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Vietnam: Bến Tre Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Bến Tre Province according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (age groups).

Ba TriDistrict187,398
An Bình TâyRural Commune10,604
An ĐứcRural Commune6,550
An HiệpRural Commune9,330
An Hòa TâyRural Commune10,736
An Ngãi TâyRural Commune5,742
An Ngãi TrungRural Commune8,933
An Phú TrungRural Commune6,554
An ThủyRural Commune15,754
Bảo ThạnhRural Commune10,628
Bảo ThuậnRural Commune8,881
Ba TriTownship10,813
Mỹ ChánhRural Commune6,613
Mỹ HòaRural Commune6,927
Mỹ NhơnRural Commune6,739
Mỹ ThạnhRural Commune5,290
Phú LễRural Commune6,545
Phú NgãiRural Commune5,753
Phước TuyRural Commune3,710
Tân HưngRural Commune5,932
Tân MỹRural Commune2,535
Tân ThủyRural Commune9,712
Tân XuânRural Commune11,954
Vĩnh AnRural Commune5,611
Vĩnh HòaRural Commune5,552
Bến TreDistrict-level City118,527
Bình PhúRural Commune6,899
Mỹ ThànhRural Commune2,428
Mỹ Thạnh AnRural Commune10,438
Nhơn ThạnhRural Commune6,644
Phú HưngRural Commune13,934
Phú KhươngWard17,367
Phú NhuậnRural Commune3,923
Phường 1Ward4,089
Phường 2Ward2,091
Phường 3Ward4,363
Phường 4Ward5,110
Phường 5Ward5,603
Phường 6Ward8,132
Phường 7Ward7,436
Phường 8Ward7,777
Sơn ĐôngRural Commune12,293
Bình ĐạiDistrict132,193
Bình ĐạiTownship9,859
Bình ThắngRural Commune10,630
Bình ThớiRural Commune7,899
Châu HưngRural Commune5,035
Đại Hòa LộcRural Commune7,913
Định TrungRural Commune8,354
Lộc ThuậnRural Commune6,518
Long ĐịnhRural Commune5,014
Long HòaRural Commune4,789
Phú LongRural Commune5,931
Phú ThuậnRural Commune4,492
Phú VangRural Commune3,789
Tam HiệpRural Commune3,284
Thạnh PhướcRural Commune9,228
Thạnh TrịRural Commune7,567
Thới LaiRural Commune6,499
Thới ThuậnRural Commune7,370
Thừa ĐứcRural Commune7,464
Vang Quới ĐôngRural Commune4,609
Vang Quới TâyRural Commune5,949
Châu ThànhDistrict154,788
An HiệpRural Commune5,524
An HóaRural Commune3,997
An KhánhRural Commune8,810
An PhướcRural Commune3,765
Châu ThànhTownship3,538
Giao HòaRural Commune3,478
Giao LongRural Commune3,312
Hữu ĐịnhRural Commune8,810
Phú An HòaRural Commune5,039
Phú ĐứcRural Commune7,376
Phước ThạnhRural Commune5,656
Phú TúcRural Commune8,852
Qưới SơnRural Commune11,037
Quới ThànhRural Commune4,942
Sơn HòaRural Commune5,329
Tam PhướcRural Commune9,458
Tân PhúRural Commune12,208
Tân ThạchRural Commune12,353
Thành TriệuRural Commune5,703
Tiên LongRural Commune7,275
Tiên ThủyRural Commune13,455
Tường ĐaRural Commune4,871
Chợ LáchDistrict123,538
Chợ LáchTownship7,632
Hòa NghĩaRural Commune10,832
Hưng Khánh Trung BRural Commune14,609
Long ThớiRural Commune14,418
Phú PhụngRural Commune9,663
Phú SơnRural Commune12,664
Sơn ĐịnhRural Commune11,627
Tân ThiềngRural Commune10,711
Vĩnh BìnhRural Commune9,311
Vĩnh HòaRural Commune6,517
Vĩnh ThànhRural Commune15,554
Giồng TrômDistrict168,744
Bình HoàRural Commune9,077
Bình ThànhRural Commune9,531
Châu BìnhRural Commune7,926
Châu HòaRural Commune8,848
Giồng TrômTownship9,857
Hưng LễRural Commune6,862
Hưng NhượngRural Commune10,568
Hưng PhongRural Commune5,066
Long MỹRural Commune7,067
Lương HòaRural Commune10,591
Lương PhúRural Commune5,973
Lương QuớiRural Commune4,578
Mỹ ThạnhRural Commune8,015
Phong MỹRural Commune3,675
Phong NẫmRural Commune5,750
Phước LongRural Commune8,150
Sơn PhúRural Commune7,187
Tân HàoRural Commune6,833
Tân Lợi ThạnhRural Commune6,814
Tân ThanhRural Commune10,951
Thạnh Phú ĐôngRural Commune9,742
Thuận ĐiềnRural Commune5,683
Mỏ Cày BắcDistrict97,514
Hòa LộcRural Commune8,187
Khánh Thạnh TânRural Commune12,017
Nhuận Phú TânRural Commune12,281
Phước Mỹ TrungRural Commune7,071
Tân BìnhRural Commune7,566
Tân Phú TâyRural Commune6,555
Tân Thành BìnhRural Commune12,120
Tân Thanh TâyRural Commune6,131
Thành AnRural Commune7,480
Thạnh NgãiRural Commune7,770
Thanh TânRural Commune10,336
Mỏ Cày NamDistrict145,128
An ĐịnhRural Commune11,036
An ThạnhRural Commune12,186
An ThớiRural Commune7,203
Bình Khánh ĐôngRural Commune6,348
Bình Khánh TâyRural Commune3,799
Cẩm SơnRural Commune11,475
Đa Phước HộiRural Commune13,878
Định ThủyRural Commune9,978
Hương MỹRural Commune10,926
Minh ĐứcRural Commune8,711
Mỏ CàyTownship11,330
Ngãi ĐăngRural Commune5,118
Phước HiệpRural Commune6,471
Tân TrungRural Commune7,795
Thành Thới ARural Commune10,025
Thành Thới BRural Commune8,849
Thạnh PhúDistrict128,116
An ĐiềnRural Commune5,590
An NhơnRural Commune5,466
An QuyRural Commune6,577
An ThạnhRural Commune4,307
An ThuậnRural Commune8,846
Bình ThạnhRural Commune8,100
Đại ĐiềnRural Commune5,346
Giao ThạnhRural Commune6,229
Hòa LợiRural Commune9,397
Mỹ AnRural Commune8,410
Mỹ HưngRural Commune6,794
Phú KhánhRural Commune6,018
Quới ĐiềnRural Commune6,250
Tân PhongRural Commune7,445
Thạnh HảiRural Commune8,065
Thạnh PhongRural Commune9,206
Thạnh PhúTownship9,317
Thới ThạnhRural Commune6,753
Bến TreProvince1,255,946

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.