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Vietnam: Administrative Division

Contents: Provinces and Districts

The population of the provinces, province-level municipalities, districts and district-level cities and towns according to the last census.

Provinces and districts in the boundaries of 2018.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (urbanization).

An GiangProvince2,142,709
An PhúRural District177,710
Châu ĐốcDistrict-level City111,620
Châu PhúRural District245,102
Châu ThànhRural District169,723
Chợ MớiRural District345,200
Long XuyênDistrict-level City278,658
Phú TânRural District214,671
Tân ChâuDistrict-level Town165,584
Thoại SơnRural District180,551
Tịnh BiênRural District120,781
Tri TônRural District133,109
Bắc GiangProvince1,554,131
Bắc GiangDistrict-level City144,473
Hiệp HòaRural District213,002
Lạng GiangRural District186,040
Lục NamRural District198,358
Lục NgạnRural District204,416
Sơn ĐộngRural District68,724
Tân YênRural District158,547
Việt YênRural District159,936
Yên DũngRural District127,933
Yên ThếRural District92,702
Bắc KạnProvince293,826
Ba BểRural District46,350
Bạch ThôngRural District30,216
Bắc KạnDistrict-level City37,180
Chợ ĐồnRural District48,122
Chợ MớiRural District36,747
Na RìRural District37,472
Ngân SơnRural District27,680
Pác NặmRural District30,059
Bạc LiêuProvince856,518
Bạc LiêuDistrict-level City147,855
Đông HảiRural District143,590
Giá RaiDistrict-level Town137,249
Hòa BìnhRural District106,792
Hồng DânRural District105,177
Phước LongRural District117,700
Vĩnh LợiRural District98,155
Bắc NinhProvince1,024,472
Bắc NinhDistrict-level City164,307
Gia BìnhRural District92,269
Lương TàiRural District96,326
Quế VõRural District135,938
Thuận ThànhRural District144,536
Tiên DuRural District124,396
Từ SơnDistrict-level Town140,040
Yên PhongRural District126,660
Bà Rịa - Vũng TàuProvince996,682
Bà RịaDistrict-level City94,725
Châu ĐứcRural District143,306
Côn ĐảoRural District5,127
Đất ĐỏRural District69,502
Long ĐiềnRural District125,179
Phú Mỹ (Tân Thành)District-level Town128,205
Vũng TàuDistrict-level City296,237
Xuyên MộcRural District134,401
Bến TreProvince1,255,946
Ba TriRural District187,398
Bến TreDistrict-level City118,527
Bình ĐạiRural District132,193
Châu ThànhRural District154,788
Chợ LáchRural District123,538
Giồng TrômRural District168,744
Mỏ Cày BắcRural District97,514
Mỏ Cày NamRural District145,128
Thạnh PhúRural District128,116
Bình ĐịnhProvince1,486,465
An LãoRural District24,200
An NhơnDistrict-level Town178,424
Hoài ÂnRural District84,437
Hoài NhơnRural District205,590
Phù CátRural District188,042
Phù MỹRural District169,304
Qui NhơnDistrict-level City280,535
Tây SơnRural District123,309
Tuy PhướcRural District179,985
Vân CanhRural District24,661
Vĩnh ThạnhRural District27,978
Bình DươngProvince1,481,550
Bắc Tân UyênRural District48,459
Bàu BàngRural District55,711
Bến CátDistrict-level Town137,107
Dầu TiếngRural District103,421
Dĩ AnDistrict-level Town298,515
Phú GiáoRural District83,555
Tân UyênDistrict-level Town156,366
Thuận AnDistrict-level Town375,571
Thủ Dầu MộtDistrict-level City222,845
Bình PhướcProvince873,598
Bình LongDistrict-level Town42,978
Bù ĐăngRural District133,475
Bù ĐốpRural District51,576
Bù Gia MậpRural District69,242
Chơn ThànhRural District62,429
Đồng PhúRural District82,190
Đồng XoàiDistrict-level Town80,099
Hớn QuảnRural District108,929
Lộc NinhRural District109,866
Phước LongDistrict-level Town45,206
