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South Africa: City of Tshwane / Pretoria

Contents: Main Places

The population of all main places in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, population group, first language).

AkasiaMain Place59,455
AtteridgevilleMain Place64,425
BabelegiMain Place69
BashewaMain Place1,015
BaviaanspoortMain Place2,456
Blue HillsMain Place0
Bon AccordMain Place2,270
Bonamanzi Marina and Country ClubMain Place4
BoschkopMain Place623
Bosplaas MathabeMain Place137
BronkhorstspruitMain Place12,470
BultfonteinMain Place2,147
CenturionMain Place236,580
Cheetah ParkMain Place27
CullinanMain Place8,693
DerdepoortMain Place1,168
DilopyeMain Place3,874
DonkerhoekMain Place3,472
DoornkraalMain Place366
DownbernMain Place603
EersterustMain Place29,676
EkangalaMain Place48,493
Ga-RankuwaMain Place90,945
GrootfonteinMain Place1,460
GrootvleiMain Place1,786
HaakdoornboomMain Place4,309
HammanskraalMain Place21,345
HebronMain Place2,321
KameeldriftMain Place6,727
KameelfonteinMain Place212
KameelkraalMain Place1,222
KeinfonteinMain Place121
Kekana GardenMain Place15,709
KleinfonteinMain Place347
Kungwini Part 2Main Place8,738
LaudiumMain Place19,102
LeeufonteinMain Place1,788
MabopaneMain Place110,972
MajanengMain Place9,972
MakanyanengMain Place1,127
MamelodiMain Place334,577
Mandela VillageMain Place7,305
MarokolongMain Place17,455
MashemongMain Place14,118
MooiplaasMain Place14,979
NellmapiusMain Place56,111
New EersterusMain Place35,059
OlievenhoutbosMain Place70,863
OnverwachtMain Place1,518
Pebble Rock Golf VillageMain Place357
PretoriaMain Place741,651
RamotseMain Place15,760
RaytonMain Place8,166
RefilweMain Place19,757
RethabisengMain Place10,964
RietfonteinMain Place594
RoodeplaatMain Place912
RoodepoortMain Place1,915
Sable Hills Waterfront EstateMain Place462
SaulsvilleMain Place105,208
SoshanguveMain Place403,162
SoutpanMain Place2,157
StinkwaterMain Place39,201
SuurmanMain Place11,071
TembaMain Place58,431
The Carousel Casino and Entertainment WorldMain Place0
ThembisileMain Place1,809
TierpoortMain Place1,167
TsebeMain Place2,702
Tshwane NURemaining Area16,831
TweedrachtMain Place439
VaalbankMain Place1,458
VastfonteinMain Place837
WageenbietjieskopMain Place694
WallmannsthalMain Place646
WatervalMain Place2,517
WinterveldMain Place120,826
ZithobeniMain Place22,434
ZwavelpoortMain Place1,148
City of Tshwane (Pretoria)Metropolitan Municipality2,921,488

Source: Statistics South Africa (by adrianfrith.com)