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Vietnam: Cần Thơ Municipality

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Cần Thơ Municipality according to the last census.

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Bình ThủyUrban District113,565
An ThớiWard18,499
Bình ThủyWard18,307
Bùi Hữu NghĩaWard11,745
Long HòaWard16,450
Long TuyềnWard15,232
Thới An ĐôngWard10,773
Trà AnWard8,209
Trà NócWard14,350
Cái RăngUrban District86,278
Ba LángWard6,313
Hưng PhúWard17,885
Hưng ThạnhWard10,053
Lê BìnhWard15,678
Phú ThứWard17,541
Tân PhúWard6,867
Thường ThạnhWard11,941
Cờ ĐỏRural District124,069
Cờ ĐỏTownship12,942
Đông HiệpRural Commune6,838
Đông ThắngRural Commune4,709
Thạnh PhúRural Commune21,043
Thới ĐôngRural Commune6,430
Thới HưngRural Commune14,978
Thới XuânRural Commune7,455
Trung AnRural Commune10,598
Trung HưngRural Commune22,244
Trung ThạnhRural Commune16,832
Ninh KiềuUrban District243,794
An BìnhWard17,224
An CưWard17,508
An HòaWard29,563
An HộiWard7,822
An KhánhWard23,016
An LạcWard12,332
An NghiệpWard9,260
An PhúWard12,932
Cái KhếWard24,537
Hưng LợiWard35,350
Tân AnWard6,633
Thới BìnhWard15,082
Xuân KhánhWard32,535
Ô MônUrban District129,683
Châu Văn LiêmWard22,647
Long HưngWard13,542
Phước ThớiWard25,646
Thới AnWard25,454
Thới HòaWard7,102
Thới LongWard19,041
Trường LạcWard16,251
Phong ĐiềnRural District99,328
Giai XuânRural Commune15,294
Mỹ KhánhRural Commune10,324
Nhơn ÁiRural Commune14,032
Nhơn NghĩaRural Commune16,975
Phong ĐiềnTownship10,721
Tân ThớiRural Commune13,706
Trường LongRural Commune18,276
Thới LaiRural District120,964
Định MônRural Commune10,648
Đông BìnhRural Commune9,126
Đông ThuậnRural Commune9,518
Tân ThạnhRural Commune7,683
Thới LaiTownship10,629
Thới TânRural Commune6,830
Thới ThạnhRural Commune11,287
Trường ThắngRural Commune10,822
Trường ThànhRural Commune11,370
Trường XuânRural Commune12,728
Trường Xuân ARural Commune6,411
Trường Xuân BRural Commune7,462
Xuân ThắngRural Commune6,450
Thốt NốtUrban District158,225
Tân HưngWard10,007
Tân LộcWard29,617
Thạnh HoàWard10,109
Thới ThuậnWard18,201
Thốt NốtWard21,429
Thuận AnWard13,287
Thuận HưngWard19,997
Trung KiênWard24,455
Trung NhứtWard11,123
Vĩnh ThạnhRural District112,529
Thạnh AnTownship11,400
Thạnh AnRural Commune8,505
Thạnh LộcRural Commune13,796
Thạnh LợiRural Commune8,771
Thạnh MỹRural Commune8,499
Thạnh QướiRural Commune14,623
Thạnh ThắngRural Commune6,012
Thạnh TiếnRural Commune9,427
Vĩnh BìnhRural Commune6,426
Vĩnh ThạnhTownship5,885
Vĩnh TrinhRural Commune19,185
Cần ThơMunicipality1,188,435

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.