Phú RiềngRural District87,608
Bình ThuậnProvince1,167,023
Bắc BìnhRural District116,901
Đức LinhRural District125,033
Hàm TânRural District69,487
Hàm Thuận BắcRural District167,646
Hàm Thuận NamRural District98,632
La GiDistrict-level Town104,525
Phan ThiếtDistrict-level City216,327
Phú QuýRural District25,738
Tánh LinhRural District102,026
Tuy PhongRural District140,708
Cà MauProvince1,206,938
Cái NướcRural District137,396
Cà MauDistrict-level City216,196
Đầm DơiRural District182,028
Năm CănRural District66,229
Ngọc HiểnRural District78,361
Phú TânRural District103,885
Thới BìnhRural District134,286
Trần Văn ThờiRural District186,252
U MinhRural District102,305
Cần ThơMunicipality1,188,435
Bình ThủyUrban District113,565
Cái RăngUrban District86,278
Cờ ĐỏRural District124,069
Ninh KiềuUrban District243,794
Ô MônUrban District129,683
Phong ĐiềnRural District99,328
Thới LaiRural District120,964
Thốt NốtUrban District158,225
Vĩnh ThạnhRural District112,529
Cao BằngProvince507,183
Bảo LạcRural District49,362
Bảo LâmRural District55,936
Cao BằngDistrict-level City64,650
Hạ LangRural District25,294
Hà QuảngRural District33,261
Hòa AnRural District53,120
Nguyên BìnhRural District39,420
Phục HòaRural District22,501
Quảng UyênRural District39,572
Thạch AnRural District30,563
Thông NôngRural District23,233
Trà LĩnhRural District21,558
Trùng KhánhRural District48,713
Đắk LắkProvince1,733,624
Buôn ĐônRural District59,959
Buôn HồDistrict-level Town96,685
Buôn Ma ThuộtDistrict-level City326,135
Cư KuinRural District99,551
Cư M'garRural District163,600
Ea H'leoRural District120,968
Ea KarRural District141,331
Ea SúpRural District58,579
Krông AnaRural District81,010
Krông BôngRural District87,139
Krông BúkRural District57,387
Krông NăngRural District118,223
Krông Pắc (Krông Pắk)Rural District198,009
LắkRural District59,954
M'DrắkRural District65,094
Đắk NôngProvince489,392
Cư JútRural District88,264
Đăk GlongRural District39,049
Đắk MilRural District87,831
Đắk R'LấpRural District74,087
Đắk SongRural District56,829
Gia NghĩaDistrict-level Town41,788
Krông NôRural District62,888
Tuy ĐứcRural District38,656
Đà NẵngMunicipality887,435
Cẩm LệUrban District87,691
Hải ChâuUrban District189,561
Hòa VangRural District116,524
Liên ChiểuUrban District128,353
Ngũ Hành SơnUrban District63,067
Sơn TràUrban District127,682
Thanh KhêUrban District174,557
Điện BiênProvince490,306
Điện BiênRural District106,313
Điện Biên ĐôngRural District56,249
Điện Biên PhủDistrict-level City48,020
Mường ẢngRural District40,119
Mường ChàRural District38,617
Mường LayDistrict-level Town11,650
Mường NhéRural District30,919
Nậm PồRural District37,109
Tủa ChùaRural District47,279
Tuần GiáoRural District74,031
Đồng NaiProvince2,486,154
Biên HòaDistrict-level City797,840
Cẩm MỹRural District137,870
Định QuánRural District191,340
Long KhánhDistrict-level Town130,704
Long ThànhRural District191,098
Nhơn TrạchRural District158,256
Tân PhúRural District155,926
Thống NhấtRural District146,932
Trảng BomRural District245,729
Vĩnh CửuRural District124,912
Xuân LộcRural District205,547
Đồng ThápProvince1,666,467
Cao LãnhDistrict-level City161,292
Cao LãnhRural District200,689
Châu ThànhRural District150,936
Hồng NgựDistrict-level Town77,735
Hồng NgựRural District144,232
Lai VungRural District160,019
Lấp VòRural District180,024
Sa ĐécDistrict-level City103,583
Tam NôngRural District105,290
Tân HồngRural District90,994
Thanh BìnhRural District154,192
