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South Africa: Buffalo City / East London

Contents: Main Places

The population of all main places in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality according to the last census.

The Details icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, population group, first language).

Anders MissionMain Place390
BangilizweMain Place131
BerlinMain Place3,048
Bisho (Bhisho)Main Place11,192
Buffalo City NURemaining Area10,359
BulembuMain Place1,212
CarringtonMain Place71
Chalumna AMain Place526
Chalumna BMain Place158
Chris HaniMain Place391
Christmas RockMain Place329
ClydesdaleMain Place193
Corn FieldsMain Place176
Cosy CornerMain Place111
Cuba AMain Place467
Cuba BMain Place356
DikaziMain Place5
DimbazaMain Place21,783
DongweMain Place976
DucatsMain Place3,546
Dyam DyamMain Place339
East LondonMain Place267,007
eBhalasiMain Place2,457
eBongweniMain Place731
eDrayiniMain Place534
eJojweniMain Place1,818
EluxolweniMain Place15,300
eMangweniMain Place311
eMxhaxhoMain Place1,637
EntenteniMain Place2,731
eSingeniMain Place1,343
Esixekweni AMain Place374
Esixekweni BMain Place555
EzigodlweniMain Place875
Fort MurrayMain Place728
GinsbergMain Place10,766
GodidiMain Place677
Gompo TownMain Place2,254
GonubieMain Place11,471
GoodhopeMain Place2,127
GqalaMain Place651
GwabaMain Place874
Gwili-GwiliMain Place365
GwiqiMain Place809
HillMain Place216
HillcrestMain Place290
iKhiwaneMain Place1,039
IlithaMain Place8,145
InglewoodMain Place868
IzeleniMain Place1,187
JaftasMain Place442
JongamsabomvuMain Place0
Kayser's BeachMain Place697
KhayelitshaMain Place649
Kidd's BeachMain Place499
King William's TownMain Place34,019
KuLogaxaMain Place834
KuniMain Place2,179
KwaAltileMain Place313
KwaBelekileMain Place367
KwaBhonkeMain Place1,174
KwaBusoMain Place771
KwaDikidikanaMain Place930
KwaKalkeniMain Place129
KwaKlifuMain Place748
KwaLiniMain Place1,696
KwaMamataMain Place887
KwaMasingataMain Place1,204
KwaMdingiMain Place648
KwaMlakalakaMain Place1,279
KwaMpunduMain Place1,544
KwaMzonkesheMain Place875
KwaNdayiMain Place661
KwaNdubungelaMain Place568
KwaNgcamamaMain Place486
KwaNkolaMain Place398
KwaNoncampaMain Place1,552
KwaNtsiphoMain Place5
KwaNyandeMain Place341
KwaQongqothaMain Place1,425
KwaRayiMain Place1,144
KwaTshatshuMain Place4,719
KweleraMain Place82
KweleranaMain Place325
KwetyanaMain Place5,863
LovedaleMain Place81
LujizaMain Place354
LuxhomoMain Place492
MabaleniMain Place506
Mabel's RestMain Place837
MacleantownMain Place580
MamataMain Place459
MbekweniMain Place2,048
MbolompeniMain Place750
MdangeMain Place460
MdantsaneMain Place156,835
Mimosa ParkMain Place181
MngqalasiniMain Place418
MngqeshaMain Place1,228
MntlabathiMain Place695
ModakaMain Place1,745
Mount Coke MissionMain Place0
Mount Coke StationMain Place52
MozanaMain Place263
MpongoMain Place202
MpunduMain Place461
MsunduloMain Place255
MtshonyaneniMain Place470
MxaxoMain Place702
MzamonhleMain Place8,338
MzantsiMain Place526
MzintshaneMain Place607
Nahoon Dam SettlementMain Place131
NcalukeniMain Place1,892
NceraMain Place1,245
NdevanaMain Place1,283
NdilekaMain Place693
Need's CampMain Place6,696
New ChalumnaMain Place659
New HopeMain Place617
NgcamngeniMain Place202
NgingiqiniMain Place484
NgqeleniMain Place238
NgqikaMain Place283
NgqingeniMain Place490
NgqinisaMain Place371
NgxwalaneMain Place1,027
NkosiyaneMain Place189
Nkqonkqweni AMain Place1,546
NkxamnkwanaMain Place431
NomgwadlaMain Place2,384
NompumeleloMain Place7,269
NqcamgeniMain Place496
NqonqweniMain Place1,766
NtlalwiniMain Place172
NtunjaMain Place18
NxaruniMain Place1,481
PeffervilleMain Place16,380
PhakamisaMain Place6,602
PhoziMain Place741
Pirie MissionMain Place356
Potsdam EastMain Place1,664
Potsdam SouthMain Place5,329
Potsdam VillageMain Place5,649
PunzanaMain Place314
QongqothaMain Place25
RalaMain Place258
RhayiMain Place327
Richmond PinesMain Place640
RocklandsMain Place83
RosendalMain Place344
SandileMain Place855
SandisiweMain Place515
SayeMain Place292
Sea ValeMain Place291
SilverdaleMain Place647
South DownMain Place505
St. MaryMain Place595
Sunny SouthMain Place218
Sunrise-on-SeaMain Place655
ThornfieldMain Place57
TolofiyeniMain Place2,613
TrastiniMain Place552
TsabaMain Place457
Tshabo 2Main Place1,114
Tukayi AMain Place838
Tukayi BMain Place451
TwecwanaMain Place571
TyeniMain Place303
TyhushaMain Place470
TyushaMain Place1,289
TyutyuMain Place2,676
uMzantsiMain Place1,373
WelcomewoodMain Place837
WesleyvilleMain Place418
XhamaMain Place993
Yellow WoodMain Place242
ZabalazaMain Place1,188
ZikovaMain Place474
ZikwabaMain Place747
ZinyokaMain Place731
ZixothyeniMain Place371
ZwelitshaMain Place18,189
Buffalo City (East London)Metropolitan Municipality755,200

Source: Statistics South Africa (by adrianfrith.com)