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South Africa: Northern Cape


The population of the Northern Cape Province by census years

Northern CapeProvince991,9191,145,861

Contents: Urban Areas and Places

The population of all urban areas and places in the Northern Cape Province with 1,000 inhabitants or more.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, population group, first language).

Name StatusPopulation
AggeneysUrban Main Place2,0542,262
Alexander BayUrban Main Place1,4581,736
AlheitUrban Main Place...1,578
AugrabiesUrban Main Place2,6933,627
Barkly West (- Mataleng)Urban Area14,07120,105
BoegoebergUrban Main Place1,5871,857
BrandvleiUrban Main Place...2,859
Britstown (- Proteaville - Mziwabantu)Urban Area3,2125,145
Calvinia (- Newtown)Urban Main Place8,4599,680
CampbellUrban Main Place1,7662,179
Carnarvon (- Bonteheuwel)Urban Area5,2426,613
CarolusbergUrban Area9611,335
CillieUrban Area1,5271,969
Colesberg (- Kuyasa - Lowryville)Urban Area12,76116,870
Concordia (- Wheal Julia)Urban Main Place4,0374,988
Danielskuil (- Kuilsville - Tlhakalatlou)Urban Area10,07813,598
De Aar (- Nonzwakazi)Urban Area26,01229,989
Delportshoop (- Tidimalo)Urban Area8,49010,346
DibengUrban Main Place...7,848
Douglas (- Breipaas - Phelindaba)Urban Area15,48520,082
FraserburgUrban Main Place2,4033,029
GannaputUrban Main Place1,1661,398
GanspanUrban Area...3,518
Garies (- Mooiuitsig)Urban Main Place1,6522,105
GriekwastadUrban Main Place5,2056,428
Groblershoop (- Stutterheim)Urban Main Place3,4714,938
GrootdrinkUrban Main Place2,1802,645
Hartswater (- Donker Hoek - Bonita Park)Urban Main Place...10,465
Hopetown (- Steynville)Urban Area6,92010,260
HotazelUrban Main Place1,2171,756
Jan Kempdorp (- Valspan)Urban Area16,23823,003
Kakamas (- Langverwaght)Urban Area7,3099,539
Karkams (- Koubult)Urban Area1,2921,440
KarosUrban Main Place9591,249
KathuUrban Main Place...11,510
Keimoes (- Wahlsig - Akasia Park)Urban Area8,8779,501
Kenhardt (- Rugseer)Urban Area3,7954,842
Kimberley (- Galeshewe)Urban Area185,269225,155
KlippuntUrban Main Place2,1943,473
KomaggasUrban Main Place3,3123,116
Kuruman (- Wrenchville)Urban Main Place9,82213,057
LeerkransUrban Main Place1,0671,383
Lime Acres (- Five Mission)Urban Main Place...4,408
LoeriesfonteinUrban Main Place2,4012,744
LonglandsUrban Main Place...2,933
LouisvaleUrban Area1,1671,637
Loxton (- Weltevrede)Urban Main Place7741,053
LutzburgUrban Main Place1,3051,415
Marchand (- Korea-eiland)Urban Area2,3983,223
Marydale (- Rama Rou)Urban Area2,0742,624
NababeepUrban Main Place5,5925,374
Neilersdrif (- Lennetsville)Urban Area1,4992,501
NickershoopUrban Main Place1,9981,830
Nieuwoudtville (- Proteaville)Urban Main Place1,4342,093
Norvalspont (- Masizakhe)Urban Area1,0231,198
Noupoort (- Kwazamuxolo)Urban Area6,8557,848
Nuwerus NC (- Louisvale Road)Urban Area6,1027,121
OakglenUrban Main Place2,6964,594
OkiepUrban Main Place5,2476,304
Olifantshoek (- Welgelee - Ditloung)Urban Area7,02310,234
OnseepkansUrban Main Place1,6802,090
PampierstadUrban Sub Place...2,272
Pella NCUrban Main Place1,4262,470
Petrusville (- Uitsig - Thembinkosi)Urban Main Place3,5935,211
PhilandersbronUrban Main Place7901,081
Phillipstown (- Phillipvale - Lukhanyisweni)Urban Main Place2,7703,365
PofadderUrban Main Place2,9233,287
Port Nolloth (- Nollothville)Urban Main Place5,0176,092
Postmasburg (- Boitshoko)Urban Main Place21,13930,089
Prieska (- Lemnertsville - Ethembeni)Urban Main Place11,51514,246
RaaswaterUrban Main Place1,9862,798
Richmond NC (- Sabelo)Urban Area4,3165,122
RietfonteinUrban Main Place2,1542,293
Ritchie (- Motswedimosa)Urban Area11,21614,850
Sanddrif NCUrban Main Place1,1431,854
SchmidtsdrifUrban Main Place...1,163
Sishen (- Mapoteng)Urban Main Place...11,034
Springbok (- Bersig - Matjieskloof)Urban Area10,29512,789
SteinkopfUrban Main Place7,2527,842
StraussburgUrban Main Place6601,157
Strydenburg (- Deetlifsville)Urban Main Place2,3452,987
SutherlandUrban Main Place1,9892,836
SwartkopUrban Main Place1,3651,652
Upington (- Paballelo)Urban Area54,59667,581
Vanderkloof (- Keurtjieskloof)Urban Main Place1,0141,228
Van WyksvleiUrban Main Place...1,721
Victoria West (- New Bright - Grens)Urban Main Place5,7288,254
VosburgUrban Main Place1,1341,259
Warrenton (- Ikhutseng)Urban Area13,09622,588
WegdraaiUrban Main Place1,7222,189
Williston (- Amandelboom)Urban Main Place2,8373,368
Windsorton (- Corn's Village - Kutlwano)Urban Area5,0776,250

Source: Statistics South Africa (by adrianfrith.com).

Explanation: The tabulated population figures are derived from completely or mostly urban sub places according to the 2011 definition .
The 2001 and 2011 figures are not completely comparable because of boundary differences between the sub places of 2001 and 2011.
Some densely populated areas have been classified as "traditional" (and not as "urban") by Statistics South Africa and therefore are not considered here.
The aggregation of sub places to "reasonable" urban areas was done by »City Population«.