Tháp MườiRural District137,481
Gia LaiProvince1,274,412
An KhêDistrict-level Town63,375
Ayun PaDistrict-level Town34,890
Chư PăhRural District67,315
Chư PrôngRural District97,865
Chư PưhRural District61,406
Chư SêRural District104,230
Đắk ĐoaRural District98,251
Đak PơRural District38,017
Đức CơRural District62,031
Ia GraiRural District88,613
Ia PaRural District49,030
K'BangRural District61,682
Kông ChroRural District42,635
Krông PaRural District72,397
Mang YangRural District53,160
Phú ThiệnRural District70,881
PleikuDistrict-level City208,634
Hà GiangProvince724,537
Bắc MêRural District47,339
Bắc QuangRural District104,922
Đồng VănRural District64,757
Hà GiangDistrict-level City45,286
Hoàng Su PhìRural District59,427
Mèo VạcRural District70,162
Quản BạRural District44,506
Quang BìnhRural District56,593
Vị XuyênRural District95,725
Xín MầnRural District58,195
Yên MinhRural District77,625
Hải DươngProvince1,705,059
Bình GiangRural District104,767
Cẩm GiàngRural District127,186
Chí LinhDistrict-level Town157,418
Gia LộcRural District134,509
Hải DươngDistrict-level City213,096
Kim ThànhRural District122,482
Kinh MônRural District157,007
Nam SáchRural District112,094
Ninh GiangRural District141,533
Thanh HàRural District153,555
Thanh MiệnRural District122,690
Tứ KỳRural District158,722
Hải PhòngMunicipality1,837,173
An DươngRural District160,751
An LãoRural District132,316
Bạch Long VĩRural District902
Cát HảiRural District29,676
Đồ SơnUrban District44,514
Dương KinhUrban District48,700
Hải AnUrban District103,267
Hồng BàngUrban District101,625
Kiến AnUrban District97,403
Kiến ThụyRural District126,324
Lê ChânUrban District209,618
Ngô QuyềnUrban District164,612
Thủy NguyênRural District303,094
Tiên LãngRural District141,288
Vĩnh BảoRural District173,083
Hà NamProvince784,045
Bình LụcRural District132,816
Duy TiênRural District113,729
Kim BảngRural District121,303
Lý NhânRural District175,878
Phủ LýDistrict-level City128,031
Thanh LiêmRural District112,288
Hà Nội [Hanoi]Municipality6,451,909
Bắc Từ LiêmUrban District222,972
Ba ĐìnhUrban District225,910
Ba VìRural District246,120
Cầu GiấyUrban District225,643
Chương MỹRural District286,359
Đan PhượngRural District142,480
Đông AnhRural District333,337
Đống ĐaUrban District370,117
Gia LâmRural District229,735
Hà ĐôngUrban District233,136
Hai Bà TrưngUrban District295,726
Hoài ĐứcRural District191,106
Hoàng MaiUrban District335,509
Hoàn KiếmUrban District147,334
Long BiênUrban District226,913
Mê LinhRural District191,490
Mỹ ĐứcRural District169,999
Nam Từ LiêmUrban District169,586
Phúc ThọRural District159,484
Phú XuyênRural District181,388
Quốc OaiRural District160,190
Sóc SơnRural District282,536
Sơn TâyDistrict-level Town125,749
Tây HồUrban District130,639
Thạch ThấtRural District177,545
Thanh OaiRural District167,250
Thanh TrìRural District198,706
Thanh XuânUrban District223,694
Thường TínRural District219,248
Ứng HòaRural District182,008
Hà TĩnhProvince1,227,038
Cẩm XuyênRural District141,216
Can LộcRural District127,515
Đức ThọRural District104,536
Hà TĩnhDistrict-level City88,957
Hồng LĩnhDistrict-level Town35,436
Hương KhêRural District100,212
Hương SơnRural District117,167
Kỳ AnhRural District110,124
Kỳ AnhDistrict-level Town61,877
Lộc HàRural District78,802
Nghi XuânRural District97,830
Thạch HàRural District132,377
Vũ QuangRural District30,989
Hậu GiangProvince757,300
Châu ThànhRural District81,810
Châu Thành ARural District101,025
