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Vietnam: Cà Mau Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Cà Mau Province according to the last census.

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Cái NướcDistrict137,396
Cái NướcTownship14,047
Đông HưngRural Commune10,186
Đông ThớiRural Commune8,297
Hoà MỹRural Commune8,882
Hưng MỹRural Commune11,504
Lương Thế TrânRural Commune10,498
Phú HưngRural Commune14,292
Tân HưngRural Commune16,653
Tân Hưng ĐôngRural Commune16,107
Thạnh PhúRural Commune13,950
Trần ThớiRural Commune12,980
Cà MauDistrict-level City216,196
An XuyênRural Commune19,944
Định BìnhRural Commune9,428
Hòa TânRural Commune8,421
Hòa ThànhRural Commune9,283
Lý Văn LâmRural Commune13,753
Phường 1Ward12,126
Phường 2Ward6,289
Phường 4Ward10,949
Phường 5Ward21,821
Phường 6Ward23,473
Phường 7Ward11,421
Phường 8Ward28,277
Phường 9Ward15,540
Tắc VânRural Commune12,044
Tân ThànhRural Commune13,427
Đầm DơiDistrict182,028
Đầm DơiTownship9,009
Ngọc ChánhRural Commune10,714
Nguyễn HuânRural Commune14,492
Quách PhẩmRural Commune10,909
Quách Phẩm BắcRural Commune11,974
Tạ An KhươngRural Commune10,095
Tạ An Khương ĐôngRural Commune8,647
Tạ An Khương NamRural Commune7,776
Tân DânRural Commune6,223
Tân ĐứcRural Commune13,398
Tân DuyệtRural Commune16,286
Tân ThuậnRural Commune15,345
Tân TiếnRural Commune14,416
Tân TrungRural Commune8,915
Thanh TùngRural Commune10,070
Trần PhánRural Commune13,759
Năm CănDistrict66,229
Đất MớiRural Commune8,087
Hàm RồngRural Commune6,179
Hàng VịnhRural Commune6,357
Hiệp TùngRural Commune5,538
Lâm HảiRural Commune8,604
Năm Căn (Ngọc Hiển)Township18,480
Tam GiangRural Commune8,241
Tam Giang ĐôngRural Commune4,743
Ngọc HiểnDistrict78,361
Đất MũiRural Commune15,779
Tam Giang TâyRural Commune10,734
Tân ÂnRural Commune15,411
Tân Ân TâyRural Commune9,956
Viên AnRural Commune12,715
Viên An ĐôngRural Commune13,766
Phú TânDistrict103,885
Cái Đôi VàmTownship15,176
Phú MỹRural Commune9,268
Phú TânRural Commune15,693
Phú ThuậnRural Commune10,306
Rạch ChèoRural Commune10,173
Tân HảiRural Commune9,830
Tân Hưng TâyRural Commune11,189
Việt KháiRural Commune13,658
Việt ThắngRural Commune8,592
Thới BìnhDistrict134,286
Biển BạchRural Commune6,725
Biển Bạch ĐôngRural Commune10,478
Hồ Thị KỷRural Commune18,767
Tân BằngRural Commune8,242
Tân LộcRural Commune10,699
Tân Lộc BắcRural Commune9,703
Tân Lộc ĐôngRural Commune6,307
Tân PhúRural Commune17,078
Thới BìnhTownship10,396
Thới BìnhRural Commune16,999
Trí LựcRural Commune6,998
Trí PhảiRural Commune11,894
Trần Văn ThờiDistrict186,252
Khánh BìnhRural Commune10,807
Khánh Bình ĐôngRural Commune18,018
Khánh Bình TâyRural Commune13,174
Khánh Bình Tây BắcRural Commune15,429
Khánh HảiRural Commune13,064
Khánh HưngRural Commune17,448
Khánh LộcRural Commune7,883
Lợi AnRural Commune12,042
Phong ĐiềnRural Commune13,367
Phong LạcRural Commune8,317
Sông ĐốcTownship32,118
Trần HợiRural Commune14,160
Trần Văn ThờiTownship10,425
U MinhDistrict102,305
Khánh AnRural Commune18,317
Khánh HòaRural Commune20,986
Khánh HộiRural Commune11,589
Khánh LâmRural Commune13,757
Khánh TiếnRural Commune11,724
Nguyễn PhíchRural Commune19,215
U MinhTownship6,717
Cà MauProvince1,206,938

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.