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Vietnam: An Giang Province

Contents: Districts and Communes

The population of the districts and communes (wards, townships and rural communes) of An Giang Province according to the last census.

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An PhúDistrict177,710
An PhúTownship11,559
Đa PhướcRural Commune19,635
Khánh AnRural Commune11,910
Khánh BìnhRural Commune7,254
Long BìnhTownship9,590
Nhơn HộiRural Commune13,393
Phú HộiRural Commune13,354
Phú HữuRural Commune17,886
Phước HưngRural Commune10,945
Quốc TháiRural Commune14,333
Vĩnh HậuRural Commune9,439
Vĩnh Hội ĐôngRural Commune13,502
Vĩnh LộcRural Commune10,665
Vĩnh TrườngRural Commune14,245
Châu ĐốcDistrict-level City111,620
Châu Phú AWard26,729
Châu Phú BWard28,603
Núi SamWard21,822
Vĩnh ChâuRural Commune4,423
Vĩnh MỹWard15,513
Vĩnh NgươnWard7,396
Vĩnh TếRural Commune7,134
Châu PhúDistrict245,102
Bình ChánhRural Commune9,701
Bình LongRural Commune17,935
Bình MỹRural Commune24,621
Bình PhúRural Commune9,358
Bình ThủyRural Commune17,580
Cái DầuTownship18,244
Đào Hữu CảnhRural Commune14,535
Khánh HòaRural Commune25,320
Mỹ ĐứcRural Commune21,283
Mỹ PhúRural Commune21,718
Ô Long VỹRural Commune12,420
Thạnh Mỹ TâyRural Commune22,997
Vĩnh Thạnh TrungRural Commune29,390
Châu ThànhDistrict169,723
An ChâuTownship24,214
An HòaRural Commune16,373
Bình HòaRural Commune20,887
Bình ThạnhRural Commune6,676
Cần ĐăngRural Commune20,994
Hòa Bình ThạnhRural Commune13,064
Tân PhúRural Commune4,090
Vĩnh AnRural Commune10,129
Vĩnh BìnhRural Commune10,256
Vĩnh HanhRural Commune14,392
Vĩnh LợiRural Commune6,046
Vĩnh NhuậnRural Commune7,880
Vĩnh ThànhRural Commune14,722
Chợ MớiDistrict345,200
An Thạnh TrungRural Commune18,478
Bình Phước XuânRural Commune13,701
Chợ MớiTownship12,530
Hòa AnRural Commune21,147
Hòa BìnhRural Commune19,682
Hội AnRural Commune20,217
Kiến AnRural Commune28,333
Kiến ThànhRural Commune20,882
Long Điền ARural Commune16,649
Long Điền BRural Commune20,640
Long GiangRural Commune19,604
Long KiếnRural Commune14,152
Mỹ AnRural Commune11,782
Mỹ HiệpRural Commune20,047
Mỹ Hội ĐôngRural Commune26,619
Mỹ LuôngTownship14,037
Nhơn MỹRural Commune27,103
Tấn MỹRural Commune19,597
Long XuyênDistrict-level City278,658
Bình ĐứcWard20,482
Bình KhánhWard28,240
Đông XuyênWard14,353
Mỹ BìnhWard19,116
Mỹ HòaWard30,429
Mỹ Hoà HưngRural Commune21,849
Mỹ KhánhRural Commune11,110
Mỹ LongWard20,628
Mỹ PhướcWard31,051
Mỹ QuýWard13,669
Mỹ ThạnhWard26,893
Mỹ ThớiWard25,204
Mỹ XuyênWard15,634
Phú TânDistrict214,671
Bình Thạnh ĐôngRural Commune14,788
Chợ VàmTownship16,325
Hiệp XươngRural Commune9,027
Hoà LạcRural Commune16,364
Long HoàRural Commune9,299
Phú AnRural Commune11,331
Phú BìnhRural Commune13,897
Phú HiệpRural Commune13,722
Phú HưngRural Commune14,132
Phú LâmRural Commune11,152
Phú LongRural Commune4,855
Phú MỹTownship20,998
Phú ThạnhRural Commune14,026
Phú ThànhRural Commune8,070
Phú ThọRural Commune12,335
Phú XuânRural Commune5,268
Tân HòaRural Commune8,081
Tân TrungRural Commune11,001
Tân ChâuDistrict-level Town165,584
Châu PhongRural Commune16,543
Lê ChánhRural Commune8,911
Long AnRural Commune13,682
Long PhúWard14,110
Long SơnWard12,399
Long ThạnhWard34,198
Phú LộcRural Commune6,605
Phú VĩnhRural Commune12,128
Tân AnRural Commune13,464
Tân ThạnhRural Commune7,550
Vĩnh HòaRural Commune10,944
Vĩnh XươngRural Commune15,050
Thoại SơnDistrict180,551
An BìnhRural Commune7,407
Bình ThànhRural Commune8,892
Định MỹRural Commune10,169
Định ThànhRural Commune12,663
Mỹ Phú ĐôngRural Commune4,004
Núi SậpTownship17,772
Óc EoTownship13,184
Phú HoàTownship12,098
Phú ThuậnRural Commune10,493
Tây PhúRural Commune7,212
Thoại GiangRural Commune10,909
Vĩnh ChánhRural Commune9,739
Vĩnh KhánhRural Commune10,631
Vĩnh PhúRural Commune11,662
Vĩnh TrạchRural Commune16,243
Vọng ĐôngRural Commune12,257
Vọng ThêRural Commune5,216
Tịnh BiênDistrict120,781
An CưRural Commune10,141
An HảoRural Commune12,680
An NôngRural Commune4,349
An PhúRural Commune7,985
Chi LăngTownship7,213
Nhà BàngTownship12,343
Nhơn HưngRural Commune4,978
Núi VoiRural Commune5,170
Tân LậpRural Commune5,958
Tân LợiRural Commune9,510
Thới SơnRural Commune7,847
Tịnh BiênTownship14,635
Văn GiáoRural Commune7,974
Vĩnh TrungRural Commune9,998
Tri TônDistrict133,109
An TứcRural Commune6,225
Ba ChúcTownship16,110
Châu LăngRural Commune15,676
Cô TôRural Commune11,232
Lạc QuớiRural Commune3,854
Lê TrìRural Commune5,823
Lương An TràRural Commune8,011
Lương PhiRural Commune10,256
Núi TôRural Commune7,609
Ô LâmRural Commune11,329
Tà ĐảnhRural Commune7,369
Tân TuyếnRural Commune6,603
Tri TônTownship14,857
Vĩnh GiaRural Commune6,383
Vĩnh PhướcRural Commune1,772
An GiangProvince2,142,709

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: Communes as defined in 2009 and districts follow the definiton of 2018. The computation of boundaries and population figures for districts is based on the tabulated communes of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures are derived from geospatial data.