Long MỹRural District84,233
Long MỹDistrict-level Town70,934
Ngã BảyDistrict-level Town57,847
Phụng HiệpRural District190,578
Vị ThanhDistrict-level City71,397
Vị ThủyRural District99,476
Hòa BìnhProvince785,217
Cao PhongRural District40,949
Đà BắcRural District50,885
Hòa BìnhDistrict-level City88,806
Kim BôiRural District105,280
Kỳ SơnRural District30,969
Lạc SơnRural District132,337
Lạc ThủyRural District56,013
Lương SơnRural District89,555
Mai ChâuRural District52,068
Tân LạcRural District78,665
Yên ThủyRural District59,690
Hưng YênProvince1,127,903
Ân ThiRural District127,788
Hưng YênDistrict-level City105,546
Khoái ChâuRural District181,403
Kim ĐộngRural District111,599
Mỹ HàoRural District93,374
Phù CừRural District77,386
Tiên LữRural District84,974
Văn GiangRural District99,137
Văn LâmRural District112,966
Yên MỹRural District133,730
Khánh HòaProvince1,157,604
Cam LâmRural District100,850
Cam RanhDistrict-level City121,050
Diên KhánhRural District131,719
Khánh SơnRural District20,930
Khánh VĩnhRural District33,714
Nha TrangDistrict-level City392,279
Ninh HòaDistrict-level Town230,390
Trường Sa [Spratly Islands]Rural District195
Vạn NinhRural District126,477
Kiên GiangProvince1,688,248
An BiênRural District122,068
An MinhRural District115,062
Châu ThànhRural District148,313
Giang ThànhRural District27,091
Giồng RiềngRural District211,496
Gò QuaoRural District136,547
Hà TiênDistrict-level Town44,721
Hòn ĐấtRural District166,880
Kiên HảiRural District20,807
Kiên LươngRural District77,739
Phú QuốcRural District91,241
Rạch GiáDistrict-level City226,316
Tân HiệpRural District142,405
U Minh ThượngRural District67,764
Vĩnh ThuậnRural District89,798
Kon TumProvince430,133
Đắk GleiRural District38,863
Đắk HàRural District61,665
Đắk TôRural District37,440
Ia H'DraiRural District3,792
Kon PlôngRural District20,890
Kon RẫyRural District22,622
Kon TumDistrict-level City143,099
Ngọc HồiRural District41,828
Sa ThầyRural District37,436
Tu Mơ RôngRural District22,498
Lai ChâuProvince370,502
Lai ChâuDistrict-level City26,706
Mường TèRural District37,565
Nậm NhùnRural District18,177
Phong ThổRural District66,372
Sìn HồRural District71,833
Tam ĐườngRural District46,767
Tân UyênRural District45,612
Than UyênRural District57,470
Lâm ĐồngProvince1,187,574
Bảo LâmRural District109,236
Bảo LộcDistrict-level City148,567
Cát TiênRural District37,112
Đạ HuoaiRural District33,450
Đà LạtDistrict-level City205,287
Đam RôngRural District38,407
Đạ TẻhRural District43,810
Di LinhRural District154,622
Đơn DươngRural District93,702
Đức TrọngRural District166,393
Lạc DươngRural District19,298
Lâm HàRural District137,690
Lạng SơnProvince732,515
Bắc SơnRural District65,836
Bình GiaRural District52,087
Cao LộcRural District73,516
Chi LăngRural District73,887
Đình LậpRural District26,429
Hữu LũngRural District112,451
Lạng SơnDistrict-level City87,278
Lộc BìnhRural District78,324
Tràng ĐịnhRural District58,441
Văn LãngRural District50,198
Văn QuanRural District54,068
Lào CaiProvince614,595
Bắc HàRural District53,587
Bảo ThắngRural District99,974
Bảo YênRural District76,415
Bát XátRural District70,015
Lào CaiDistrict-level City98,363
Mường KhươngRural District52,149
Sa PaRural District53,549
Si Ma CaiRural District31,323
Văn BànRural District79,220
Long AnProvince1,436,066
Bến LứcRural District148,621
Cần ĐướcRural District168,730
Cần GiuộcRural District169,038
Châu ThànhRural District97,419
Đức HòaRural District215,716
Đức HuệRural District59,034
