351
Cuor ĐăngRural Commune10,028
Cư SuêRural Commune10,264
Ea D'RơngRural Commune12,175
Ea H'đinhRural Commune9,863
Ea KiếtRural Commune8,841
Ea KPamRural Commune7,048
Ea KuêhRural Commune6,324
Ea M'DRóhRural Commune7,453
Ea M'nangRural Commune8,393
Ea PốkTownship14,473
Ea TarRural Commune7,633
Ea TulRural Commune9,948
Quảng HiệpRural Commune11,660
Quảng PhúTownship14,699
Quảng TiếnRural Commune6,632
Ea H'leoDistrict120,968
Cư A MungRural Commune3,601
Cư MốtRural Commune7,736
Dlê YangRural Commune9,328
Ea DrăngTownship18,948
Ea HiaoRural Commune12,259
Ea H'leoRural Commune10,942
Ea KhalRural Commune8,369
Ea NamRural Commune10,246
Ea RalRural Commune13,622
Ea SolRural Commune11,027
Ea TirRural Commune3,175
Ea WyRural Commune11,715
Ea KarDistrict141,331
Cư BôngRural Commune5,617
Cư ElangRural Commune6,573
Cư HuêRural Commune10,275
Cư JangRural Commune7,205
Cư NiRural Commune16,356
Cư PrôngRural Commune3,940
Ea ĐarRural Commune12,817
Ea KarTownship12,446
Ea KmútRural Commune12,085
Ea KnốpTownship10,241
Ea ÔRural Commune10,964
Ea PălRural Commune8,179
Ea SarRural Commune7,292
Ea SôRural Commune3,260
Ea TihRural Commune8,557
Xuân PhúRural Commune5,524
Ea SúpDistrict58,579
Cư KBangRural Commune6,950
Cư M'LanRural Commune2,950
Ea BungRural Commune3,498
Ea LêRural Commune9,776
Ea RốkRural Commune8,301
Ea SúpTownship10,888
Ia JLơiRural Commune2,640
Ia LốpRural Commune4,455
Ia RVêRural Commune4,639
Ya Tờ MốtRural Commune4,482
Krông AnaDistrict81,010
Băng A DrênhRural Commune3,870
Bình HòaRural Commune7,520
Buôn TrấpTownship23,495
Dray SápRural Commune8,603
Dur KMălRural Commune6,412
Ea BôngRural Commune12,185
Ea NaRural Commune12,199
Quảng ĐiềnRural Commune6,726
Krông BôngDistrict87,139
Cư DrămRural Commune6,984
Cư KTyRural Commune4,914
Cư PuiRural Commune11,139
Dang KangRural Commune6,218
Ea TrulRural Commune5,988
Hòa LễRural Commune6,426
Hòa PhongRural Commune7,531
Hòa SơnRural Commune8,948
Hòa TânRural Commune2,601
Hòa ThànhRural Commune4,024
Khuê Ngọc ĐiềnRural Commune6,457
Krông KmarTownship6,343
Yang MaoRural Commune4,439
Yang RehRural Commune5,127
Krông BúkDistrict57,387
Chứ KBôRural Commune10,999
Cư NéRural Commune11,793
Cư PơngRural Commune9,591
Ea NgaiRural Commune3,281
Ea SinRural Commune1,698
Pơng DrangRural Commune16,695
Tân LậpRural Commune3,330
Krông NăngDistrict118,223
Cư KlôngRural Commune4,108
ĐLiê YaRural Commune14,079
Ea DăhRural Commune7,045
Ea HồRural Commune11,204
Ea PukRural Commune4,454
Ea TamRural Commune9,714
Ea TânRural Commune9,522
Ea TóhRural Commune12,543
Krông NăngTownship11,923
Phú LộcRural Commune11,140
Phú XuânRural Commune16,271
Tam GiangRural Commune6,220
Krông Pắc (Krông Pắk)District198,009
Ea HiuRural Commune5,482
Ea KênhRural Commune12,176
Ea KlyRural Commune19,250
Ea KNuecRural Commune12,655
Ea KuăngRural Commune11,987
Ea PhêRural Commune22,583
Ea UyRural Commune5,989
Ea YiêngRural Commune5,183
Ea YôngRural Commune16,163
Hòa AnRural Commune11,706
Hòa ĐôngRural Commune11,068
Hòa TiếnRural Commune7,296
Krông BúkRural Commune13,256
Phước AnTownship17,400
Tân TiếnRural Commune11,046
Vụ BổnRural Commune14,769
Bông KrangRural Commune6,115
Buôn TríaRural Commune3,201
Buôn TriếtRural Commune6,698
Đắk LiêngRural Commune8,974
Đắk NuêRural Commune4,790
Đắk PhơiRural Commune5,386
Ea R'BinRural Commune2,342
Krông NôRural Commune7,187
Liên SơnTownship5,703
Nam KaRural Commune2,212
Yang TaoRural Commune7,346
Cư KróaRural Commune3,324
Cư M'taRural Commune5,930
Cư PraoRural Commune4,995
Cư SanRural Commune6,281
Ea H'MLayRural Commune3,349
Ea LaiRural Commune2,745
Ea M' DoalRural Commune3,962
Ea PilRural Commune6,522
Ea RiêngRural Commune6,306
Ea TrangRural Commune4,646
Krông ÁRural Commune3,347
Krông JingRural Commune8,665
Đắk LắkProvince1,733,624

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.