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Lilongwe City


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The population in Lilongwe City as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images).

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Lilongwe CityCity989,318
Area 1Area9,310
Area 2Area2,536
Area 3Area3,307
Area 4Area82
Area 5Area326
Area 6Area1,661
Area 7Area26,346
Area 8Area18,023
Area 9Area2,019
Area 10Area3,223
Area 11Area454
Area 12Area2,543
Area 13Area0
Area 14Area714
Area 15Area1,209
Area 16Area0
Area 17Area420
Area 18Area8,717
Area 19Area0
Area 20Area1
Area 21Area43,937
Area 22Area33,501
Area 23Area51,691
Area 24Area37,031
Area 25Area107,316
Area 26Area6,822
Area 27Area3,200
Area 28Area92
Area 29Area398
Area 30Area2,489
Area 31Area0
Area 32Area105
Area 33Area646
Area 34Area54
Area 35Area10,274
Area 36Area92,733
Area 37Area578
Area 38Area22,551
Area 39Area6,200
Area 40Area0
Area 41Area234
Area 42Area0
Area 43Area6,208
Area 44Area63,502
Area 45Area3,725
Area 46Area6,630
Area 47Area11,644
Area 48Area33
Area 49Area52,915
Area 50Area82,820
Area 51Area16,748
Area 52Area6,025
Area 53Area22,294
Area 54Area6,100
Area 55Area21,894
Area 56Area66,574
Area 57Area88,973
Area 58Area32,490

Source: National Statistical Office of Malawi.

Further information about the population structure:

Age Groups (C 2018)
0-14 years374,215
15-64 years601,700
65+ years13,403
Age Distribution (C 2018)
0-9 years253,175
10-19 years230,877
20-29 years215,210
30-39 years158,562
40-49 years78,179
50-59 years31,413
60-69 years14,552
70+ years7,350

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