Kiến TườngDistrict-level Town41,056
Mộc HóaRural District28,108
Tân AnDistrict-level City132,570
Tân HưngRural District47,742
Tân ThạnhRural District75,551
Tân TrụRural District60,278
Thạnh HóaRural District53,597
Thủ ThừaRural District89,235
Vĩnh HưngRural District49,371
Nam ĐịnhProvince1,828,111
Giao ThủyRural District188,875
Hải HậuRural District256,864
Mỹ LộcRural District69,143
Nam ĐịnhDistrict-level City243,186
Nam TrựcRural District192,313
Nghĩa HưngRural District178,540
Trực NinhRural District176,622
Vụ BảnRural District129,669
Xuân TrườngRural District165,739
Ý YênRural District227,160
Nghệ AnProvince2,912,041
Anh SơnRural District99,358
Con CuôngRural District64,240
Cửa LòDistrict-level Town50,477
Diễn ChâuRural District266,447
Đô LươngRural District183,584
Hoàng MaiDistrict-level Town94,337
Hưng NguyênRural District110,451
Kỳ SơnRural District69,524
Nam ĐànRural District149,826
Nghĩa ĐànRural District122,303
Nghi LộcRural District184,148
Quế PhongRural District62,129
Quỳ ChâuRural District52,637
Quỳ HợpRural District116,554
Quỳnh LưuRural District251,693
Tân KỳRural District129,301
Thái HòaDistrict-level Town59,962
Thanh ChươngRural District211,204
Tương DươngRural District72,405
VinhDistrict-level City303,714
Yên ThànhRural District257,747
Ninh BìnhProvince898,999
Gia ViễnRural District115,708
Hoa LưRural District66,187
Kim SơnRural District164,735
Nho QuanRural District143,083
Ninh BìnhDistrict-level City110,541
Tam ĐiệpDistrict-level City55,021
Yên KhánhRural District133,420
Yên MôRural District110,304
Ninh ThuậnProvince564,993
Bác ÁiRural District24,304
Ninh HảiRural District89,420
Ninh PhướcRural District125,676
Ninh SơnRural District71,432
Phan Rang - Tháp ChàmDistrict-level City161,730
Thuận BắcRural District37,769
Thuận NamRural District54,662
Phú ThọProvince1,316,389
Cẩm KhêRural District125,759
Đoan HùngRural District103,743
Hạ HòaRural District104,872
Lâm ThaoRural District99,859
Phù NinhRural District94,094
Phú ThọDistrict-level Town68,392
Tam NôngRural District75,469
Tân SơnRural District76,035
Thanh BaRural District108,015
Thanh SơnRural District117,665
Thanh ThủyRural District75,588
Việt TrìDistrict-level City184,685
Yên LậpRural District82,213
Phú YênProvince862,231
Đông HòaRural District114,388
Đồng XuânRural District58,014
Phú HòaRural District103,268
Sông CầuDistrict-level Town97,912
Sông HinhRural District45,352
Sơn HòaRural District54,067
Tây HòaRural District115,762
Tuy AnRural District121,355
Tuy HòaDistrict-level City152,113
Quảng BìnhProvince844,893
Ba ĐồnDistrict-level Town101,875
Bố TrạchRural District178,464
Đồng HớiDistrict-level City111,141
Lệ ThủyRural District140,274
Minh HóaRural District46,862
Quảng NinhRural District86,598
Quảng TrạchRural District102,071
Tuyên HóaRural District77,608
Quảng NamProvince1,422,319
Bắc Trà MyRural District38,218
Đại LộcRural District145,935
Điện BànDistrict-level Town197,830
Đông GiangRural District23,428
Duy XuyênRural District120,948
Hiệp ĐứcRural District38,001
Hội AnDistrict-level City89,716
Nam GiangRural District22,417
Nam Trà MyRural District25,464
Nông SơnRural District31,470
Núi ThànhRural District137,481
Phú NinhRural District77,091
Phước SơnRural District22,586
Quế SơnRural District82,216
Tam KỳDistrict-level City107,924
Tây GiangRural District16,534
Thăng BìnhRural District176,183
Tiên PhướcRural District68,877
Quảng NgãiProvince1,216,773
Ba TơRural District51,468
Bình SơnRural District174,939
