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Vietnam: Bạc Liêu Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of Bạc Liêu Province according to the last census.

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Bạc LiêuDistrict-level City147,855
Hiệp ThànhRural Commune9,105
Nhà MátWard10,493
Phường 1Ward20,069
Phường 2Ward12,506
Phường 3Ward16,386
Phường 5Ward19,157
Phường 7Ward16,886
Phường 8Ward14,032
Vĩnh TrạchRural Commune15,437
Vĩnh Trạch ĐôngRural Commune13,784
Đông HảiDistrict143,590
An PhúcRural Commune11,062
An TrạchRural Commune13,124
An Trạch ARural Commune11,396
Điền HảiRural Commune8,693
Định ThànhRural Commune10,954
Định Thành ARural Commune7,576
Gành HàoTownship14,312
Long ĐiềnRural Commune23,607
Long Điền ĐôngRural Commune17,862
Long Điền Đông ARural Commune14,645
Long Điền TâyRural Commune10,359
Giá RaiDistrict-level Town137,249
Hộ PhòngWard19,158
Láng Tròn (Phong Thạnh Đông A)Ward17,481
Phong TânRural Commune13,697
Phong ThạnhRural Commune10,800
Phong Thạnh ARural Commune9,244
Phong Thạnh ĐôngRural Commune6,962
Phong Thạnh TâyRural Commune9,521
Phường 1 (Giá Rai)Ward16,687
Tân PhongRural Commune25,312
Tân ThạnhRural Commune8,387
Hòa BìnhDistrict106,792
Hòa BìnhTownship20,054
Minh DiệuRural Commune11,777
Vĩnh BìnhRural Commune13,034
Vĩnh HậuRural Commune9,583
Vĩnh Hậu ARural Commune7,976
Vĩnh Mỹ ARural Commune16,563
Vĩnh Mỹ BRural Commune14,762
Vĩnh ThịnhRural Commune13,043
Hồng DânDistrict105,177
Lộc NinhRural Commune11,540
Ngan DừaTownship11,097
Ninh HòaRural Commune18,641
Ninh QuớiRural Commune11,370
Ninh Quới ARural Commune15,137
Ninh Thạnh LợiRural Commune10,776
Ninh Thạnh Lợi ARural Commune8,218
Vĩnh LộcRural Commune9,266
Vĩnh Lộc ARural Commune9,132
Phước LongDistrict117,700
Hưng PhúRural Commune12,697
Phong Thạnh Tây ARural Commune10,804
Phong Thạnh Tây BRural Commune12,722
Phước LongTownship19,307
Phước LongRural Commune16,182
Vĩnh Phú ĐôngRural Commune16,951
Vĩnh Phú TâyRural Commune14,467
Vĩnh ThanhRural Commune14,570
Vĩnh LợiDistrict98,155
Châu HưngTownship13,815
Châu Hưng ARural Commune10,314
Châu ThớiRural Commune14,337
Hưng HộiRural Commune11,660
Hưng ThànhRural Commune11,865
Long ThạnhRural Commune16,326
Vĩnh HưngRural Commune10,515
Vĩnh Hưng ARural Commune9,323
Bạc LiêuProvince856,518

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.