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South Africa: eThekwini / Durban

Contents: Main Places

The population of all main places in the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, population group, first language).

Adams RuralMain Place31,164
AmagcinoMain Place940
AmanzimtotiMain Place13,813
BaphehliMain Place11,834
BhekulwandleMain Place4,859
BlackburnMain Place23,960
Botha's HillMain Place2,190
Cato RidgeMain Place3,874
ChatsworthMain Place196,580
ChuphulakaMain Place275
CibaneMain Place812
ClansthalMain Place3,211
ClermontMain Place52,075
CliffdaleMain Place2,298
Clifton HeightsMain Place47
CongoMain Place1,479
CraigieburnMain Place7,574
DanganyaMain Place1,847
DengeMain Place2,068
DesainagerMain Place984
DimaneMain Place615
DiphiniMain Place1,626
DrummondMain Place955
DurbanMain Place595,061
EbhobhononoMain Place3,207
Ediphini SectionMain Place963
Egwadeni SectionMain Place699
EhlanzeniMain Place3,277
EkwandeniMain Place4,892
EmachobeniMain Place8,321
EmagezeniMain Place1,192
EmalangeniMain Place7,009
EmangabaziniMain Place1,988
EmviniMain Place2,905
EsidweniMain Place1,240
EsikhelekehleniMain Place3,629
EthekwiniMain Place1,803
Ethekwini NURemaining Area11,200
EvertonMain Place870
EzakhiweniMain Place1,274
EzihyathiniMain Place729
EzimangweniMain Place4,107
EzimbokodweniMain Place12,882
EzimpisiniMain Place788
EzinyathiniMain Place1,497
EzitendeniMain Place1,542
FolweniMain Place30,402
Gasa SectionMain Place1,442
GenazzanoMain Place2,585
GeorgedaleMain Place10,354
GillittsMain Place8,661
GolokodoMain Place35,055
GreylandsMain Place2,185
GunjiniMain Place8,031
HambanathiMain Place10,755
Harare AMain Place1,021
Harare BMain Place1,652
HazelmereMain Place6,751
HillcrestMain Place13,329
Illovo NorthMain Place24,728
ImbozamoMain Place3,217
InandaMain Place10,032
Inanda AMain Place158,619
Inanda BMain Place9,767
InchangaMain Place1,008
InkangalaMain Place745
InthuthukoMain Place710
InwabiMain Place9,030
Iqadi BMain Place1,029
IsiqhoqhoqhoMain Place1,725
IzikoMain Place4,369
KambaMain Place266
KingsburghMain Place16,368
KlaarwaterMain Place26,157
KloofMain Place29,704
KontingaMain Place796
KwaCeleMain Place2,543
KwaDabekaMain Place54,953
KwaDlembeMain Place1,632
KwaLandezaMain Place1,947
KwaMashuMain Place175,663
KwaMbizaMain Place2,377
KwaMtamtengayoMain Place1,443
KwaNdengeziMain Place53,843
KwaNgcolosiMain Place918
KwaNqethoMain Place3,977
KwantamntengMain Place240
KwaNyuswaMain Place3,890
KwaSondelaMain Place7,660
La MercyMain Place2,779
Lower MolweniMain Place1,729
LugandaMain Place6,165
LutheleMain Place864
LuthuliMain Place1,222
Mabedlane AMain Place380
Mabedlane BMain Place2,768
Mabedlane CMain Place3,168
Mabedlane DMain Place1,380
Mabedlane EMain Place842
MadudubalaMain Place3,580
MadundubeMain Place13,731
MadwaleniMain Place1,041
MagabeniMain Place4,928
MahlabathiniMain Place4,111
MalagaziMain Place29,651
MalukaziMain Place19,520
Mandlakazi BMain Place399
MaromeniMain Place1,774
MatabetuleMain Place13,247
MawothiMain Place75,050
MgandeniMain Place2,649
MgangeniMain Place17,108
MgezanyoniMain Place221
MkholombeMain Place2,072
MlahlanjaMain Place1,192
MngcweniMain Place1,137
MolweniMain Place4,580
Molweni AMain Place1,302
Molweni BMain Place247
Molweni CMain Place1,009
Molweni DMain Place70
MophelaMain Place5,517
MotalabadMain Place105
Mount EdgecombeMain Place7,323
Mount MorelandMain Place241
MoyaMain Place744
Mpola AMain Place8,465
Mpola BMain Place311
MpumaMain Place4,100
MpumalangaMain Place62,406
MshaziMain Place3,873
Mshazi SkhambaneMain Place1,333
MsunduziMain Place6,058
New GlasgowMain Place2,101
Newlands EastMain Place52,566
Newlands WestMain Place50,627
NgqungquluMain Place678
NkangalaMain Place1,806
NkomokaziMain Place596
NonotiMain Place1,839
NqobaneMain Place1,758
NtongelaMain Place1,137
Ntshongweni AMain Place568
Ntshongweni BMain Place132
NtukusoMain Place3,446
NtuzumaMain Place125,394
NungwaneMain Place7,518
Ocean Drive-InMain Place1,085
OlwambeniMain Place1,590
Outer West DurbanMain Place7,408
PalmcliffeMain Place264
PanekeniMain Place2,567
PhoenixMain Place176,989
Phola MissionMain Place7,320
PinetownMain Place144,026
QhodelaMain Place2,127
QueensburghMain Place54,846
RedcliffeMain Place14,220
RietvalleiMain Place1,568
RoseneathMain Place3,730
SalemMain Place781
SankontsheMain Place6,634
SenzokuhleMain Place7,141
SeventeenMain Place1,876
SgubudwiniMain Place1,592
ShongweniMain Place24
SithumbaMain Place2,247
SiweniMain Place3,868
SiyandaMain Place13,393
St. LawrenceMain Place2,081
ThandazaMain Place3,398
ThornwoodMain Place1,608
ThusumuntuMain Place1,255
Tin TownMain Place882
TongaatMain Place42,554
Tongaat BeachMain Place722
TshelimnyamaMain Place20,689
UmbhayiMain Place1,845
UmbumbuluMain Place2,684
UmdlotiMain Place1,778
Umgababa SouthMain Place10,814
UmgagabaMain Place1,552
UmgeniMain Place811
UmhlangaMain Place24,238
UmkomaasMain Place2,716
UmlaziMain Place404,811
UmngeniMain Place547
UmniniMain Place17,416
UthwebaMain Place3,351
VerulamMain Place37,273
VulindlalaMain Place2,735
WaterfallMain Place7,525
WathangaMain Place2,983
WestbrookMain Place1,526
WestvilleMain Place30,508
XimbaMain Place1,587
ZwelibomvuMain Place8,887
eThekwini (Durban)Metropolitan Municipality3,442,361

Source: Statistics South Africa (by adrianfrith.com)