Đức PhổRural District140,593
Lý SơnRural District18,223
Minh LongRural District15,498
Mộ ĐứcRural District126,059
Nghĩa HànhRural District89,304
Quảng NgãiDistrict-level City243,545
Sơn HàRural District68,345
Sơn TâyRural District18,092
Sơn TịnhRural District95,283
Tây TràRural District17,798
Trà BồngRural District29,699
Tư NghĩaRural District127,927
Quảng NinhProvince1,144,988
Ba ChẽRural District18,877
Bình LiêuRural District27,629
Cẩm PhảDistrict-level City175,848
Cô TôRural District4,985
Đầm HàRural District33,219
Đông TriềuDistrict-level Town156,627
Hải HàRural District52,279
Hạ LongDistrict-level City218,830
Hoành BồRural District46,288
Móng CáiDistrict-level City88,703
Quảng Yên (Yên Hưng)District-level Town131,392
Tiên YênRural District44,352
Uông BíDistrict-level City105,755
Vân ĐồnRural District40,204
Quảng TrịProvince598,324
Cam LộRural District44,731
Cồn CỏRural District83
Đa KrôngRural District36,437
Đông HàDistrict-level City81,951
Gio LinhRural District72,083
Hải LăngRural District86,335
Hướng HóaRural District74,216
Quảng TrịDistrict-level Town22,294
Triệu PhongRural District94,610
Vĩnh LinhRural District85,584
Sóc TrăngProvince1,292,853
Châu ThànhRural District100,758
Cù Lao DungRural District62,931
Kế SáchRural District157,783
Long PhúRural District112,152
Mỹ TúRural District106,361
Mỹ XuyênRural District155,412
Ngã NămDistrict-level Town79,677
Sóc TrăngDistrict-level City136,018
Thạnh TrịRural District85,565
Trần ĐềRural District132,396
Vĩnh ChâuDistrict-level Town163,800
Sơn LaProvince1,076,055
Bắc YênRural District56,796
Mai SơnRural District137,341
Mộc ChâuRural District98,501
Mường LaRural District91,377
Phù YênRural District106,892
Quỳnh NhaiRural District58,493
Sông MãRural District126,099
Sơn LaDistrict-level City91,720
Sốp CộpRural District39,038
Thuận ChâuRural District147,374
Vân HồRural District53,671
Yên ChâuRural District68,753
Tây NinhProvince1,066,513
Bến CầuRural District62,934
Châu ThànhRural District130,101
Dương Minh ChâuRural District104,302
Gò DầuRural District137,019
Hòa ThànhRural District139,011
Tân BiênRural District93,813
Tân ChâuRural District121,393
Tây NinhDistrict-level City125,601
Trảng BàngRural District152,339
Thái BìnhProvince1,781,842
Đông HưngRural District233,979
Hưng HàRural District248,633
Kiến XươngRural District212,265
Quỳnh PhụRural District232,212
Thái BìnhDistrict-level City182,982
Thái ThụyRural District245,493
Tiền HảiRural District208,092
Vũ ThưRural District218,186
Thái NguyênProvince1,123,116
Đại TừRural District159,667
Định HóaRural District87,089
Đồng HỷRural District83,096
Phổ YênDistrict-level Town137,815
Phú BìnhRural District129,919
Phú LươngRural District91,256
Sông CôngDistrict-level City62,715
Thái NguyênDistrict-level City307,318
Võ NhaiRural District64,241
Thanh HóaProvince3,400,595
Bá ThướcRural District96,360
Bỉm SơnDistrict-level Town53,442
Cẩm ThủyRural District100,326
Đông SơnRural District74,294
Hà TrungRural District108,049
Hậu LộcRural District165,742
Hoằng HóaRural District221,689
Lang ChánhRural District45,346
Mường LátRural District33,182
Nga SơnRural District135,832
Ngọc LặcRural District129,025
Như ThanhRural District84,763
Như XuânRural District64,319
Nông CốngRural District182,898
Quảng XươngRural District181,678
Quan HóaRural District43,789
Quan SơnRural District35,435
Sầm SơnDistrict-level City91,410
Thạch ThànhRural District136,221
Thanh HóaDistrict-level City322,543
Thiệu HóaRural District152,940
