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Vietnam: Bình Phước Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Bình Phước Province according to the last census.

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Bình LongDistrict-level Town42,978
An LộcWard19,321
Thanh LươngRural Commune13,276
Thanh PhúRural Commune10,381
Bù ĐăngDistrict133,475
Bình MinhRural Commune11,675
Bom BoRural Commune12,103
Đak NhauRural Commune16,958
Đăng HàRural Commune6,996
Đoàn KếtRural Commune5,912
Đồng NaiRural Commune4,351
Đức LiễuRural Commune12,610
Đức PhongTownship8,704
Minh HưngRural Commune10,008
Nghĩa BìnhRural Commune4,902
Nghĩa TrungRural Commune8,572
Phước SơnRural Commune5,877
Phú SơnRural Commune5,027
Thống NhấtRural Commune12,675
Thọ SơnRural Commune7,105
Bù ĐốpDistrict51,576
Hưng PhướcRural Commune4,884
Phước ThiệnRural Commune3,852
Tân ThànhRural Commune9,016
Tân TiếnRural Commune7,954
Thanh BìnhTownship7,225
Thanh HòaRural Commune7,988
Thiện HưngRural Commune10,657
Bù Gia MậpDistrict69,242
Bình ThắngRural Commune8,410
Bù Gia MậpRural Commune6,112
Đa KiaRural Commune9,219
Đak ƠRural Commune12,972
Đức HạnhRural Commune5,862
Phú NghĩaRural Commune10,609
Phước MinhRural Commune7,691
Phú VănRural Commune8,367
Chơn ThànhDistrict62,429
Chơn ThànhTownship14,352
Minh HưngRural Commune15,200
Minh LậpRural Commune6,911
Minh LongRural Commune6,126
Minh ThắngRural Commune4,286
Minh ThànhRural Commune5,093
Nha BíchRural Commune4,785
Thành TâmRural Commune5,676
Đồng PhúDistrict82,190
Đồng TâmRural Commune7,270
Đồng TiếnRural Commune11,664
Tân HòaRural Commune2,886
Tân HưngRural Commune4,013
Tân LậpRural Commune9,120
Tân LợiRural Commune3,843
Tân PhúTownship8,315
Tân PhướcRural Commune7,154
Tân TiếnRural Commune8,825
Thuận LợiRural Commune9,938
Thuận PhúRural Commune9,162
Đồng XoàiDistrict-level Town80,099
Tân BìnhWard10,558
Tân ĐồngWard7,822
Tân PhúWard13,483
Tân ThànhRural Commune10,422
Tân ThiệnWard9,186
Tân XuânWard9,778
Tiến HưngRural Commune10,172
Tiến ThànhRural Commune8,678
Hớn QuảnDistrict108,929
An KhươngRural Commune6,756
An PhúRural Commune11,590
Đồng NơRural Commune5,341
Minh ĐứcRural Commune5,861
Minh TâmRural Commune4,847
Phước AnRural Commune9,172
Tân HiệpRural Commune7,123
Tân HưngRural Commune11,782
Tân KhaiRural Commune11,567
Tân LợiRural Commune8,492
Tân QuanRural Commune6,921
Thanh AnRural Commune10,235
Thanh BìnhRural Commune9,242
Lộc NinhDistrict109,866
Lộc AnRural Commune6,903
Lộc ĐiềnRural Commune7,636
Lộc HiệpRural Commune7,656
Lộc HòaRural Commune5,411
Lộc HưngRural Commune7,734
Lộc KhánhRural Commune5,747
Lộc NinhTownship10,504
Lộc PhúRural Commune6,258
Lộc QuangRural Commune5,719
Lộc TấnRural Commune10,341
Lộc TháiRural Commune6,774
Lộc ThạnhRural Commune3,098
Lộc ThànhRural Commune6,459
Lộc ThiệnRural Commune7,616
Lộc ThịnhRural Commune3,596
Lộc ThuậnRural Commune8,414
Phước LongDistrict-level Town45,206
Phước BìnhWard13,665
Phước TínRural Commune13,226
Sơn GiangWard6,986
Thác MơWard11,329
Phú RiềngDistrict87,608
Bình SơnRural Commune8,053
Bình TânRural Commune9,623
Bù NhoRural Commune11,317
Long BìnhRural Commune9,264
Long HàRural Commune14,546
Long HưngRural Commune7,985
Long TânRural Commune8,098
Phú RiềngRural Commune14,259
Phú TrungRural Commune4,463
Bình PhướcProvince873,598

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.