Thọ XuânRural District212,855
Thường XuânRural District83,218
Tĩnh GiaRural District214,665
Triệu SơnRural District195,566
Vĩnh LộcRural District80,348
Yên ĐịnhRural District154,660
Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh [Ho Chi Minh City]Municipality7,162,864
Bình ChánhRural District420,109
Bình TânUrban District572,132
Bình ThạnhUrban District457,362
Cần GiờRural District68,846
Củ ChiRural District343,155
Gò VấpUrban District522,690
Hóc MônRural District349,065
Nhà BèRural District101,074
Phú NhuậnUrban District174,535
Quận 1Urban District180,225
Quận 2Urban District147,490
Quận 3Urban District190,553
Quận 4Urban District180,980
Quận 5Urban District171,452
Quận 6Urban District249,329
Quận 7Urban District244,276
Quận 8Urban District408,772
Quận 9Urban District256,257
Quận 10Urban District230,345
Quận 11Urban District226,854
Quận 12Urban District405,360
Tân BìnhUrban District421,724
Tân PhúUrban District398,102
Thủ ĐứcUrban District442,177
Thừa Thiên - HuếProvince1,087,420
A LướiRural District42,521
HuếDistrict-level City335,575
Hương ThủyDistrict-level Town96,122
Hương TràDistrict-level Town115,033
Nam ĐôngRural District22,566
Phong ĐiềnRural District88,090
Phú LộcRural District134,322
Phú VangRural District170,380
Quảng ĐiềnRural District82,811
Tiền GiangProvince1,672,271
Cái BèRural District287,035
Cai LậyDistrict-level Town120,877
Cai LậyRural District185,029
Châu ThànhRural District243,753
Chợ GạoRural District182,177
Gò CôngDistrict-level Town94,367
Gò Công ĐôngRural District140,275
Gò Công TâyRural District124,889
Mỹ ThoDistrict-level City197,022
Tân Phú ĐôngRural District40,430
Tân PhướcRural District56,417
Trà VinhProvince1,003,012
Càng LongRural District143,389
Cầu KèRural District109,592
Cầu NgangRural District130,608
Châu ThànhRural District136,786
Duyên HảiRural District76,705
Duyên HảiDistrict-level Town48,502
Tiểu CầnRural District109,122
Trà CúRural District149,609
Trà VinhDistrict-level City98,699
Tuyên QuangProvince724,821
Chiêm HóaRural District124,337
Hàm YênRural District109,739
Lâm BìnhRural District29,459
Na HangRural District41,792
Sơn DươngRural District171,694
Tuyên QuangDistrict-level City89,211
Yên SơnRural District158,589
Vĩnh LongProvince1,024,707
Bình MinhDistrict-level Town87,458
Bình TânRural District93,142
Long HồRural District160,537
Mang ThítRural District99,201
Tam BìnhRural District153,805
Trà ÔnRural District134,787
Vĩnh LongDistrict-level City136,594
Vũng LiêmRural District159,183
Vĩnh PhúcProvince999,786
Bình XuyênRural District108,246
Lập ThạchRural District118,646
Phúc YênDistrict-level Town91,790
Sông LôRural District88,616
Tam ĐảoRural District69,084
Tam DươngRural District94,692
Vĩnh TườngRural District189,178
Vĩnh YênDistrict-level City94,294
Yên LạcRural District145,240
Yên BáiProvince740,397
Lục YênRural District102,946
Mù Cang ChảiRural District49,255
Nghĩa LộDistrict-level Town27,336
Trạm TấuRural District26,704
Trấn YênRural District79,397
Văn ChấnRural District144,152
Văn YênRural District116,000
Yên BáiDistrict-level City90,831
Yên BìnhRural District103,776
Việt Nam [Vietnam]Socialist Republic85,846,997

Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam (web).

Explanation: The computation of the boundaries and population figures of districts is based on communes in the boundaries of 2009. Thus, slight discrepancies to the actual situation are possible in few cases. Area figures of districts are derived from geospatial data.